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His Destined Path Chapter 3588

“Don’t you recognize me so soon?” The voice sneered eerily.

Han Qianqian’s brow furrowed, and his entire body was suddenly shocked, “Day …… day sacred yuan, you …… you’re not dead?”

“Humph, joke, with you kid want to kill me? You are not too D*mn naive!” He said in a stern cold voice.

“That’s impossible.” Han Qianqian could hardly believe what was happening in front of him, the Eight Trigrams Space had completely broken away and at that critical moment the phantom of the United Sun God had exploded in the air together with him.

He was directly blown far away by the wind force of the explosion, how could this be false?

But the fact is right in front of his eyes, even if Han three thousand have ten thousand do not want to believe, but also have to go to accept this reality.

“How in the end …… did you do that?” Han Qianqian asked in shock.

He smiled disdainfully, “You are so from a smart person, why not guess on it? To name a few.”

Hearing this, Han Qianqian’s brow furrowed and he thought hard.

Of course he wanted to find out what this was all about, after all, he was betting almost everything he had!

The voice slowly said while Han Qianqian was thinking, “You kid is really quite capable, wild without losing his low profile, sharp without losing his fanaticism, smart without losing his ability to follow the rules, whoever meets an opponent like you will really have to sigh for themselves when they are unlucky.”

“But …… even if they are blessed they are not as blessed as you kid.”

“Hmph, a bunch of true gods even including old me can’t study things, you kid not only read and understand, but also f*cking learn as soon as you can, you let others where to justify this? Who the hell would be as lucky as you? The worst thing is that a bunch of my men have worked hard for a quilt, and they have the right to use it as a dowry for you.”

“Shameful, annoying!”

He cursed angrily, clearly complaining about the injustice of the heavens and the injustice of the earth.

“But then again, you kid is really worthy of these things, and you can actually play strange tricks against old me, if I didn’t really have some skills, I would have let you give me a gutter.”

Who would have thought that this kid would be attacking hard, and then he would be f*cking baa attacking, false and real, real and false to make his own headache, and even accidentally let this kid put words into his mouth.

It is really not scary to be a rogue, but to be a rogue with culture!

And at that moment, Han Qianqian also suddenly seemed to have figured out everything about this through his phrase of raising one to the other.

“I see.” Han Qianqian lifted his head.

The Four Great Heavenly Kings had said that the Sun God’s Holy Spirit was a fellow who absorbed the qi of yin and yang, which also meant that he was himself a yin and yang dual body, like the Bagua.

“The gossip is you, and you are also the gossip.”

“Inside the eight trigrams, is your yang side, while here, is your yin side; within the void, there is reality, and within the reality, there is emptiness, holding each other in check and complementing each other, am I right?”

The yang resides in the void, while the yin resides in the reality. Although the eight trigrams explode, what is bad is only his yang side, while deep underground in the reality is his yin side.

Isn’t the darkness around the shifting eyes just in keeping with the shadow of his yin side?

And when one recalls that in the gossip, his body has always existed in a white mid-air, everything, too, makes sense.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha! In a way, I really like you more and more, you can see the essence of things through my words.

“But, unfortunately, I’m having a hard time, so the smarter you kid is, the more I hate you!”

“So, you must die.”

With those words, he cackled a cold laugh.

If he was having a hard time, no one would have a hard time, especially if it was the arrangement of this thieving God, so that they would end up doing the wedding clothes for others.

Han Qianlian also did not panic, smiling slightly, after thinking about some things, he was actually not afraid at all: “Do you think I will be afraid of you?”

“Although you’re not dead and the huge explosion only destroyed your yang side, leaving your yin side completely unscathed, it doesn’t mean that you’re qualified to kill me.”

“If my guess is correct, with the yin and yang being in tune, the explosion that hit your yang side would have affected your yin side just as much, and mutual aid would have injured each other, wouldn’t it?”

“Not bad, I am injured, but Han Qianqian, you are afraid you have forgotten one thing.” He admitted it graciously, but with a roaring fury full of qi.

Han Qianqian’s brow furrowed, “Oh?”