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His Destined Path Chapter 3568


It was like the rushing of ten thousand rivers, like the roar of ten thousand seas.

When Han Qianqian stood at the edge of the sun pool, this was the sound in his ears.

In front of his eyes, the vast water swirled wildly in a tai-polar manner, like silver falling into the nine heavens, and then it leaked down from the centre.

The majesty of this scene is, in fact, vast again.

Even if we didn’t know the monster in the water, the mere fact that the water was in such a state was already enough to horrify people.


Even if he was as strong as Han Qianqian, he could not help but take a long breath at this moment, and after calming his emotions, he stepped on his feet and flew directly towards the centre of the sun pool.

In the middle of the pool, there was a huge water hole in the centre, about five metres in diameter, from which all the water swirled and fell down with a bang.

The cave was so dark that it was hard to see the bottom, but the rumbling sound in the cave was even more deafening.

A single hand movement, Han Qianqian hand a blaze ignited, directly a light point, the blaze will be directly towards the water hole below the drill.

One second, two seconds ……

It took nearly ten seconds for the blaze to disappear into the darkness.

Han Qianqian shook his head slightly and laughed softly, “It’s quite deep enough.”

The words fell, the hands rose again, while burning silence drove the heavenly fire, this time directly to a huge fireball nearly two meters in size.

“I’ll see how deep you are.”



The Heavenly Flame that had been refined by the Burning Silence was like a cruise missile, and it directly dived headlong into the deep pit beneath its feet.

Nearly ten seconds later, the fire was still going deeper and deeper!

Han Qianqian’s eyes were locked on the hole, and he didn’t say a word, but in his heart he was already a bit shocked.

Is this a f*cking deep sea or is it a hole in the heart of the earth?

Suddenly, just as Han Qianqian was thinking this, the Heavenly Fire, which was still quite radiant, suddenly disappeared into the darkness almost as completely as the previous fire.

This couldn’t be.

The Heavenly Fire had an autonomous consciousness and was not an ordinary fire.

The fire is not just an ordinary fire.

The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you’re doing.

Even the entire surroundings seemed to be kind of odd as well.


Boom, boom, boom!

A strange sound was concealed in the loud rumbling sound.

In the next second, Han Qianqian suddenly had a glare in his eyes, and almost simultaneously, the entire ground and water trembled wildly.

The ground shook, the mountains shook and the water turned wildly.


In the incomparably dark deep pit, there was suddenly a huge wave of fire that rushed wildly from the bottom of the pit and gushed straight towards Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian’s body fiercely lucked out, flipped around and hurriedly avoided it, then watched as a huge fire swept past where he was just now and leapt upwards at least a few dozen meters before it completely subsided its roar and fell back into the deep pit, and gradually submerged within it.

“This fire ……” Han Qianqian frowned slightly, with his eyes how could he not recognize that these fires were exactly the same as his own Heavenly Flame?

Then what does this fire mean?

Strangely, Han Qianqian didn’t wait in vain, so he moved his body and flew directly towards the pit.

All along the way, water fell all around the cave, but everything was normal inside the cave, but then, suddenly, the light of fire appeared at the bottom of the cave!

Han Qianqian’s pupils fiercely opened, and with a direct movement in his hand, he struck out with a direct shot of the Emperor of Ghosts in the face of the fire light that rushed up.


The fire swept past, but Han Qianqian forced the shield of the Phantom Emperor to push all the way down.

It seemed that the other side also felt the toughness of the shield in Han Qianqian’s hand, and after the fire was retracted, the bottom was once again silent in the darkness.

The fire at the bottom rose again!


This time, it no longer completely transformed into a cave fire, but instead, it was like a long sword, point to point, blasting directly towards Han Qianqian with precision.

It was extremely fast, and as the hole was not huge, there was very little room to hide.

However, against Han Qianqian, how difficult could it be?

In a few steps, it caused the earth fire to erupt a dozen times, but it could not hurt Han Qianqian in the slightest.

When it erupted again, Han Qianqian had already accelerated and landed at the bottom of the strange pit.

Beneath his feet, the water was flowing and the golden land ……