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His Destined Path Chapter 3612

With the two men gazing beyond the Book of Heaven, it was time to fall into the city.

This night is slightly cooler.

The moon was already high in the sky, and the night had arrived.

In the east wing, the woman in blue sat gently in front of the window, looking high into the sky, seemingly pining for something, and seemingly thinking about something.

At that moment, the door slammed, but suddenly her thoughts were brought back to reality.

She looked back at the door and sighed helplessly.

“Isn’t it supposed to be back at dawn? Why is it so much earlier?”

As if asking herself and sighing softly, she lifted her hand slightly and the door to the room was instantly opened.

In front of the door, the four children stood obediently in the doorway, not saying a word.


She exhaled slightly, then gently its body and slowly stepped to the door, “I know, all go down.”

Without any movement, the four children turned around and gently retreated.

Once the four children had left, she smiled bitterly, “You ghosts, you are always asked to act quickly, but you all dawdle and often overstay your time.”

“Today, I want you to take your time, but you are all so quick to act as if you were on a mission, and you have actually finished work so many hours early.”

With those words, her eyes looked again at the bright moon overhead, and a trace of sadness flashed in her eyes.

“Elder Divine Dragon.”

A few moments later, a soft shout reached her ears, and the stunning beauty once again looked along with the sound, only to see Zhu Yanshuo at the entrance of the backyard, leading a group of servants and standing respectfully at the entrance.

She did not speak, but merely looked at him indifferently.

“My subordinates have consolidated the city’s elites and experts from all sides, and are currently waiting in line on the playground of the main hall, at your disposal at all times.”

As the words fell, Zhu Yan Shuo bowed his head slightly, but his face could not hide the burst of joyful smile.

The stunning beauty frowned slightly and said in a soft voice: “You move quite fast.”

Zhu Yanshuo smiled: “The divine dragon elder himself, how would I dare to be lazy, I have already sent orders to all the people in the city to prepare for the battle overnight, if there is any situation then we can gather immediately.”

“Just now, I saw that the wind had risen, so I thought that those unjust spirits must have returned in advance, so I also immediately gathered my men and horses, and I am at the disposal of Elder Shen Long.”

Zhu Yan Shuo was happy for his own reasons, after all, his reflection was so swift, he could certainly show his ability and cleverness in front of the divine dragon envoy, not to say rewarding it, but at least he could also leave a deep, good impression on the divine dragon envoy.

The beautiful woman coldly swept Zhu Yanshuo a glance, Zhu Yanshuo lowered his head and did not even notice this look, all immersed in his own joy.

He could not have imagined that he had gone to all the trouble of making such a show, and that everything had worked out well, but this was the only result, a hard shot at the horse’s a*s.

The stunning beauty was begging for a slower, slower pace, but only Zhu Yanshuo, the king’s single, was disrupting her deployment.


The only thing she could do was to walk out of the courtyard with a displeased face and head for the main hall.

When Zhu Yanshuo saw this, he suddenly stopped his smug smile and rubbed his head in confusion, saying to his subordinates, “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?”

The group of subordinates also looked at each other in complete disbelief, Zhu Yan Shuo did not know, how could they know?

A few minutes later, the stunning beauty had slowly arrived at the front of the hall.

As Zhu Yanshuo had said, there were already 10,000 people on the playground, holding weapons and wearing armour, in a neat and tidy formation.

At the same time, the masters of Cailuo City also lined up to the left and right of the squad, with an imposing presence.

Ye Shijun and Futian had been waiting in front of the temple for a long time, each missing an arm and armed with a long sword, as if they were going into battle to kill the enemy.

Obviously, they were determined to kill Han Qianqian in order to avenge their bloodshed.

When they saw the beautiful women arrive, all the 10,000 people present bent their long legs slightly and shouted in unison, “Greetings to the Special Envoy of the Divine Dragon.”

Ye Shijun and the others also hurriedly saluted, and after the crowd had finished shouting, Ye Shijun hurriedly ran over at the top of his fart: “Elder Divine Dragon, the brigade is ready.”

The stunning beauty stared slightly and looked up at the sky, where ten thousand ghosts were gathered above the main hall at that moment.

She gave a slight nod and gritted her teeth, “Good, set off.”

“Depart!” Ye Shijun shouted in excitement, and the sound of trumpets rang out in the Cailuo City ……