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His Destined Path Chapter 3600

And at this time at the other end.

Unlike the holy elements in the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books who prayed for the sun to hurry up and descend, the people in Cailuo City were praying at this time that the long night had better be prolonged and the blazing sun come later …….

The city lord’s residence.

The night wind blew, cold and biting, blowing the moon hidden in the dark clouds, and blowing the whole ground with flying sand and stones.

The entire city lord’s residence is almost shrouded in darkness, without the glory and splendor of the original, all-night lights.

This night, the doors of almost all the houses were closed, the lights were dark and the silence was a little frightening.

Not only here, but also in the city that stretches all the way from the city lord’s residence, most of the doors are also closed, as if the place has become a ghost town with no people around tonight.

The silence was terrifying!

“Hoo, hoo!”

A gust of gloomy wind blew past, all the way towards the City Lord’s residence, making Cailuo City, which was already like a ghost town, even more eerie and terrifying at this time.

The wind swept away the leaves and also whisked the dust, and there seemed to be some mournful cries and miserable screams mixed in between.


In the city lord’s mansion, the gloomy wind had arrived!

In the backyard, several banners stuck in the courtyard were lifted up and folded with a loud bang.

“A hundred ghosts hear the order, ten thousand souls gather.”

A female voice sounded.

The next second, the door to the east wing broke open and a woman in a blue dress flew out of the room, quickly flying into the courtyard, holding several strange flags in her hands.

The woman did not stop moving her hands at all and quickly made a strange hand seal, and at once, the light from the explosion of several small flags was directly connected to them.

The main thing is that the woman’s body is too beautiful, her legs are white and long, and a blue dress is a unique temperament, like a …… fairy, looking at the side of Ye Shijun and Zhu Yanshuo is nosebleed.

“f*ck, this girl although masked, can’t see the appearance clearly, but to be honest, just her body is already enough to make the old man completely emptied.” Ye Shijun’s eyes were sizzling, and although his entire person was forcing himself to be calm, his body had already betrayed him enough.

Hearing this, Fu Tian barely had to think before he hurriedly nodded his head, and even had a different kind of smile on his face as he said, “Indeed, the legs are long and straight, white and tender, and the curves are so perfect that you can’t pick any faults at all.”

“The waist is as thin as a snake, but the front and back are all there should be, even stronger than many of them by tens of thousands of times towards, look at that under the blue clothes are almost bursting out.”

Ye Shijun heard the affirmation of others, that is he he laughed, the eyes are straight to stare without moving a cent.

Fu Tian laughed: “Not to mention you, even at my age, I really have trouble controlling myself. However, don’t worry, Fu Tian knows the difference in his position, and I’m afraid that in this life he will only be able to watch and not profane.”

“Only Shijun, that’s the only one who is a match made in heaven with him.”

The fox was far more astute than many people.

Ye Shijun was obviously very satisfied with this statement, and the whole person looked quite happy.

And almost at the same time, Zhu Yanshuo, who was a little more next to him, did not say anything, but the action of being so hungry that he kept swallowing saliva was already more indicative of his mood at the moment than anything else.

However, almost as the three men with a group of subordinates were licking the dogs, the woman in the courtyard was already moving again.

She raised her fingers, and the light of the flags was like a leftover, pulling up the flags on the ground, and when they reached mid-air, they suddenly exploded.

Bang Bang Bang!

Immediately after, the temperature in the air at this time suddenly dropped by dozens of degrees, from cold wind gusts instantly turned into a cold and biting wind.

In mid-air, dark clouds rolled in, and between the rumbling and muffled sounds, all sorts of shrill ghostly cries rushed in from all directions.

“It worked, the formation has opened, haha, f*ck, Han Qianqian, this time I’ll see how you still play disappear for Laozi, f*ck.” Surprised, Ye Shijun couldn’t help but get up and roar!

“Hundred ghosts walk at night, seek the dragon and ask for traces!”