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His Destined Path Chapter 3628


After Han Qianqian opened his mouth and exhaled a cloudy breath, he finally opened his eyes slowly at this moment.

Although his eyes were indifferent, it was obvious that there was a hidden light in his eyes.

It was as if those eyes were made by heaven and earth, clear and translucent, and could see all things.

“Three days, three whole days without cultivation, this is perhaps a kind of sin for me who has cultivated for an unknown number of years. Really, from my heart, it is such a sin.” A voice came languidly.

Saint Yuan was lying there in the corner like a poor, middle-aged, decrepit-looking man.

“But, again, these three days count as most interesting to me in a sense.”

“Because what is clear is that in these three days I have witnessed the birth of a legend and the formation of a new myth.”

“Han Qianqian, in my Saint Yuan’s eyes, the world is a ruminant, and only I, myself, am the true, the strongest one, the master, so you can call me arrogant or uncaring, but this is who I am as a Saint Yuan.”

“However, there is one thing to say, Han Qianqian, you brat is not considered such in my eyes.”

“You are the first person who has made old me truly and genuinely admire you.”

“Oh, in just three days, the Two Yi Heavenly Arts were learned thoroughly by your kid, those who know naturally know that this is a heaven-defying divine art of Laozi, if they didn’t know this, they would have thought it was the enlightening reading of some children’s hall.”

“You kid, good!” Said Saint Yuan, directly giving a thumbs up.

“Senior has praised you.” Han Qianqian smiled faintly and looked back at Saint Yuan in the corner, saying, “These are all taught well by senior, it doesn’t have much to do with Han Qianqian. Besides, compared to you, what’s this point of mine?”

Wasn’t this playing a big sword in front of Lord Guan?

“Hehe, you b*****d boy, typical to lift your trousers and turn your face away from others.”

“What are you compared to me? D*mn you, you’ve been cultivating my Two Yi Heavenly Arts for just three days and you’re already on the verge of breaking through to the third level, and do you know how much time this …… old man has taken?”

“sh*t, you actually have the face to speak such words?”

Han Qianqian was stunned, in fact he really didn’t really know much about his current situation, let alone where his current rank was in the Two Yi Heavenly Arts.

As far as he was concerned, he just felt extremely comfortable, as if he had swallowed a huge mint candy in one gulp, which went from the bottom of his feet to the top of his head.

“Am I really as strong as you say I am? You’re not encouraging me, are you?”

“Do I need to encourage you?” Sheng Yuan rolled his eyes speechlessly, “Now, first raise your left hand.”

“With the power of the heavens, take the soul of Yang, Nie gather the three chakras and rise with combined force.”

As his mantra came out, Han Qianqian slowly raised his hand, and a huge surge of Yang Qi also instantly rose in anger in his left arm.

“Now, raise your right hand.”

“With the power of the earth, seize the prana of yin, converge its six points, and provoke the qi to move.”

With those words, Han San raised his right hand, and a cold, dark force also wrapped around his right hand.

“What is this?” Han Qianqian stared blankly at his left and right hands, not knowing exactly what Sheng Yuan wanted with this intention.

Sheng Yuan smiled gently, “For the sake of your doubts and for the sake of my words being true, so let’s have some fun.”

“Have a little fun?” Han Qianqian was even more dumbfounded for a moment.

What was so fun about this? The point was, what exactly was there to play again.

Sheng Yuan was not in a hurry and slowly got up, then he took a few steps and walked to Han Qianqian’s front.

Looking at Han Qianqian’s left hand, the Yang energy on it gathered and even brought up a slight golden light, obviously this kind of force was enough to satisfy Sheng Yuan.

Looking at Han Qianqian’s right hand, the black qi was gathering, and even from a distance, he could already feel the coldness in it.

This was proof that Han Qianqian’s Yin Qi absorption had reached the ultimate level.

So, from this point of view, Sheng Yuan was also very satisfied.

“Good, not bad, I really like this state of yours.” He smiled, looked at Han Qianqian and said, “Relying on me alone to set up the barrier, you can also feel that I am deliberately letting the water down when you come to attack, so instead of that, why don’t you rely on yourself and come he test yourself.”

“Test yourself?” Han Qianqian was stunned.

“It could also be called, fighting left and right!”

Left and right!