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His Destined Path Chapter 3637

The huge impact made it impossible for Zhu Yan to move forward, so he could only subconsciously turn back and block.

Almost in the middle of his block, along with the violent explosion, a black shadow also jumped up from the ground with a bang.

Immediately afterwards, the black shadow also unceremoniously arrived in front of Su Yingxia, and when Su Yingxia had barely reflected, she had already directly pulled her, and with a drop, she went directly towards the burst hole.

Su Yingxia wanted to resist, but when she saw the person who came, she couldn’t help but be stunned as she entered the ground with him.

“Brush brush brush!”

Immediately afterwards, in Zhu Yanshuo’s unbelievable eyes, the ground suddenly arched and sped off into the distance.

When Zhu Yanshuo completely reflected, there was no sign of Su Yingxia in his eyes, and he wanted to chase after her, but only at this moment was he shocked to find that he was already too far away.

“f*ck, what the hell is that sh*t?”

Zhu Yanshuo shouted angrily, his eyes rounded, obviously a very reluctant look, after all, for him, the duck in his mouth just flew away, how can he not be annoyed?

Even Zhu Yanshuo didn’t know, let alone the others.

They didn’t even know what was going on.

“Transported to the ground?” She could clearly see someone suddenly moving fast underground and then saving Su Yingxia in the nick of time.

She could clearly see someone suddenly moving quickly underground, then saving Su Yingxia in the nick of time and taking her far away again in an instant.

Suddenly, she smiled, “Han Qianqian really has a lot of capable people at his disposal.”

“No wonder he was able to hide that ancient book a hundred metres underground.”

“Interesting, really interesting.”

When he saw the divine Dragon Envoy laughing, Zhu Yan Shuo panicked, after all, there were times when laughing was a good thing, but at other times, the laugh was something else that creeped people out.

“What are you still doing? Give chase.”

With an urgent shout, Zhu Yanshuo was afraid that letting Su Yingxia escape would cause the Divine Dragon Envoy to be displeased, so he hurriedly led a few of his men to quickly chase him in the distance.

“There’s no need to chase.” The stunning beauty suddenly spoke.

Zhu Yan Shuo stopped and looked at her anxiously and uncomprehendingly, saying, “That’s Su Yingxia, if we let her escape, then we ……”

“This is their territory, they have already merged with the small group of people who broke out, trying to besiege them in a short time is obviously tantamount to a fool’s errand.”

“Behind them is a large area of jungle, one is not conducive to pursuing them, and secondly, those strange beasts have not been out, so a rash attack will only cause more trouble, I’m afraid.”

“But should we just watch them escape? It would have been better if they had escaped, but ……” said Zhu Yanshuo, unwillingly.

The stunning beauty smiled: “There is no need to rush, isn’t their main force still remaining in our encirclement?”

“What do you mean, Elder Divine Dragon?” Zhu Yan Shuo said.

“My meaning is clear, since the chase is so hard, then why bother with all the effort? Wouldn’t it be better to obediently wait for them to take the bait themselves?”

With those words, the stunning beauty gently rose and took a step forward, smiling and appearing extremely well-conceived.

“What the Divine Dragon Envoy means is that Su Yingxia and the others will return on their own?” Zhu Yanshuo wondered.

“Not bad.”

“On what basis? With that group of ministers who are like madmen?” Zhu Yanshuo said.

While it was true that that group of people who treated death like death deserved the love and heartache of anyone who was a general, the men were always yet just men, and for the leader to kill back to save them in such a situation, obviously that possibility was there, but it was not very big, and it did not speak to the extent that the divine Dragon Envoy was now confident and considered himself certain.

“If it were really that simple, would I be so sure?” The stunning beauty smiled gently, “City Master Zhu, although you are smart, I have told you more than once that you must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of your enemies, otherwise, any slip-up may cost you extremely dearly.”

Hearing these words, Zhu Yan Shuo was clearly a little stunned at the uncertainty.

At the same time, there was also some vague worry in his heart, as he wondered what he had missed out on himself again.

“Go down and quickly go over to the wooden hut and set up your guard, the fish are coming back to bite the hook.”

She smiled softly and did not say so straight away, but turned and walked towards the battlefield over by the log cabin ……