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His Destined Path Chapter 6456

Su Yingxia was slightly lost and flustered, barely squeezing out a smile and nodding her head, “Okay, no problem, I’m almost ready too.”

Although the whole process of surprise is very small, but Han Sanqian obviously noticed, perhaps, in normal times Han Sanqian may not care too much about this fine to almost negligible details, but today is different, perhaps just came back, but also the image is that Han Sanqian has just experienced a big ups and downs, and now the first time is too much to be too attached to Su Yingxia.

In short, this time, Han Sanqian was captured.

“What’s wrong?”Han Sanqian asked softly.

“Nothing’s wrong.”Su Yingxia shook her head and said, “You also know that it’s Burning Bone City, not only is it the core of the demon race, but it’s also the place with the heaviest demonic energy and none of it in our Eight Wastelands World, so I’m still a bit worried in my heart more or less.”

Han Sanqian smiled and said, “If it was before, you could be so worried, but nowadays, I’m completely different.”

“Now, even if I meet a True God, I have the confidence to go one-on-three and directly explode them.”

Seeing Su Yingxia’s face of surprise, Han Sanqian didn’t hide it, and told Su Yingxia all of his encounters, and even more so, told Su Yingxia all of what the monster had told him about his present and past lives.

Su Yingxia listened to a face of confusion, because it is very clear that what Han Sanqian said, completely beyond the scope of an ordinary person can understand.


Su Yingxia also directly froze for a long, long time, and in the end, it took him almost half an hour before he furrowed his brows furiously, “Sanqian you’re saying that you were actually chosen to be the new Pan Gu?”

“You can understand it that way.”Han Sanqian said:

“I already have powers that are hard to imagine right now, and these powers are the things that will allow me to swing the Burning Bone City.”

The words fell see, Han Sanqian directly flipped his hand and transported out a powerful force, although he didn’t utilise this force to perform any attacks, its huge aura was already enough to explain a lot.

Su Yingxia looked at Han Sanqian in a daze, even though she had digested it for several minutes, it was still a bit hard to accept today.

“The world needs a new order, and I might be the one to start the new order, I’ve already thought about it, and I accept this duty because, in essence, it doesn’t conflict with my desire to retire with you at large.”

“Only if I am strong enough, strong enough to rule this world, then, what I want to do, where I want to go, can I also really have this independent very freedom.”

“After we resolve this

Burning Bone City trip, we’ll ……” Han Sanqian pulled Su Yingxia’s hand and said with a slight tenderness.

Su Yingxia looked at Han Sanqian, her eyes full of tenderness and touching, but just for a moment, for a moment, she suddenly had a slight little movement of don’t look away.

Han Sanqian frowned: “You’re hiding something from me?”

Su Yingxia shook her head, “No, how could I have something to hide from me.”

“Yingxia, how many years have we been together, do you think, I don’t know you?”Han Sanqian touched her chin and moved her face over, staring into her eyes, “If you don’t want to talk about it now, I won’t force you, but ……”

“What I need to tell you is that my whole life can only be you.”

Looking at Han Sanqian’s sincere and incomparable eyes, Su Yingxia nodded after a slight hesitation, then gently rested her head in his arms.

She also loved this man, and loved him to the deepest of her bones. Otherwise, no woman would be willing to give their man to arrange another woman who could take over for them.

The feeling of heartache was very strong and suffocating, but Su Yingxia could choose to endure it for the sake of Han Sanqian’s better life and company.

This in itself is a kind of unparalleled love, love to the point where a person can sacrifice anything.

But Su Yingxia still did not dare to tell Han Sanqian, she felt that Han Sanqian had already been strong to the point of not being the same, but she was still even more worried that Han Sanqian would still have difficulty in escaping Lu Ruoxin’s control at that time.

And if she followed Han Sanqian’s wishes now, then Lu Ruoxin would make Han Sanqian completely go to another kind of destruction.

Therefore, she still decided that she would not tell Han Sanqian anything ……