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His Destined Path Chapter 3257

Sometimes Pandora’s Box looks mysterious, so let it look mysterious, there is nothing wrong with that.

But often some people will not be able to resist opening it, and when they do, they will find more magical things, but then they will regret having opened it.

At least, several soldiers and Captain Tu’s group of people were in this mood now.

They had thought that Han Qianqian should have some kind of defensive soft armour or something on his body, but to their comparative disappointment, Han Qianqian naturally did not have any such thing on his body.

And what really annoyed them even more was that not only did Han Qianqian not have any of these things, but his body was even as warm as jade, not to mention the bruises left by the whip, even bruises the size of a thumb cap did not exist.

“Captain, you …… wouldn’t have missed him with a few hundred lashes, would you?” One soldier asked a question that even he felt was silly.

Of course he had seen with his own eyes that his captain was whipped to the bone, so how could he have missed? However, the reason he asked such a stupid question was because Han Qianqian’s body did not look like he had been beaten.

If you said he had just come out of a milk bath, there wouldn’t be the slightest doubt.

“What the hell kind of monster are you?” Captain Tu was also shocked, and looked at Han Qianqian and questioned in disbelief.

“Two arms, two legs, two ears and one pair of eyes, what do you think I am?” Han Qianqian laughed, “What, you’re weak and powerless yourself and you’re starting to blame me for looking weird?”

“I’m powerless?” Captain Tu was furious, a man was most afraid of being called soft and powerless by others.

“Then continue.” Han Qianqian laughed.

“Holy sh*t!” Cursing out loud, Captain Tu fiercely lashed out with a whip anyway.


This whip was still quite a lot of force.

Those present, too, barely blinked, all staring intently with eyes wide open, afraid of missing any detail.

The whip did indeed strike Han Qianqian’s chest with steady precision and viciousness, but what still made them unable to help but wipe their eyes was that Han Qianqian’s body still did not leave any scars.

“This …… this is simply …… simply too godly, right?”

“This guy, is this guy a vajra invulnerable body?”

“sh*t, hell yeah this is?”

A group of soldiers suddenly whispered, the opposite five old men also completely dumbfounded, lived so old, this kind of strange million things, they are still the first time to see.

Captain Tu’s eyes were on fire and he looked majestic, but in reality he knew for himself that his whole mentality had long since f*cking collapsed.

Faced with a situation where he let you fight, where he let you fight but didn’t resist, where he used almost all his strength but not only didn’t hurt anyone, but the funniest thing was that he was exhausted.

What’s the point of having a broken heart?

“Suddenly I remember a saying, do you know what it is?” Han Qianqian smiled.

Although he himself was trapped by the seal of the earth, but do not forget, this guy’s golden body plus itself has the indestructible xuan armor plus frost jade armor as a double layer of protection, although the indestructible xuan armor’s activation Han Qianqian could not complete, but with its quality to resist a small external injury, that is no different from playing around? Not to mention that now there was the little black stick that quietly transformed into an invisible protection.

Even if it were a few other experts, they would have been able to attack them with their inner strength until they vomited.

Captain Tu did not say anything, but only looked at Han Qianqian grimly, he understood that the words were obviously not good words.

“Don’t take on porcelain work without a diamond!” Han Qianqian looked at him with a faint smile.

Captain Tu’s nameless anger rushed straight to his head, he couldn’t stand it anymore, this was like a big shame nailed on his head.

If he didn’t kill him, how could he solve his hatred?

At that moment, he drew his sword and was about to strike.

When Old Frustration and the others saw that the situation was not right, they hastily knelt down and begged for mercy, and a few soldiers also hurriedly said quietly, “Captain, how can we explain the killing to the city lord?”

“Besides, we haven’t received a penny of money, if we get this kid killed, won’t we lose a lot?”

If it were before, Captain Tu would obviously have given it more thought, but at this moment, he didn’t have the heart to care about that, it didn’t matter if it was money or not, his dignity had to be recovered.

As for killing this kid, the city lord that himself has plenty of excuses to push back, it’s simply nothing more than a trivial matter.

“What? Going to kill me?” Han Qianqian smiled gently, suddenly, his eyes slightly cold: “I’m afraid that you, a waste of chicken, can’t even cut the knife.”

Captain Tu was furious, carrying his knife and slashing at Han Qianqian’s head. ……