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His Destined Path Chapter 3602

“Yes to Han three thousand, ten thousand generals listen to the order, speed to find back, go!”

As soon as the words fell, her hair and fingers broke violently, and eight chains of light flicked back violently, and the crystal-shaped spheres fiercely pressed against each other, tightly and rumblingly exploded, and blasted directly in eight directions.

The thousands of iniquitous souls that had been guarding the outer perimeter were immediately scattered in the explosion.

They roared in frenzied fury and headed wildly in further directions.

If earlier there had been a gust of gloomy wind, a ma*s of ghosts dancing about, full of terror and alternative “noise”, then at this moment there was suddenly nothing here, everything had vanished into thin air.

For a moment, it even seemed to them that nothing had happened tonight.

“The art of the five ghosts is a necessary art in Daoist esotericism to chase ghosts and take demons. Although the five ghosts are evil, they gather all kinds of ugliness in the world, and they also know all kinds of things in the world, so if they are used to find people and ask for money, they are naturally the best choice.”

“I have at least 99,000 five ghosts to help me find people, no matter if you are a true god in the sky, or a mortal on the ground, or a creature in the sea, or perhaps a bird in the forest, as long as you exist in this world, you will definitely have traces.”

Hearing these words, Ye Shijun’s face was full of pride.

Although the words were divine, at this moment his focus was obviously not on Han Qianqian at all, so naturally, he did not take what the supreme beauty said to heart at all.

On the contrary, to him, it was more like a response to what she had said to herself earlier.

Together with herself, she was fighting back against that rude little guard from earlier.

This meant that she was on the same side as himself, so that was different.

Once you are familiar with her, twice you are familiar with her, three or four times this is not ……


My subordinate dares to ask, with such a secret method, when can we find Han Qianqian?”

“There will be news by about dawn, but it should also be called no news.” The absolute beauty said softly.

Upon hearing this, the crowd glanced at each other, puzzled, completely confused as to what the meaning of the divine Dragon Envoy’s words were.

What do you mean by “soon there will be news again” and “soon there will be no news”?

At this point, even Ye Shijun, who was completely pig-headed, sensed that the words were incorrect, put away his smile and looked at the stunning beauty in confusion, “Elder Divine Dragon, what do you …… mean by these words?”

“I believe that at this time, Han Qianqian must not be within the three realms, let alone in the five elements, so even with the Dragon Search Technique, it may not be possible to find him.” She said in a soft and gentle voice.

“Not within the Three Realms, much less among the Five Elements?”

The crowd was almost simultaneously astonished, and these words were like a needle poking straight into the sky, completely shocked and surprised, baffled.

How could Han Qianqian not be within the three realms, let alone among the five elements, wasn’t he …… in that fallen city?

Then how could he ……

“Divine Dragon Envoy, forgive our ignorance, we really don’t quite understand what exactly you mean by that ah.” The first thing to do is to take the lead and open your mouth.

The beautiful woman didn’t get angry at all and looked up at the sky slightly, thinking for half a day before slowly opening her mouth, “He should exist in some special space.”

“In a special space?” The group of people looked at each other, still not quite understanding.

Zhu Yan Shuo was the first to stand up and said, “Does Elder Divine Dragon mean a special space similar to the one in the spatial ring?”

“But that kind of place, how can it be inhabited?” Fu Tian also said, “Moreover, it is still such a large number of people, even if it could fit, I am afraid that they would be smothered inside, right?”

“Then what if a place exactly like the normal world?” The absolute beauty suddenly turned back and looked coldly at Fu Tian.

A special space that was completely almost identical to the world here?!

The group of people were even more dumbfounded, and Fu Tian was outright speechless, not knowing how to reply.

Ye Shijun frowned: “Then if such a space really exists and we …… we can’t find it, then why is this night necessary ……”

“It’s not a waste of effort.” She said softly and then, slowly regaining her gaze at the sky, slowly opened her mouth, “I’m waiting ……”