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His Destined Path Chapter 6460

“When using the Pan Gu Axe, you have to memorise a phrase.”

“Next, I’ll speak, you memorise.”

Accompanied by Little Peach’s instructions, Han Sanqian didn’t dare to be the slightest bit slow, the entire person quickly took out the Pangu Axe, releasing his power to perform a basic induction while utilising the manipulation of the Pangu Axe in his hand, ready to practice at any time.

“The axe moves with the heart, the heart moves with the axe, you will perform a mutual induction between you.”

“After that, it’s the Pangu Heart Technique.”

Under Little Peach’s command, Han Sanqian first performed a basic induction with the Pangu Axe, following which, according to Little Peach’s words about the Pangu Mind Technique, Han Sanqian began to swing the axe.

This is a relatively long process, Han Sanqian needs to be skilled in memorising this heart method, at the same time, he also needs to sense deeper and deeper with the Pangu axe in this process.

Only with this two-pronged approach could the

Only with this two-pronged approach could Han Sanqian work more closely with the Pangu Axe in the intervals of time.

It must be admitted that at first, Han Sanqian did not have any feeling, and even believed to a certain extent that finding a tacit understanding in the process of wielding the axe was essentially no different from anything else.

So, based on such a situation, this is not a waste of effort.

However, with the passage of time, and also with the more mature heart method, gradually, Han Sanqian felt a different kind of power.

In a sense, he began to feel the existence of the Pan Gu Axe, and because of its existence, in many cases, Han Sanqian began to feel a faint power.

“Brother Sanqian, don’t get distracted, right now you’re just feeling its presence, to establish a true tacit understanding, you still need more time.”

Hearing Little Peach’s reminder, Han Sanqian also hurriedly snapped out of his short-lived excitement, and after that, focused even more on his overall cultivation.

Gradually, the sensation between Han Sanqian and the Pangu Axe grew stronger and stronger, and even in the midst of waving and spreading each other, Han Sanqian’s power began to irrigate into it in the slightest.

This little bit of power, it’s true that it’s impossible to make the Pangu Axe change or enhance in any way, but it’s a great sign. At the very least, you can now clearly know that the Pangu Axe is establishing a system with you that uses each other’s power as a connection.


And as this thread of power was established, soon enough, the two massive forces also began to appear to be hugely connected to each other, with a force within the Pangu Axe being fed back to Han Sanqian, while more of Han Sanqian’s power began to be drawn into the Pangu Axe.

Of course, the fact that the two were able to have such a rapid build up.

In fact, it wasn’t just Little Peach’s credit alone, but more than that, it was actually the fact that Han Sanqian was already completely different from his original self nowadays.

After experiencing the fusion of monster power and golden body power as well as the power of the old man sweeping the ground, Han Sanqian was already completely different at this time.

The super strength makes him completely new, and it is also this powerful and incomparable power, in order to let the Pangu axe began to be willing to go and Han Sanqian to connect with each other.

After all, this is also very understandable, Pangu axe’s previous owner, that is the god of gods, to it now willing to play with an ordinary ordinary boy, this as long as there is a little brain of people, in fact, will not do.

No one would be able to get off that stage, and, on what grounds.

This thing is like millions of treasures, even if the current market conditions are not working, but also not to a dollar big sale to you, people

Take to smash into scrap metal and throw away, also not willing to sell in that way.

This is no longer a question of money or not money, but is really humiliating to the extreme.

So that was the situation.

Now, it is different, there are small peach’s heart method, equivalent to Han Sanqian got a qualification voucher, and then what Han Sanqian this guy now his own ability is also completely different, so after having a qualification voucher, now also have a certain ability to make the discus axe convinced.

This is the fundamental reason why the connection can be established so quickly now.

Looking at Han Sanqian and the Pangu Axe both being wrapped in a faint green power at the moment, Xiao Tao’s entire being was extremely excited. Even though this power seemed very faint at the moment, it was already enough.

“Brother Sanqian, you’re great, you and the Pangu Axe have completely established a connection, you’re fused with each other, fused!”