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His Destined Path Chapter 3601


Another gust of gloomy wind pa*sed by, and as far as the naked eyes of those present could see, at least tens of thousands of unjust spirits quickly rushed to the courtyard, and after wandering around the courtyard a little, they flew towards several places where the flags exploded in the air.

Unlike Ye Shijun’s excitement and pleasure, the group of guards behind him were all blue with fear.

Yes, they were all monks, so naturally they should not be afraid of ghosts.

However, the sight of ten thousand ghosts swimming together was something that would make anyone’s heart shiver at the sight of it.

It is like someone who is afraid of a snake from the bottom of his heart, not whether the snake is poisonous or not, or whether it is big or small.

Therefore, even the smallest “snake” will always be very uncomfortable in the heart, and especially when these small snakes, at this time, are still thousands, a large ma*s of mah, the feeling in the heart does not need to be said.


At that moment, the flags that had exploded in mid-air suddenly cleared of white smoke, revealing a sphere of crystals about the size of a head.

On top of the spheres, there were all sorts of ghostly faces, either grimacing, snarling, crying or laughing ……

It looks really disgusting to the extreme.

There are eight small flags, which means that there are at least eight such spherical shapes that explode out, and they are divided in eight positions, each standing on its own.

The eight beads were connected, with a chain of green between them.

They seemed to be connected to each other, but they also seemed to form a defence against each other, blocking out tens of thousands more ghosts.

Those ghosts could not get inside, so they could only form a large circle and huddle on the periphery.

As far as I could see, it looked like a black cloud huddled in the middle of the courtyard, heads against heads and faces against faces, both disgusting and incomparably hideous and terrifying.

“Does this thing work? It looks like the Taoist priest is inviting spirits to send ghosts.” Next to Zhu Yanshuo, a guard was really seeping in his heart watching this situation.

Although in a way, it was really not his turn to speak here.

Zhu Yanshuo did not say anything, in theory, if his subordinate disrespected the divine dragon elder in such a way, it would be light to be scolded, and it would not be too much to kill his head with a knife.

But when he thought about it, his subordinate’s words were not without merit.

How to say it, how to look at it, this divine dragon elder really looks like a big god, collecting demons and catching ghosts.

This spoke to his heart, so he was not angry and gently shouted, “Shut up, it is not your turn to speak here.”

The subordinate also knew that he was rude, so he lowered his head and did not dare to speak.

Ye Shijun turned back to him, which made Zhu Yanshuo feel a bit bad, and he was sweating for his subordinates.

“However, the dao of the Great Way is one, and it may seem similar, but in reality it is very different.”

The guard did not dare to reply and lowered his head.

It was Zhu Yan Shuo, who smiled gently and took over the conversation, smiling, “Mr. Ye should have a specific reference, right? Please also enlighten me.”

Being able to sit as the lord of a city and carry forward Cailuo City to such a glorious level, how could Zhu Yanshuo be worse than Fu Tian in reading words? Of course he knew what Ye Shijun was talking about instead of being angry.

Ye Shijun was really in a good mood and said with a smile, “Although I don’t know what kind of secret method the Dragon Envoy is using, but to be able to attract all the evil spirits around here, hideous but not chaotic, how can it be compared to a mere technique of catching ghosts and taking away demons?”

He said this in a very loud voice, and the obvious point was that he naturally could not have said this to Zhu Yanshuo, much less had the leisure to instruct a small guard of confusion.

What he wanted, in fact, was very simple, but to take the opportunity to offer himself to the stunning woman.

As it turned out, Ye Shijun’s idea was right, and as soon as his words fell, the stunning woman in that formation apparently heard the loud talk over here and could not help but look at it with cold eyes.

“This is the Dragon Searching Technique, as long as it is within these three realms, as long as it is within these five elements, anything will never escape its tracking.”

The words fell, the stunning woman glanced at the crowd of onlookers, her teeth clenched, her body moved, and then she slowly turned around, her hands squeezing her magic fingers once again, her body fiercely leaping up to nearly tens of meters in mid-air directly, pulling the light emanating from the eight police-shaped spheres, as if the Heavenly Lady was scattering flowers.

Immediately after, she moved again, another everyone’s eyes widened something happened ……