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His Destined Path Chapter 3631

Digging graves?

And digging up a corpse?

This was definitely the most outrageous request Han Qianqian had ever heard of, and also the most ridiculous.

If he was asked to dig up someone else’s grave and grind up someone else’s corpse, it was at least still understandable.

After all, the other person might be his enemy, and it was normal to take revenge on him in this way.

But to ask someone to dig up his own grave and shave his own corpse is a bit ridiculous.

Wasn’t this just an idle attempt to break his balls?

Is this not a vendetta against oneself?

It’s not just a joke, it’s even a little funny.

“That …… I’m asking again, you just asked me to dig your grave and dig up your corpse? Are you sure?”

The so-called into the earth for peace, this since buried and then to move the earth, this is a big taboo, Han three thousand really do not know what he intends to do.

“I’m sure.” Sheng Yuan smiled, seeing Han Qianqian’s face full of doubts, he shook his head: “All people will die, so life and death itself is a normal thing.”

“The living think of the dead, yet the greatest wish of the dead I believe is not how beautiful he will be after death, he can’t see it and it’s meaningless, isn’t it?”

Han Qianqian nodded, that was true.

“Then what do you think is the greatest wish of the dead?” He asked with a smile.

Han Qianqian had never considered this question, but if he had to answer it, it was actually not a difficult question.

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His heart’s wish was of course for Su Yingxia and Han Nian to live well, to live happily, to live happily.

This should be the greatest long-cherished wish of any person who is about to die, right?

“That’s right, the dead all wish for their living loved ones to be better, I am no different from you.” Sheng Yuan laughed.

“But how is this related to digging your grave and grubbing your corpse?” Han Qianqian frowned and said.

In essence, the two things could not be said to be incompatible, but could only be said to be completely unrelated.

“My name is Sheng Yuan, but my original surname is Zhong, and I was the head of the Zhong family before I was born. Naturally, I also wear the emblematic ring of my clan’s clan chief on my hand. I hope you can go dig my grave and find that emblem ring.”

“Although I am also aware that the world realm has changed and after so many years, the Zhong family may have long since run out of descendants, ……”

“But it is always a hope.” Han Qianqian said.

Sheng Yuan nodded heavily, “Good, this is the last little thing I can do for the Zhong family before I disappear.”

“Han Qianqian, can you promise me? If someone recognises this emblem ring by chance in the future, will you treat him well for me?”

“Of course, this shall not be given to you in vain.”

“When I ruled the world during my lifetime, I also searched for many good things for the Zhong family, and if the descendants of the Zhong family are still alive, I believe that there are bound to be some treasures still pa*sed down to the world. These things, you can divide them in half when the time comes.” He said.

Han Qianqian shook his head, “Anything from the Zhong family is not of interest to Han Qianqian. Han Qianqian never looks for anything in return when helping people.”

“If, as you say, there are still descendants of the Zhong family alive after so many millions or even tens of millions and nearly billions of years, I will certainly treat them as my own brother and younger brother, and this is considered repayment for your kindness in teaching me the Two Yi Heavenly Arts today.”

Hearing these words from Han Qianqian, and then looking at Han Qianqian’s incomparably determined gaze at this moment, Sheng Yuan nodded in satisfaction, “I believe that I will not misjudge anyone.”

“With these words of yours, I already have no more regrets in this life.”

“The Two Yi Heavenly Arts is like a fierce tiger adding wings to you, and also like a dragon swimming into the sea, you must practice it more, with such a body, you are also bound to have unimaginable tribulations and trials, it should be able to help you a lot.”

“Well, sending the ruler a thousand miles will eventually lead to a farewell, the Eight Trigrams Great Formation has already been opened, so you should set off.”

With those words, Sheng Yuan’s hand moved once again, and at that moment, the entire eight trigrams suddenly stopped rotating, and the twin eyes of yin and yang also emitted two rays of light that reflected onto Han Qianqian’s body.

As the two rays of light shone brightly, then fiercely disappeared and retracted within the eight trigrams, the Han Qianqian on the ground also completely disappeared ……