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His Destined Path Chapter 3578

How can this be?

And what is this?

However, his surprise and dismay would not change the nature of anything, and at a leisurely pace, the contraption, which had been condensed into a human form, was suddenly covered with jade light.

From a distance, it looked like a jade man carved by a heavenly craftsman, lying there in a lifelike manner.

“What the hell is going on here? Difficult …… difficult can’t you kid or made of jade? It can also be re-condensed?”

“Hmph, even if your kid can re-condense, old me, I can still make you shatter once more.”

With these words, eight circles of light suddenly appeared in the sky once again, like eight suns.

Immediately afterwards, along with a faint boom sound, a huge wave of light then instantly came crashing down.


The wave of light once again struck the jade man on the ground, but, unlike before, as soon as the wave of light struck the jade man, a golden light barrier suddenly lit up on the jade man’s body, directly blocking the wave of light in an instant.

The next second, the golden light flicked violently, another unbelievable thing happened ……


The wave of light only held the golden light for less than a second before it was bounced back out as if it had been shot into a mirror ……


The wave of light blasted backwards towards the eight circles of light in the sky, the eight circles of light shuddered violently collectively, while a muffled grunt was also heard in mid-air.


“How …… did this happen?” The illusory figure let out a soft cry that was difficult and tinged with disbelief, and the figure finally emerged as a whole again because of its injuries.

“My attack will …… actually be bounced back?”

“What the hell is that thing?”

Obviously, no one would tell him the answer, but then again, something was telling it the answer.

Under the protection of the golden light, the jade qi inside the jade body was however lighting up with a glow that belonged to it, at first it was just dark green, yet it was getting greener and greener and more dazzling.

Until a few moments later, the green blanket had exploded so much that it even dyed the entire world green.


Even though this green jade qi did not have the slightest bit of divine might, nor did it have any pressure, seeing this diffuse green, one could not help but have clouds of sorrow in one’s heart for a while.

Not afraid to come directly fierce, but afraid of this kind of in front of your eyes swinging fist and do not know when to hit over.

“Pop, pop, pop!”

Suddenly, in the midst of the green light, he suddenly heard a loud sound, a loud yet crisp sound, it was hard to describe that sound.

But if he had to find a description, the sound of a chick breaking through its shell would be the most apt.

But here, where are the chicks?

And where was the shell breaking?

Suddenly, the figure’s eyes snapped open, and the next moment it shot straight at the jade figure like a sharp arrow.

Sure enough, the jade figure suddenly began to fall off all around it, and pieces of jade kept falling from it, and those falling jade pieces did not stay where they were, but their bodies turned into jade water, and then slowly burrowed into the jade figure.

The louder the sound, the more jade pieces that fell, and under the jade light, gradually, a human form faintly appeared.

“That’s ……”

It was surprisingly not a person again, he was covered in long green hair, with a pointed mouth and monkey cheeks!

“A monkey?” The man’s jaw dropped between a slightly shocked oddity.

Yes, it was none other than a crystalline green-furred monkey!

“And what the f*ck is …… that?”

And its in the air, another burst of green air around, they wrapped around each other and there seems to be something, is hidden inside to contain.

The man’s head is big, he does not know how many years this place no one else, is even the object has never seen much.

Now, not only were people coming, but there were more f*cking things too.

“Whew, whew!”

Amidst the layers of green air, the thing was getting bigger and bigger, longer and longer.

And almost at the same time, the green-haired monkey on the ground suddenly moved his fingers, followed by his toes, and finally, he simply sat up and stood up again ……

And the green light in the sky, as he stood up, slowly opened up, revealing what it had been brewing to treasure ……

The figures in mid-air, at that moment, also opened their mouths wide because they moved at the same time.