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His Destined Path Chapter 3599

Really f*cking no?!

“You …… you …… you boy …… you actually …… have …… on you ”

What a day old dog!

This fellow’s body previously had the flesh of a seventh spirit monkey descending on it, and at that time he had also discovered a golden light complementing Han Qianqian’s body when the spirit monkey descended.

This meant that this fellow was bound to have some sort of divine body within his body.

This thing was indeed topsy-turvy enough, but it could be expected from the Sun God’s divine origin.

Most of the world’s oddities are there, and with his status and insight, these were beyond imagination, but they were really within expectation.

But now it was different ……

For he was stunned to discover that this boy’s body was not so simple.

“Where the hell did you guy come from?” Even Saint Yuan was completely dumbfounded at this point.

Not only was there Yin Devil Qi emerging from Han Qianqian’s body, but most importantly, there was also a large amount of Devil Qi flowing within this fellow’s body amongst his blood.

And this devilish Qi seemed like he had déjà vu.

“I go …… your kid’s body …… also …… still …… has the blood of a f*cking demon dragon?”

How wildly violent, how bloodthirsty, how untamed that devil dragon was, how could he not know, how could he not know?!

The first time, he had also joined forces with aspiring people in the Jianghu to fight against it, but what he couldn’t do was that it was so fierce that several sieges had ended in failure.

Now ……

I don’t know how many millions or even billions of years have pa*sed, but when I see this beast again, it is actually in this way ……

Moreover, looking at Han Qianqian’s current appearance, it seems …… that it is still staying inside Han Qianqian’s body in a very peaceful manner.

“Evil motherf*cker, you kid is inside a divine Qi, but on the contrary, you are wrapped in a f*cking evil and incomparable demonic dragon, that guy is immortal and indestructible ……”

“This means that not only did you devour its body, but you even imprisoned its dragon soul within your body.”

“Oh my goodness, you’re ……”

I’ve seen ice and fire, but I’ve never f*cking seen such ice and fire, he’s not even a pervert anymore, I can only say that the limit is to the f*cking limit.

“The gods and devils are fighting each other, and they are like water and fire. If you want to get such devilish energy, you will either become a devil, or the equal gods and devils in your body will fight against each other, and finally your kid will die from the explosion. But …… you are unharmed, there is only one possibility.”

That is that the divine energy far exceeds the demonic energy, so that the demonic energy is suppressed in the body, so that it can not cause any trouble at all.

However, Sheng Yuan had seen with his own eyes how terrifying and powerful the Devil Dragon was at its peak, and he did not really believe that he could suppress him.

Even if the Demon Dragon, who had done a lot of evil, had suffered some attacks in his later life and his strength had declined a lot, the camel that died was still bigger than the horse.

Trying to completely suppress it purely in terms of its bloodline would be dreaming as well.

“Could it be that your boy’s golden body is stronger? But, whose golden body should it be if it’s so strong?”


Suddenly, he closed his mouth, for he thought of a forbidden legend, absurd as it was,……

but judging from the situation at hand, perhaps it was really so.

At the thought, he suddenly smiled and took a slight step back between stumbles.

Chosen, indeed, Chosen.

He looked up to the top of his head, as if he were looking at the sky through the earth, sighing at the injustice of the heavens and their unfairness, but his whole being was also more relieved.

He had lost, but the loss was by no means ugly.

When Heaven’s will is such that it is still difficult to rebel against it, it is even more difficult when it decides what it must do on its own.

Anyone who tries to defy it will be dealt a huge descending blow.

No matter who you are!

Retracting his smile, he gently looked over at Han Qianqian.

The more he looked at him, the more he liked him, and the more he looked at him, the more he was filled with good vibes towards him as well.

“For the first time in my life, I hope that the night will pa*s quickly and the sun will hurry to arrive, so that, under the yang energy, I can get a glimpse of what this golden body is really for.”

With these words, he once again looked up overhead ……