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His Destined Path Chapter 6455

Only to see the moment that figure killed out, before a few people could completely understand, he had already swiftly separated the two sides that were attacking and defending directly.

“What’s going on, stop fighting, they’re all on their own.”

When the people on both sides were blocked away and subconsciously wanted to attack again, they were shocked to find that the person straddling their middle was no one else but Han Sanqian.

“Big brother.”

“Brother Sanqian.”

Seeing Han Sanqian, whether it was Old Turtle or Little Peach, the first thing that happened was surprise.

Han Sanqian is also a little depressed, is after leaving, sweeping the old man called himself alone to his side to chat a few words about the next thing, as a result, he did not expect just so a little time, good guy, the family almost their own people to their own people to the end.

It was too late to reflect more, when Han Sanqian raised his head and saw that Birdie and Su Yingxia were exchanging blows in the sky, this wife-protecting fiend rushed up at the first opportunity.

After a simple force directly separated the two, Han Sanqian directly hugged Su Yingxia and flew towards the bottom.

“Three thousand?”

Seeing Han Sanqian, Su Yingxia was both shocked and delighted.

The last time he cultivated, he was doing fine, but as a result, Han Sanqian never woke up once he cultivated in his room.

This can be Su Yingxia and other people to completely anxious, that a period of Su Yingxia, almost every day in Han Sanqian outside the house.

Because I do not know Han three thousand in the end what is the situation, so Su Ying Xia has not dared to come, you are afraid to move him hurt him what meridians, you are also afraid of forcing the power to urge him, will make the original in the cultivation of his breath completely chaotic, so that a greater danger occurs.

So can only dry guard, who knows, this guard, winking eyes is dozens of days have passed.

During this period of time, Su Yingxia almost took this as a norm, every day in addition to the fixed time will go to see Han Sanqian woke up did not, most of the time will be used in the body to help Xiaotao’s energy.

She knew very well that she didn’t have much time, so she had to spend more time on helping Xiaotao, only then, when she wasn’t there one day, Han Sanqian wouldn’t be alone.

There was a girl who could accompany him to the fullest extent both emotionally and in terms of cultivation.

But with such thoughts, Han Sanqian not only woke up, but also appeared in front of himself just like this, Su Yingxia was indeed a bit confused.

After putting Su Yingxia down, Han Sanqian immediately shouted loudly, “Stop it, all of you are your own people.”

With Han Sanqian shouted, no matter which side of the people at once directly stop, he is the biggest head, naturally he spoke, who also dare not mess.

“Own people?”

The sailor directly froze in place, Su Yingxia’s side of the gang also froze in place, however, everyone’s fire was visible to the naked eye dropped.

“It’s hard for me to explain things clearly to you guys in the first place, Little Peach.”

“Brother Three Thousand, what are your orders.”

“Firstly, take these people to rest for the time being, remember, try to stay close to the water.”


“Then for those who don’t want to rest, Xiaotao you order the kitchen to prepare some food for them.”


As Xiaodao’s words fell, Han Sanqian continued to add, “All listen to me clearly, you’re all my people, you’re all my brothers, what misunderstanding there was just now was just now, but I’ve already made it clear to you now, so whoever gives me a hand again, don’t blame me for turning the other cheek.”

With this command, Xiaotao also led the people to leave, Han Sanqian then pulled Su Yingxia’s hand, and after a deep look, hugged her tightly in his arms.

After a long time, the two separated.

“For this cultivation, I’ve been arranged to go to another place, it’s necessary for me to make it clear to you, at the same time, at the moment, we might have to set off for the City of Burning Bones right away, are you ready?”

Hearing the City of Burning Bones, Su Yingxia obviously flashed a trace of panic in her eyes, although she expected this day, she didn’t think that it would come so fast!