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His Destined Path Chapter 3559

“Ziyou?” Liu Sa was the first to recognise her seventh sister and could not help but blurt out.

However, Ziyou did not stop, floating overhead like light smoke before turning around and swooping back again.

In an instant, there was another explosion!

Boom, boom, boom!

On the ground, with her at the centre, there were ten thousand explosions for hundreds of metres.

Almost immediately after these ten thousand explosions, the ground of dozens of square metres lifted with a loud bang, as if it had been divided into bones and sunk downwards, leaving a huge crater of earth.


Everyone could not help but exhale two breaths backwards, and Mo Yang even recreated perfectly from this move the shock of seeing someone blow up a mountain back on Earth.

All it took was to place dozens of explosive eyes on the ground at the top of the mountain, and with one blast, the whole mountain would completely fall apart.

In the case before us, the methods used were different, but the results were identical.

This also means that if these explosions were placed on your own body, not to mention all of them, but just a little, it would be equivalent to a huge amount of explosives exploding inside your body, the consequences and pain ……

Just thinking about it makes me feel like I’m hurting everywhere in my body.

Purple Emotion landed on the ground, while Su Yingxia over there also looked at her two mushroom cloud masterpieces and landed with satisfaction.

“How’s that? How’s the power?” Su Yingxia laughed.

However, her voice sounded strange to the crowd’s ears, not to mention Su Yingxia’s voice, even a woman’s voice was not at all close.

The crowd looked at each other, what was going on?

Could it be that even her voice had changed after an illness?

It was true, but wasn’t this change too outrageous?

Just then, Violet Emotion smiled and spoke back, “It seems like the control of strength is still a bit short.”

“It’s itself is a splitting of tendons and bones, breaking all evens with softness, it’s better to be lighter in strength.” Su Yingxia laughed.

Zi Ei nodded, indicating that she knew.

“What about you?” Su Yingxia asked again.

The crowd was puzzled, who was she talking to here?

Although everyone was around here, the problem was that there were only the two of them on their side, Su Yingxia was obviously not talking to Zi Emotion, could it be that she was still talking to the ghost?

But just as everyone was wondering, something even more surprising happened to them.

Only to see that at this moment Su Yingxia opened her mouth, and, her voice was no longer the male like voice from before, but her original voice: “It seems to be quite powerful, is it that if I cultivate it further, it will be even more powerful in the future?”

Su Yingxia’s voice changed and returned to a male voice, smiling, “As long as you cultivate properly, not to mention these mere craters, even a giant mountain collapsing would only be a matter of your snap of your fingers.”

“So powerful?”

The two were conversing in a normal manner, yet the people on the side were completely dumbfounded.

Clearly there was only one person, but it was the voice of two people, clearly Su Yingxia was the only one standing there with her mouth open to speak, but it seemed …… as if there was another person standing there to answer with her ……

Even a group of monastic people, at this time, can not help but have some chills behind.

“Yingxia, who are you talking to?” Mo Yang was the first to hold back and opened his mouth to ask loudly.

Hearing Mo Yang’s voice, Su Yingxia only then suddenly reflected over, raised his eyes and suddenly found that at this time he was not far from a bunch of people have already surrounded here.

“How …… did you all come?” Su Yingxia was slightly surprised, but smart she quickly suddenly understood what was going on here, and was a little embarra*sed for a while.

Obviously, it was all because they had just made too much noise ……

The crowd didn’t care about this, they just looked at her in a daze, expecting her to answer Mo Yang’s question.

Su Yingxia glanced at Ziyou, she didn’t know how to explain to the crowd about the Poor Qi of Heaven, after all, this thing was really too much of a stretch too.

But just when the two women were at a loss as to how to open their mouths to explain, an accident happened ……