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His Destined Path Chapter 3589

“Do you know what time it is?” He laughed grimly and coldly.

As soon as he heard this, Han Qianqian instantly said something terrible.

After pa*sing from the yin side of the yang eye, Han Qianqian’s time was then almost just an hour at the top, but unfortunately it was the yang side that broke the game, and Han Qianqian had spent at least another hour.

This meant that dusk had basically run its course and it was very likely that night had entered at this point.

And at night, Yin Qi rose, this guy was now left with the Yin side although his strength was greatly reduced, but at the same time the rising Yin Qi was also frantically replenishing his own strength.

“Hmph, from the moment you entered here I was prepared, brat, do you think you are the only one who is clever?” He shouted coldly.

Han Qianqian raised his eyes in alarm, “Yin and Yang can be reversed, if I enter in daylight, you will use the Yang side of the Eight Trigrams against me first, and then kill me at night with a Yin-fuelled force.”

“Conversely, if I enter at night, then you will inevitably expose the yin side of the place to me first, and once it is tossed about until dawn, you will reopen the eight trigrams and kill me with the yang energy boosting in the eight trigrams.”

“Hahahaha, brat, you’re right. Do you think that you brat is the only one who will keep a backhand?” He laughed somewhat smugly, and then, slowly spoke again, “From the first day of my monasticism, my master told me a saying, do you know what it is?”

“What is it?”

“Never reveal all your strength in front of your enemies. This is a saying that I will always keep in my heart, even today.”

That was true, the more you exposed the easier it was for people to figure you out, and naturally the easier it was to deal with.

“His old man is indeed worthy of being my master, just this one sentence alone has turned many a danger into peace for me.” With those words, he looked coldly at Han Qianqian.

Even though it was pitch black around him and he could barely see anything, Han Qianqian could clearly feel that someone was staring coldly at him in the darkness.

“You have some skills, but unfortunately, you are not making the right move.”

Han Qianqian’s body was lifted up by the wind and then thrown heavily, hitting the ground a dozen metres away, with bones breaking and blood spraying wildly.

It seemed like a breezy blow, but in reality it was like a 10,000-mile drop, causing Han Qianqian to become dizzy and his organs to shift.

What’s more, the wind was cold, so cold that Han Qianqian’s whole body was already frosty and his bone marrow was even trembling madly.

Naturally, the hands that were subconsciously blocking were frozen into ice, making it difficult to move for a while.

“Do you have a third you?”

Seeing Han Qianqian like a straw, but he played with it at will, he laughed gently and mocked again.

Han Qianqian had tried the Tai Xu technique long ago when dealing with the Moonpool Twin Gods, and it was not usable every time, but had its own unique cooling period.

Han Qianqian had just used it not long ago, so it was obviously impossible to use this divine technique again.

However, Han Qianqian’s mouth was still unconvinced and he laughed coldly, “Guess what?”

“I guess you didn’t. How about I give you some time and you try again? I’ll wait for you.” He laughed coldly.

Han Qianqian didn’t say anything, but apparently his hands were ready to make a move, yet he didn’t have the slightest reaction to Han Qianqian’s movements.

Or rather, his only reflection was that he spoke again, “Kid, I’ve lived for an unknown number of years, do you think it’s useful to play psychological warfare with me?”

“There’s no way you’re going to be able to make Tai Vu again.”

“Want to know what makes me so sure?”

Han Qianqian looked at the dark place and his hands stopped, obviously, he certainly wanted to know what made him so sure.

“The Art of Tai Void, it’s actually so terrifying that it can instantly restore one’s true energy, such a perverted divine skill I wouldn’t be overstating it by saying it reverses yin and yang, would I?”

“To know that it is placed on one expert, that can be equivalent to becoming two at once, the perversion in it speaks for itself, if it doesn’t have certain limitations, then what has it become?”

“So, I thought about it, and after the power of your second big explosion just now, this limit can only be time, am I right?”

Han Qianqian gritted his teeth and did not speak, his heart could not help but feel weak.

When the words came, he once again sneered grimly, “Since that’s the case, being completely emptied, can you still have any tricks up your sleeve?”