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His Destined Path Chapter 3585

“How much short of that.” Han Qianqian blurted out.

“How much short of what?” He queried.

Han Qianqian smiled gently, “You know what I’m going to ask.”

The phantom faintly froze, then smiled, he knew what Han Qianqian was asking, “Although you’re a bit of an egghead, I must admit that you’re far more powerful than I thought.”

“Even if old me had lived most of my life, there aren’t many people who can have as profound internal strength as you, and there are even none who have this kind of cultivation at an age like yours.”

“So, as stupid as your stupid solution was, it did have a disturbing effect on the balance, and as for how much worse it was, at least half.”

“Half?” Han Qianqian frowned slightly, “Meaning, one more like me and the limit of what this place can withstand will be about right, right?”

“Haha, you can interpret it that way too, but didn’t you hear what Laozi said? People with deep inner strength like you are not many even old me saw in my lifetime, let alone now when I’ve been dead for I don’t know how many years.”

“Besides, little friend, it’s just you and me here, where are you going to find someone with the same level of cultivation as you? Could it be, by relying on old me?”

“Then if you want to rely on Laozi, wouldn’t it be enough for Laozi to cancel it himself?”

With those words, he laughed uncontrollably, and at that moment, Han Qianqian also laughed with him.

The laughter of the two coincided with each other and melted into each other, and for a while this atmosphere was a little twisted.

Remnant Shadow soon couldn’t help himself and scolded, “Brat, what are you laughing at?”

“And what are you laughing at?”

“Naturally, I’m laughing at the death of you, you ungrateful thing.”

“Then I’m sorry, I’m laughing at you too, you ungrateful b*****d.”

“b*****d, how dare you talk tough?”

Han Qianqian gave a slight shake of his head, “Didn’t you say that in having a me, this place is almost at its limit, sorry, I think, I found that me.”

At his words, the phantom was visibly startled, and immediately afterwards, he quickly looked towards the surroundings.

Yet the surroundings were empty, and naturally there was no one in sight.

Moreover, after settling down a little, he suddenly remembered that this was his own territory, and since that was the case, who could have entered here without his knowledge.

“Brat, you shaking me?”

“Sorry, I don’t have that kind of interest or hobby.”

With those words, Han Qianqian suddenly smiled wickedly, and then, with a movement in his hands, a huge force began to slowly condense in his hands.

At first, this energy was so small that it was almost negligible, which was in line with his judgment of Han Qianqian.

After using all his true energy to create an explosion, this guy was just a lamp that had run out of oil and could not possibly make any waves.

But as Han Qianqian’s hands moved more and more, the energy emitted from his body was also growing wildly.

In just a few seconds, he was already almost exactly the same as before, his true energy leaking out wildly, completely and wildly expanding several meters around him once again.

“Impossible, impossible, absolutely impossible!”

At this moment the phantom was completely dumbfounded, he did not understand, he also did not understand at all, how …… how could this be.

He, Han Qianqian, had clearly released all of his true energy, there was no way that he could still condense such a majestic power again in an instant ah.

Even if that kid had hidden something just now, there was no way he could have hidden too much.

Unless this kid had only released a little bit of it, and in fact this guy had left more?

But this thought could be ignored after only a second.

It was simply not possible.

What was going on then?

Suddenly, his eyes glazed over, could it be, that spirit monkey?

But it shouldn’t be.

He had absorbed the aura of the Seventh Monkey, and even his flesh had helped him to revive when he had died, so how else could that monkey help him at this moment?

But the question is, how on earth could this boy accomplish this feat in front of him?

It was f*cking unbelievable.

“Is that weird?” Seeing the silly look of that b*****d who was puzzled and his head was on the verge of breaking, Han Qianqian laughed out loud at this moment.

Hearing Han Qianqian seem to want to say, he instantly stared straight over.

“If you know your men so well, then you shouldn’t have forgotten that some of them have an ancient secret technique called Tai Xu.”

“What!” Hearing this, that phantom was violently shocked ……