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His Destined Path Chapter 3577


An odd sound suddenly rang out behind them.

Although the sound was unusually subtle, in such an environment where there were no other people at all, even just the sound of a mosquito spreading its wings would seem extremely loud.

Han Qianqian was already completely dead, he had seen Han Qianqian break off with his own eyes.

Then what could this sound be?

Thinking of this, he wondered slightly and looked back, but was left wondering.

Han Qianqian was still lying there, but he was just a pool of mud.

Was it because the mud had blistered and burst?

Thinking of this, he seemed to have figured out something else and was about to leave again.


Another unmistakable rattle sounded, as if to provoke him.

He looked back again, and still all was normal, as if nothing had happened.

However, just as he was about to turn back, he suddenly seemed to notice something.

It was light!

In his space, apart from black and white, apart from his own golden light, surprisingly …… there was other light present at this moment.

Green ink like jade, scattered between and verdant.

How can there be light within one’s own space?!

He was greatly puzzled, but when he raised his eyes he saw these green lights falling from the sky and drifting towards the ground.

What was going on?

He wondered.

But soon, he was even more puzzled.

The green light was falling to the ground, not somewhere else, but exactly where Han Qianqian’s bones were.

The green light was slightly scattered on it, and then the light dissipated, seemingly completely fused with Han Qianqian’s corpse bones.

What is this?

Could it be that it was Han Qianqian’s soul?

But souls only rise up from the body, but they have never been seen coming down from the sky.

So, this answer could be ruled out.

Then what exactly was it?

Suddenly, those pools of flesh and mud that had absorbed its light began to bounce those green lights right back out the next second.

Wherever the body was, it was blossoming with this greenish shimmer, and from a distance, it looked like a piece of superb emerald glistening in the sunlight.

He was even more fascinated by watching him, and obviously did not know what kind of operation this was.


In the midst of the green light, a reflection suddenly rose from the light.

Holding a long stick in his hand, he looked out of the world.


In the midst of the green light, another sudden flash of golden light burst out.

A moment later, it broke through the green light and mirrored it to each other.

On the opposite side of the green light, the golden light also reflected a human figure, who was sitting slightly in meditation, with his hands folded. With his eyes closed, he nevertheless appeared extremely powerful and unearthly.

“What’s the play meaning?”

The more he looked, the more confused he became, even to the point where he could not help but make a sound.

No one answered him, yet it seemed like someone was responding to him.

At the very moment he had just uttered his voice, abruptly, the green light and the golden light completely overlapped.

Immediately afterwards, the light flourished.

With Han Qianqian as the central point, the golden and jade light exploded and flashed throughout the world, and a figure in mid-air could also be seen in a trance that seemed to be transparent, and as it greeted this light, it could not help but also cover its eyes with its hand and avoid its sharpness.


In the mud, a little thing moved around like a chicken before it broke its shell, and finally, it picked out a hole, from which it flew violently into the sky.


A few monkeys screamed, and when I looked at the flying thing, I saw that it was a monkey scratching its ears.

He took off and flipped a few times, then quickly dropped down again and headed for Han Qianqian’s bones.


The monkey fell and smashed to pieces, at the same time sending Han Qianqian’s flesh and bones flying in all directions, making the scene unbearable.

The vapid figure in mid-air was obviously a little dumbfounded, but after settling down, it reappeared in hiding again.

“Pop, pop, pop!”

Suddenly, the mush that had been knocked about began to squirm on the ground like little snails.

Yet at this point the mid-air man was dismayed to discover that they were slowly moving towards the original centre.

Some of them just bumped into each other between the edges and slowly merged together, while others met and merged again in the very centre, seemingly in their own way, but not knowing exactly what they were doing!

But time, will bring the answer to anyone.

Gradually they condensed into a human form, the fused ones at the edges resembling hands, the central ones reunited resembling bodies.

“This ……” A voice of violent surprise also sounded instantly in the sky.