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His Destined Path Chapter 3569

The bottom of this cave is a completely enclosed space, like the bottom of a cylindrical bottle. The great water swoops and swirls down from the mouth of the bottle, but after an unknown distance of many metres, it reaches here and flows in slowly like a fine rain.

The water does not accumulate very deeply, about five centimetres, and underneath is a golden field…

Theoretically, not really.

From the touch of Han Qianqian’s contact, the ground seemed to be some kind of metal in general, but with a certain quality of mud.

Upon further inspection, this revealed that the circular land was, in fact, a gossip, with a curved line in the centre and two holes about the size of an egg on either side.

The water enters through the eyelets.

Who would have thought that the water, which is so huge, would end up flowing quietly into these two insignificant holes?

Or maybe we should call them the two yin and yang eyes on the Bagua?

The fire that went out disappeared as Han Qianqian reached the cave. Looking around, the place was surrounded by flowing water, so Han Qianqian could not figure out where the fire had come from.

But that was not the point, the most important thing now was what to do next.

Han Qianqian set his eyes on the gossip at his feet.

Was this a breakthrough?

With a slight bend of his body, Han Qianqian reached out to touch the gossip.

But, to Han Qianqian’s utter surprise, the gurgling water beneath his feet was not as cold as he had imagined, but rather like boiling water in a fire.


However, what annoyed Han Qianqian even more was that as soon as his hand touched the surface of the gossip, even Han Qianqian, who was protected by his true qi, could not help but retract his hand repeatedly.

With that slight contact alone, Han Qianqian was 100% sure that the temperature of the metal surface, which seemed to be very calm in the water, could reach at least several thousand degrees.

This was strange.

Underground, thousands of metres deep, the temperature should be the same as what one perceived so far, extremely low, after all, this was common sense, wasn’t this the principle behind the existence of the cellar?

But instead of the water dropping to near freezing, it was surprisingly hot.

It was surprisingly hot, and if the water was hot, then there should have been smoke, but there was no smoke in the water here. And if there is, then the cold air that evaporates with the touch of a hand is considered smoke.

There was something really odd about hot water giving off cold air.

“Could it be that yin turns to yang and yang turns to yin? Everything, all related to yin and yang?” Han Qianqian frowned.

“The water is hot and the gas is cold, so the water is yang and the gas is yin, but the place in the water is hotter again, so the water is yin again and the ground is yang again.”

“A good yin gives birth to yang, and yang gives birth to yin.”

“I see.”

Han Qianqian smiled, and as soon as the Five Elements Divine Stone came out between his left hands, a true energy struck out directly, and immediately the water power between the Five Elements Divine Stone came out wildly and greatly.

With his right hand, Burning Silence rose again, and at the same time summoned the Heavenly Fire.

“Heaven and earth are turned upside down, the eight trigrams break the heavens, combined.”

With a soft cry, the water power in the left hand and the fire power in the right hand were combined into one.

“Yin and Yang revolve, break!”

With another drink, water and fire merged, the two streams converged into one, then surged towards the twin fish eyes of yin and yang.

“Arise to me!”

One more bellow!


As Han Qianqian slightly lifted the water and fire between the two eyes, steeply, the entire golden ground began to tremble uncontrollably, and at the same time, using the straight line between the two eyes as the central axis, it slowly turned over.


The entire round bottom flipped ninety degrees.

Han Qianqian didn’t hesitate at all, and between his closing hands was an acceleration, directly drilling into the underground space revealed by the metal bottom.


And as soon as Han Qianqian entered the bottom, the entire eight-trigram metal bottom also reverted to its original position, and the flowing water covered it again, as if nothing had ever happened.


And at this moment, after Han Qianqian pa*sed through that layer of metal plates, he had already entered an unknown dark space.

Here, there were no borders or objects of any kind.

It was as vast and boundless as if one had flown out of the sky on Earth and entered the universe within.

But the only difference was that there was no sunlight, no moonlight, no light source of any kind, but simply a world of incomparable darkness.

“f*ck, there isn’t even a direction?” Han Qianqian frowned.

And with a low mutter from him, something horrible happened ……