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His Destined Path Chapter 3630


Han Qianqian looked at him in confusion, completely dumbfounded at this moment.

He didn’t know what Sheng Yuan meant by this.

Could it be that this power of yin and yang was still relatively weak? Was he exaggerating too much?

“What I mean is that you underestimate the power of Yin and Yang too much.”

“When this heaven and earth were first born, there was only chaos, and when chaos transformed into qi, it became yin and yang; up to this point, yin was the earth, yang was the sky, and the world was first formed; it can be said that yin and yang then represent heaven and earth.”

“Heaven and earth, how can it be this so-called power that you are talking about?” Sheng Yuan laughed lightly.

Han Qianqian was stunned, “What you mean is ……”

“What I mean is that the power of yin and yang you have now is only a small part of the power of heaven and earth, or just a glimpse of a panther in a tube, you still have a long way to go in the future, and the power you will gain in the future will naturally be endless.” Sheng Yuan laughed.

Han Qianqian was obviously still in shock, but, on reflection, Sheng Yuan’s words were actually within the realm of normalcy.

After all, Yin and Yang were the heaven and earth, and it was unimaginable how powerful the power of the heaven and earth could be.

Han Qianqian’s heart was also somewhat vaguely moved by this.

After all, if one could master such a divine secret method, it would be impossible for anyone else to remain calm.

“They say you’ve found a treasure.” Saint Yuan smiled mysteriously.

“Although spending time with you was extremely depressing, it was also full of pleasures and surprises, however, there is no banquet under the sun, right now, between you and me, it should also be the time to part.”

“Go, break the Eight Trigrams Formation, so that everything here will return to peace and the souls of the dead here will be free from suffering.”

As the words fell, Sheng Yuan raised his hand, the whole space suddenly rumbled, and in the next second, a ray of sunlight shot down from overhead and came straight down.

The light was extremely conspicuous in the darkness, but at the same time it made the whole space even brighter.

Upon closer inspection, Han Qianqian was stunned to discover that the light was actually not one, but two.

It was just that the light of one of them was actually a black light, completely hidden in the darkness and difficult to detect for a while.


He laughed coldly and waved one hand.


Below his head, a huge eight trigrams then lit up with light, pointing out the curves.

The eight large characters of 乾, 兑, 震, 巽, 坤, 艮, 離 and 坎 were also set in response to the inner circumference of the eight trigrams.

Along with the central yin and yang lines turning, the entire eight trigrams also began to slowly rotate.

“There are seven gates of death and one gate of life in the trigrams, if you enter through the gate of death, you will naturally come out as death, and if you enter through the gate of life, then you can find the eye of the formation, use the power of yin and yang in your hand to activate the eye of the formation, then this formation will be broken, do you understand?”

With these words, Sheng Yuan looked at Han Qianqian.

Han Qianqian nodded vigorously, “I understand.”

“This trigram is formed by the eight trigrams of the Innate Heaven and the eight trigrams of the Later Heaven, the trigrams are intricate and complex, so although there are eight gates, most of them are hidden in the midst of danger, all are illusions, and all are laws, so the difficulty is extremely high. If an ordinary person were to enter it, he would be completely shattered in the eight trigrams before he could even find the door.”

“Even if your kid’s body is unbelievably fast, he will definitely not last more than two hours under such circumstances.”

“However, there is no need to worry, when you have mastered this Two Yi Heavenly Arts, the risk in each of these will not be a risk for you, rather, it will most likely be a dragon entering the deep sea and meeting the wind in a lonely sail.”

“However, there is a destiny in each of these, and I have not gone into it to understand it, so it is difficult to judge whether you will live or die, whether it will be a blessing or a curse, everything is your chance and everything is your destiny.”

“Go on, young man, go and walk your own path.” Saint Yuan smiled and his body was about to mimic.

However, just at that moment, Han Qianqian hurriedly spoke out, “Do you have any last wishes? I mean ……”

“Like taking your corpse back to the Eightfold World for burial? Or perhaps ……”

“Oh, what’s the point of taking the bones of the corpse to where the jungle has perished and the soul has flown?” He shook his head, “However, there is something that I really need your help with.”

“Please speak.” Han Qianqian said seriously, “As long as Han Qianqian can do it, I will do my best.”

Sheng Yuan nodded, “Good, it’s not difficult to do.”

“Dig my grave and plow my corpse!”