His Destined Path Chapter 3636

“Are they crazy?”

“What the hell are these guys doing?”

“Are they sending themselves to their deaths?”

In that fallen city, a bunch of people, both in front of the formation and again behind it, were all looking speechless and shocked at this point.

They were about to watch their group accuse each other, swear at each other, and even kill each other for a chance to survive.

But who knew that just a few moments later, not only would these imagined images not happen, but they would be given a neat attack from the other side!

“Madmen, madmen, a bunch of f*cking madmen.”

“Starting with him, Han Qianqian, it’s all madness from top to bottom!”

The invective continued, the questioning continued, but it sounded more like the incompetent ranting of a schemer who couldn’t get his way.

“What does it mean to be an iron-blooded army, Han Qianqian has really taught us a good lesson.” The stunning beauty laughed lightly and shook her head, but there was admiration in her eyes.

The purpose of capturing a thief was to capture the leader of the opponent, so that the army would be disorganised without a leader.

But Han Qianqian’s team, even in Han Qianqian’s absence, broke out with an unusually fierce attacking stance and determination, as well as the courage to not be afraid of death.

Such a team was a sight to behold, but at the same time one had to respect them.

In mid-air, Su Yingxia did not expect things to develop suddenly towards this situation, and stood in mid-air for a while, watching those disciples launch a desperate counter-charge.

“Sister Yingxia, it seems that everyone is unwilling to agree to this condition that you want to agree to.” Zi Ei gently laughed.

Between the words, Zi Ei had already backhandedly charged at the group of experts, driving all types of True Energy spells and attacking them frantically.

“Purple Emotion, you ……” Su Yingxia was anxious.

However, the current situation also has no other choice, Su Yingxia a gritted teeth accompanied by the purple love re-launched the attack.

In a flash, the world that had just been quiet turned into a frenzy of bombardment again.

Roars, screams and shrieks were incessant.

Mixed with all sorts of mutilated limbs, the whole neighbourhood was like a mourning hell, a graveyard on earth.

Thanks to the sudden attack and the spirit of dueling with all the men who were not afraid of death, the Mystic Alliance was able to take the other side by surprise, and their defence line nearly collapsed as they threw away their armour.

Ning Yue led some of the disciples and finally managed to break out.

“Sister Ying Xia, I’ll cover you, you break out too.” Zi Emotion said urgently.

“I’ll cover you, you go out and meet up with Ning Yue and the others.” Su Yingxia firmly refused.

“No, you go to the rendezvous, you are still carrying senior sister Qinshang on your back.” Zi Emotion said and smiled, “To Brother Three Thousand, both of you are the most important people to him. The enemy’s focus is also on you guys.”

“So, Sister Ying Xia, if you were both caught, our sacrificed brothers would be all but meaningless.”

“Just because I am Han Qianqian’s wife, that’s why I should do my best to bear the safety of all of you in his absence… Stop talking, listen to my orders, you break out immediately, I’ll take care of this place.” Su Yingxia said sharply.

When he heard this, Zi Ei only smiled slightly, “Hey, Sister Yingxia, as the old saying goes, when a general is away from home, he has to take orders from the army, sorry, I will go first.”

With those words, Purple Emotion fiercely rushed towards the many experts surrounding them in a desperate stance.

Her speed was strange, and it was obviously too late to rush over and stop her.

With no choice but to grit her teeth, Su Yingxia had no other choice but to break out towards the periphery.

When they realised that the real intention of the two women was to let Su Yingxia break out, it was obviously too late.

Although the group of elite soldiers had the advantage of numbers and could immediately make up for it, they could not stand up to Su Yingxia’s current strength.

Soon, a gap opened in the encirclement and Su Yingxia was about to break out.

“f*ck, these fools.” Zhu Yanshuo shouted angrily, and with a movement of his feet, he directly flew over with a few people, determined to stop Su Yingxia from breaking out.

They were extremely fast, and although they were more or less late in making up for it, relying on the large area of elite soldiers to delay Su Yingxia, the siege was still soon to be completed.

But just in the nick of time, suddenly the ground shook violently, followed by an explosion about a meter in front of Zhu Yanshuo ……