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His Destined Path Chapter chapter 3258

He was angry, but not stupid.

Since Han Qianqian’s body was somehow almost invulnerable to swords and spears, it was time to attack his head in a different way.

The old frustrated few old men instantly turned their heads away sadly and helplessly, unable to bear watching the bloody scene, even the few soldiers had their eyes completely closed at this point.


There was a loud bang and the whole interrogation table was incomparably quiet.

But almost immediately, a voice of confusion broke the silence.

“f*ck, where’s my knife?”

Several people looked for the sound, only to see that at this moment, Captain Tu was standing in front of Han Qianqian, his hands were in the shape of holding a knife, only, the hilt of the knife was in his hand, but the knife above the hilt was missing.

“Team …… captain.” A soldier seemed to have noticed something and reminded in a trembling whisper.

With that soldier’s voice, the crowd looked back, and for a moment, they were all surprisingly jaw-dropped and collectively dumbfounded.

That was a knife!

Han Qianqian’s neck, the blade was stuck dead between his neck, and from the looks of it, the knife was at least halfway into his neck, which was really a bit appalling.

“Haha, hahahahaha.” When Captain Tu discovered the position of the knife, he first froze for a moment, followed by a roar of laughter.

He was delighted, so delighted that he was even a little arrogant.

f*ck, now, I’ll see how you son of a b*tch can still play.

“Fighting with me? b*****d, when I was out, you were still playing in the mud.” Captain Tu was satisfied that the knife had not entered, although it did not break the guy’s neck, but the wound was enough for the kid to die with his eyes closed.

That was enough, at least the revenge would be avenged.

Old Frustration and the others sighed long and loudly. Although they had not known Han Qianqian for long, the five kind-hearted men had already treated him like their own child.

They had no children, and they pitied a young man like Han Qianqian who had suffered with them in the Demon Cloud Ghost City.

Therefore, even though they could easily share some money to live out their old age in peace, they were not willing to watch such a young man perish in this way.

They would rather spend all their money to keep him safe, at least, they were old and couldn’t enjoy their blessings for a few years, and they would leave after a few years of suffering without money, but it was Han Qianqian, a young man, who had a big future ahead of him.


But just when the five old men were desperate, a soft laugh suddenly came.


There was a faint sound of bones, and the next second, with a thud, the metal landed heavily on the ground, falling straight down.

A few people looked around and saw that the metal on the ground that was making a gurgling sound was no other than the large blade of the knife set in Han Qianqian’s neck.

This in itself was not surprising, but on closer inspection, everyone’s brows furrowed.

Not only was there no trace of blood on the blade, but the most frightening thing was the shape of it.

If you look closely, isn’t that dent exactly the shape of a neck?


The group suddenly understood that the knife had not been cut into the neck at all, but that …… the neck was so hard that it had dented the knife, and it only looked as if the knife had not gone into the neck!

A further look up, a group of people collective dumbfounded.

The first time they raised their eyes, the group was dumbfounded.

“I told you that this useless chicken couldn’t be cut, but it turned out to be true. The fact that Cailuo City is so powerful, yet it can’t clean up a Demon Cloud Ghost City, seems to be the result of too many wasteful soldiers like you.” Han Qianqian smiled coldly, “What other tricks do you have, just try to use them.”

“But, I’ll trouble you to use a little more strength, you’re making me a little sleepy, I want to sleep.”

Captain Tu felt something strange rush into his brain, making his brain stop on the spot.

Was he seeing a ghost?

Or …… had he seen a god?

He was completely dumbfounded in place, forgetting for a moment to get angry and forget everything.

Until, a soldier could not help swallowing at this time, walked to his side, whispered: “Captain, … this kid’s sword and spear are not even …… the …… should not he …… he really is the …… that god man who destroyed the Demon Cloud Ghost City, right?”

“God man?” Captain Tu froze and looked at Han Qianqian with a sudden shock ……