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His Destined Path Chapter 3626

The two sides formed two by two and faced the three of them directly, Demon North Heaven, Emotion Girl and Ning Yue.

The four masters themselves were not low in cultivation, and with the addition of Ye Shijun, their strength had risen sharply, and they were extremely destructive.

The two experts were the same as the two masters.

Although Fu Tian’s side was a little worse, Emotional Ji was actually quite overwhelmed when facing one of the four great masters plus him.

And as they, the leaders, were pinned down, the whole battle began to take a violent and dramatic turn.

The three teams that were already on the verge of a breakthrough suddenly encountered huge resistance and watched their hopes being extinguished.

After only a few dozen moves, it was obvious that Nging Yue’s strength was already stretched, and taking advantage of this opportunity, Ye Shijun and Bigfoot suddenly intensified their attacks, causing Nging Yue to retreat.

“Ning Yue, what do we do now?”

Emotion Ji and the others, who had only managed to rush out, were now beaten back again and were covered in bruises, and she looked sharply at Ning Yue, who had also retreated.

With blood at the corners of her mouth, Ning Yue gave a cold glance at the six masters and the 50,000 troops that were a*sisting the attack.

“The enemy’s firepower is too fierce, and there are experts sitting on the line, the breakout is a dead end, tell everyone to retreat, contract the defensive line and defend to the death.” Ning Yue shouted sharply.

She understood that if even she panicked, the whole team would panic, and they would only end up as fish and flesh.

“All stop the order, contract the defense line, even if we die, we will never let the enemy step into us.” Emotion Ji drew her sword and bellowed.

“Never let the enemy take a single step!”

The crowd raised their swords and responded with one voice!

As the morale increased, everyone quickly contracted and formed their own defensive line by using the terrain.

On his side, Mo Bei Tian was still fighting a bloody battle, and despite the fact that he was being taken care of by the two great masters and was wounded repeatedly, he definitely did not utter a word of withdrawal.

Unlike them, his mission was to save Su Yingxia, so naturally, breaking the siege was something he had to do.

Having followed Han Qianqian for many years, Mo Yang’s examination of the battle situation was not at all bad, and at this moment, with a slash in his hand, he cut over two enemy soldiers who were in his way, and shouted sharply at Mo Bei Tian.

He was already spitting blood from his mouth, but there was no fear in his eyes, instead he was getting braver and braver as he lost.

“I’ll leave these two b*****ds to me, you guys rush out to save Su Yingxia.”

Knife Twelve angrily refused, “No, these two are extremely high in cultivation, if there is no one to help you, you will only die here.”

“Hmph, what’s wrong if an old man, Demon North Heaven, dies? If I die, you guys will still be here. I’m afraid of you guys, go away.”

With an angry shout, Demon North Heaven directly pounced on the two experts.

Black Wind Demon Girl’s face was cold: “Want to let them go? Idiot’s dream!”

With those words, she and the white-faced Rain Demon launched a fierce attack on Devil Beitian.

The two of them wanted to kill Demon Beitian in the shortest time possible and crush this guy’s plan as soon as possible.

“Hmph, whether it’s a fool’s dream or not, we’ll only know when we try!” Demon Beitian laughed coldly, biting down on a mouth full of blood as he charged directly at the two with a will to die.

There was an explosion, and the two experts had each set up a defensive boundary to avoid such an explosion, but on the contrary, this guy, Devil Beitian, did not seem to be afraid of the impact of the explosion, but used the momentum to still attack.

“f*ck, is this guy crazy? He doesn’t want to die?”

Seeing the blood-soaked Devil Beitian, even the white-faced Rain Demon could not help but shudder at the sight.

The Black Mountain Demon Lady’s teeth were clenched, such a desperate suicide attack was truly terrifying and powerful, rashly going hard against him would only lead to a tragic end.

“Fight as you retreat! Stall him!”

As the Black Mountain Demon Lady spoke, her body retreated towards the back, while at the same time, several doses of magic energy in her hands directly tapped over.

The white-faced Rain Demon also dared not be careless, and presented a double path with Black Mountain Demon Princess, also retreating and fighting.

Looking at the battle in the sky, Mo Yang and Dagger Twelve were both gnashing their back teeth.

They knew clearly that Demon North Heaven was stalling for them with his life.

“Brothers, either die or charge! Even if your swords are blunt, you must kill a bloody path for me!”

With these words, Mo Yang directly raised his sword and killed the enemy army ……