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His Destined Path Chapter 3582

Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, that phantom voice had a movement of pulling out his ears, and the whole person looked at Han Qianqian in astonishment, “What are you talking about?”

“Kid, are you born out of a cow’s a*s? So fond of blowing?”

“f*ck, in Laozi’s space you don’t talk about winning, what do you take to keep you alive?”

He was in charge of everything, so naturally all resistance and attacks were futile, and there was clearly nothing wrong with his words.

“With what will I win you? Like you said, the one who dominates everything is the ultimate winner, isn’t it?” With those words, Han Qianqian’s body moved and he flew directly towards the eight circles of light that had reappeared.

His sword was like a stick, his stick was like a sword, his body was like a man, and his shadow was like a monkey.

Almost the same as before, in just a few dozen seconds, the sun overhead will fall as fast as a broken kite, and then explode on the spot like a balloon.

Eight more ……

Another eight ……

When nearly half an hour had pa*sed, Han Qianqian had cut down an unknown number of aperture suns, and the whole world was filled with the light and heat of the explosions between the blazing suns’ crazy explosions.

Han Qianqian’s body was already sweating like rain, however, no one could tell whether his body was sweating from physical exertion or from the excessive heat.

In mid-air, the illusory figure reappeared, looking at Han Qianqian in mid-air with his sword against the circle of light, but he did not panic at all, but only laughed coldly.

Ignorant, childish, even ridiculous.

To him, these were obviously nothing, but rather, it was more like a monkey being tricked by himself.

He could say that he was attacking his own day circle, but he could also say that he was attacking the air.

These are just harmless things that, even if he kills and destroys more, do not actually do him any harm at all.

Everything was meaningless.


Han Qianqian was tired, the continuous attacks had caused his entire hand holding the sword to tremble slightly at this moment.

“Tired, right? Want to take a break? I’m in a good mood, so I’ll allow you to rest for a while and we’ll continue, how about that?” The phantom laughed coldly.

If he had previously felt offended by Han Qianqian’s intrusion and his words and could not tolerate Han Qianqian, now, he was more interested in keeping Han Qianqian for a little longer.

Although he would kill him with the same cruelty and fury, his tenacity and decent fighting strength made him, in turn, fun to play with.

So it would be more fun to play with him before killing him, and it would also be more exasperating.

Han Qianqian looked back with cold eyes, and although the phantom appeared at an erratic time and place, Han Qianqian could instantly capture where he was with his sense of hearing.

He did not speak, but his mind was whirling at a rapid pace.

Only after a moment did he speak coldly, “It’s infinite, isn’t it?”

“Oh?” He looked at Han Qianqian with interest, clearly waiting for his next words.

“Eight trigrams!”

“No matter if Yang energy is damaged, and again or Yin energy is damaged, the Eight Trigrams will always be adjusted to balance. So, no matter how many apertures I knock out, their energy is always solidly in place and in balance with the yin side.”

“Boy, you have finally reflected.” He laughed, “Yin and Yang will be in tune with each other, so no matter how much you do, it will only be useless.”

“What is more crucial is that under the reconciliation, even if you are really fierce and can cause serious damage to one side, the other side will make up for it in time.”

“And this mending up may seem damaging, but in reality it is not, because all the true energy is within this eight trigrams, it will still carry out my reconciliation and reabsorb and fill up again, got it?”

Han Qianqian smiled bitterly, “Then it seems that I have no more to play with.”

“Play, of course you can play, but not you, but I will play, haha, hahahaha.”

“Good, then I’ll play with you.”

Han Qianqian said, but suddenly stopped attacking, instead, he suddenly put away his longsword, and immediately after that, the b*****d made an action that was otherwise unbelievable ……