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His Destined Path Chapter 3586

Too vain!

This is not …… this can’t be, this is absolutely impossible!

The Law of Tai Void, of course he knows it well! But it was also because he was clear about it that he thought it was absolutely impossible for it to happen.

Back then, he exhausted his methods, whether it was to set up words or to hear from others, he finally managed to get a glimpse of the secret method of those guys at this moon pool.

But the method was so profound, so strange, that even he, as strong as the Sun God, could hardly understand its mysteries.

He had puzzled over it for many years, and using the knowledge he had acquired when he was alive, and the knowledge he had, he could only barely understand its general meaning, and was unable to further cultivate its techniques.

It was nothing, but it was strong enough to be a borderless gap compared to the trash who possessed it.

He even dared to bet that those bunch of mediocrities might spend their entire lives not even knowing what the secret technique was called, let alone whether they would practice it or not.

But this guy ……

Not only did he know the meaning, but he could even practice it to the point of using it!

What the f*ck, is this the difference between the Chosen and the normal people?

D*mn, annoying!!!

But why are you the Chosen One? But why should you be the Chosen and I have to suffer endless bondage and torture here?

Not only did this not frighten him in the slightest, but he was only filled with endless anger and resentment.

But almost as he gritted his teeth, Han Qianqian had already regrouped even more powerful energy to rise up in fury around his body.

“Even if you know the Tai Xu, what can you do, relying on a mere secret technique to break down this place? You are too ignorant, aren’t you?” He roared in anger.

“I forgot to tell you, although I don’t know the Tai Xu technique in detail, but I should generally know what kind of meaning it has, do you want to know?” Han Qianqian chuckled softly.

The phantom did not speak, but apparently stared at him without moving natural intentions were self-evident.

Nonsense, he had delved into it for so long, how could he not want to know?

“He should be able to instantly revive the energy in my body to full blood, don’t you think it’s magical?”

Hearing this, the phantom clearly froze a little, and a moment later, he looked at Han Qianqian in some disbelief and said, “You’re lying to me?”

This made him feel a little hairy in his heart.

He had originally thought that Han Qianqian was able to revive so because of the power of the spell, but if it was because the spell had really brought back full blood within him as Han Qianqian had said, then this matter had also turned out to be tremendous.

The former would at best be a fierce attack, and with being within his own space and under the harmonization of yin and yang, he would not be worried about it in the slightest.

But the latter was a different story.

As he had said earlier, this fellow Han Qianqian’s unbelievable power was truly perverse to the extreme, and with such an odd way of detonating it made the explosive energy even more insane.

His space was indeed a little shaky after withstanding one of its explosions, and if he were to have that one more, the consequences of this would naturally go without saying.

“What good would it do to fool you? What’s more, if I can fool you for a while, can I fool you for a lifetime?” Han Qianqian grinned, “Speaking of which, I still have you to thank.”

“If you hadn’t told me that I had reached half of my power in the square, I would have really been a bit discouraged and felt certain of defeat.”

“Fortunately, you told me this honestly, so I was able to quickly regain my senses, regain my confidence and think of such a move as Tai Xu.”

“I, Han Qianqian, am a person who will repay an enemy and a kindness, so for someone who helps me with honesty, I will never use a lie to complain with virtue, so what I say is also bound to be true.”

“You ……” Hearing Han Qianqian’s words, the phantom obviously took a slight step back in the air, quite slightly shocked: “I don’t believe it, don’t believe it, you kid f*cking shake me, I’m not scared. ”

“Believe it or not, then let’s see the real thing under your hands.” Han Qianqian smiled coldly, then one hand condensed, steeply, true energy wildly gathered, a very fast generation and huge, and the previous almost no different from the huge true energy ball has been hanging above Han Qianqian’s head.

The phantom was slightly startled, while Han Qianqian also moved violently at that moment.


The ball of true energy was once again re-detonated, and the huge explosion hit the entire world in an instant, after which the entire world suddenly fell silent ……