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His Destined Path Chapter 6461

Han Sanqian did not have any verbal response, instead of a leap to fly into mid-air, then, holding the Pangu axe, an axe from the sky and cut.

Although, Han Sanqian chopped just air, but, these air but also the same again under the huge force was directly torn, then, the axe from the ground is still a few metres away, but, the huge impact but still directly let the ground was torn open.

The mouth was first a metre deep, then two metres deep, ten metres deep, and finally, dozens of metres deep.

It was as if an abyss had been directly hacked open, perhaps, this was the so-called opening of the sky.


The entire earth trembled because of this, hearing the sound, many people couldn’t help but run out, when a group of them saw Han Sanqian’s axe chopping out a huge mouth that was more than a dozen metres in length and dozens of metres in depth, all of them were all completely dumbfounded!


“Is this the power of the Pangu Axe?”Su Yingxia also looked a bit dumbfounded.

Even though all along, she had followed Han Sanqian and had really seen too much, and many times had long since achieved the level of unperturbed, but when she saw such a terrifying and sharp aspect, she was still stunned and completely dumbfounded all of a sudden.

This kind of power, obviously beyond the cognitive range of Su Yingxia, as far as she is concerned, in fact, this is no longer a person or God can do.

Oh no, maybe a god could, anyway, one had never seen any real gods.

Anyway, the current world’s true gods were hardly able to do this.

“Brother Three Thousand, you’re fantastic.”

When Han Sanqian finished chopping with his axe, Xiao Tao excitedly ran over and directly hugged Han Sanqian in a big hug.

No other intention, just happy for Han Sanqian.

After all, Xiaotao knew that Han Sanqian had always wanted to get something about the Pangu Axe on his own body, but all along, whether it was Han Sanqian or Su Yingxia, he had paid so much on his own body, but he hadn’t been able to get anything.

Now, Xiaotao had helped Han Sanqian had managed to get what they were supposed to get, and for Xiaotao, her heart was finally putting down a very heavy burden.

At least she hadn’t failed Han Sanqian, nor had she failed Su Yingxia.

Of course, she was also even happier for her own tribe, who had been guarding the Pangu Axe for an unknown number of years, and anyway, even their tribe was now all that was left of themselves.

Seeing that the mission is completely going to be extinguished in the middle of passing from generation to generation, but finally found the person they are looking for in the end of the light.

She believed that all the clan

people will be able to rest in peace today.

Su Yingxia watched this scene, not jealous or angry, just a faint smile. She could also understand Xiaotao’s emotions, even though she did intend to treat Xiaotao as some sort of successor of her own, but at this moment, she parted very clearly what sort of feelings Xiaotao held for Han Sanqian.

Han Sanqian was also happy to gently Junzi hugged Little Peach, after which he walked to Su Yingxia’s front, “This is what I told you, I’m different now.”

“Now, for the Burning Bone City trip, do you have confidence?”

Han Sanqian knows Su Yingxia has always had something on her mind, especially after hearing about the Burning Bone City, her reflections are more sensitive, yes, although the sensitivity is very subtle, but as a pillow Han Sanqian can’t even detect this, then this pillow is doing too much incompetence.


Han Sanqian chose to share his power with Su Yingxia the first time he finished the display.

He didn’t care about the world’s applause, he only wanted Su Yingxia’s peace of mind.

“Alright, I know you’re capable, but please turn around and take a look as well.”Su Yingxia laughed and scolded.

Han Sanqian subconsciously turned back, resulting in nothing behind him, “Nothing, what are you asking me to look at?”

“Still nothing, your tail is almost up in the air.”Su Yingxia laughed.

Hearing this, Han Sanqian instantly helplessly let out a bitter laugh, good guy, the original himself unknowingly by Su Yingxia to pose a line.

“Alright, since you’re capable, you’ll practice more, I’ll cook for you.”Su Yingxia laughed, then turned back to look at the other people watching, “What are you all standing still for, your alliance master is so powerful, do you intend to be thrown far away by him?”