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His Destined Path Chapter 3611


The two old men, looking at each other and laughing, couldn’t stop the joy on their faces.

“These two fellows, one dumb, one depressed, one like a hungry tiger that has found something to eat, and one like an old man who is about to sit there waiting to die.” The old man sweeping the ground smiled faintly.

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed, “Saint Yuan is already depressed to the point of doubting his life, so this is not as expected.”

The earth sweeping old man shook his head and laughed bitterly, pointing helplessly at the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books: “You guy …… really is a bit too much.”

“When he was dying, he had already guessed that you had set everything up, and he hid Han Qianqian for you, but you tortured him in life and imprisoned him here after his death.

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books were not angry, and said softly, “Haha, no snowflake is innocent under the avalanche. You should know that all three of us are involved in today’s incident.”

The old sweeper nodded, not denying the matter, but saying slightly, “But you are the one who is doing the actual implementation. We only told you to pick up the knife, but we didn’t tell you to lynch people one by one.”

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books laughed bitterly, “As the saying goes, if a general is successful, all the bones will be withered, and sometimes in order for a new king to ascend to the throne, some people must be sacrificed.”

“Before the prosperous era, which one was not the foundation of a kingdom made of blood and flesh?”

The old sweeper let out a long breath: “That is true. However, one must also admit the indisputable fact that although your methods were indeed relatively ruthless, the results were the best. Not only did all these guys roughly guess your intentions before they left, but none of them spoke out.”

“The most important thing is that everyone who had something in their hands pa*sed it on to Han Qianqian, and the matter not only met our expectations, but was even much better than that.”

“With this operation of yours alone, excluding the cruel words, if it is a full score of one hundred, you can at least get ninety-nine, less that one point is for fear of you being proud.”

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled gently, and was not proud of his praise: “Only under high-handedness will this gang fear me, and only under cruelty will this gang fear me, so even if they knew the truth, they would never dare to speak nonsense.”

“They know very well what it means to betray me.”

“At the same time, this gang is extremely resentful, if there wasn’t something that existed to chill them, do you think they would give in so easily?”

“This top is afraid of me, and the bottom is overcome by Han Qianqian, plus the constant torture makes them want to use this to free themselves, when they hear that Han Qianqian is here to break the jungle, and then a*sociate it with being my chosen one, whether they enter or retreat, do they have a choice other than to help Han Qianqian in his efforts?”


“So yeah, the whole situation may seem unexpected, but in reality, it is within my grasp.”

As he spoke, the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books looked blandly at the Earth-Sweeping Elder.

The old man who swept the ground put away his smile, thought for a moment, and spoke again in a deep voice, “What you said is not bad, these people learned his teachings and relied on them to actually enjoy the feeling of standing at the top of the world, and after that, return them to the one he chose, it would be something to come and go.”

“Not bad.” The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books nodded and said, “Take for example, that Seventh Spirit Monkey, if he hadn’t followed him into the path of cultivation back then, how could he have become a spirit monkey himself and benefited the monkey race? After six lifetimes of blessings, this seventh life should be returned to him. At least, this is how I can repay him for his kindness.”

The old man took a long breath, “Good, since that is the case, then you and I have accomplished a major task, so we will see whether he is a dragon or a phoenix.”

With these words, the Earth-Sweeping Elder smiled gently, “From tomorrow onwards, you and I, it’s time to take a proper vacation.”

The Eight Desolate Heavenly Books smiled wickedly at his words, “Yes, it’s also time to take a vacation, as for the situation at home …… hehehe, we have to leave it to Han Qianqian.”

With these words, the two of them simultaneously looked towards the entrance in the Eight Desolate World, where Han Qianqian often comes in ……