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His Destined Path Chapter 3581

The expressionless Han Qianqian couldn’t help but have his pupils slightly open when he saw this scene, obviously he didn’t expect such a situation to happen again.

“Haha, hahahahaha.”

The wild laughter resounded wildly in the space, a hysteria that bordered on madness, and even more so, a crazy vent that bordered on perversion.

“How could this happen?”

Han Qianqian stared at the eight fiery red circles of light, he had clearly broken them greatly, why had they reappeared in the blink of an eye?

Moreover, they seemed to be unaffected by being knocked down in the slightest, and now they glowed just as fiercely, almost completely indistinguishable from the previous ones.

Even more, because of the explosion of the Seven Suns, the space seemed even hotter than before.

Even at this point, Han Qianqian was confident that he had reached his peak state.

“Shocked, are you? Surprised, are you?” Seeming to see Han Qianqian’s confusion, he stopped laughing and snorted.

Han Qianqian did not speak, but did not retort.

He was even deflated compared to what he had said.

It was because he had basically exerted all his strength, but what he got was such a result.

“Want to know why?”

In mid-air, his illusory figure showed the slightest hint of a phantom again.

“What are you staring at me for, staring at me so you can kill me? Don’t dream child, the gap between you and me is enormous, even though your performance is already considered good.”

“But not bad meets perverted, and that’s nothing.”

“This is my space, I am the master of everything here, whoever I want to live will live, whoever I want to die will die, got it?”

“Oh, King of Hell? I am the King of Hell here!”

The next second, an extremely strong air pressure instantly came upon him.

From the sky to less than ten metres from the ground, Han Qianqian was able to stabilise himself slightly, but the distance between the two was at least several thousand metres.

What the hell kind of power was this?

Even if Han Qianqian were to hit someone else, it would be absolutely impossible to send someone flying like this, unless the other party was a mortal who could not fly.

But what kind of huge gap was there between a mortal and Han Qianqian, could it be that the gap between Han Qianqian and this guy could be this big in comparison?

This was impossible, right?

How could one say that Han Qianqian himself was now considered to have an actual cultivation level of at least at the level of a loose immortal, and could even blow the phrase true god with a little carelessness.

How could he possibly be worse than anyone else to such a huge gap that was like a heavenly rift?

This was simply unscientific.

But if this wasn’t the case, how should everything in front of him be explained?

The Sovereign!

That’s right, the master of space!

Like the nightmare, he was the absolute master of the dream world, so naturally, everything was controlled by him, decided by him.

Obviously, here, it was the same thing.

“So that’s how it is.”

Having thought this through, the feeling of powerlessness in Han Qianqian’s heart also instantly disappeared for the most part.

Not a huge gap in strength would do, so that meant he wasn’t completely without a chance.

Even though, a master looked more terrifying than the strength gap, Han Qianqian believed that even the biggest master was bound to have his weaknesses.

It was just like the nightmare of that day.

“Then it seems that I really can only die?” Han Qianqian finally opened his mouth.

“And what do you think?” He laughed coldly, “Cutting off my eight suns you think means nothing? I’m not afraid to tell you, I could give you eight more, and what would it mean?”

“I can have ten more, a hundred, even a thousand, brat, how much power do you have to finish the fight?”

Yes, everything here is up to him, not to mention thousands, even tens of thousands is definitely not bragging.

He was indeed capable of doing it.

For Han Qianqian, not to mention 10,000 circles of light, even if it was 10,000 waves of light, each slash would break with just one movement of the sword, that would still require at least 10,000 slashes.

By that time, how much strength would Han Qianqian still have?

I’m afraid he wouldn’t even need anyone else to do it, he would have exhausted himself alive.

“You’re right about everything, but, I’m a typical dead pig who’s not afraid of boiling water.” Han Qianqian smiled, “So, I have my thought.”

Han Qianqian raised his jade sword again, “My thought is that I will not die, and that the only one who will die, will be you.”

As the words fell, an evil smile appeared on the corner of Han Qianqian’s mouth ……