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Rise to Defeat Chapter 779

“Finished, finished, that Qin Family Patriarch, must have seen it, I didn’t realise that what was done so well before was still exposed as a result!”

The Zhou Family’s First Elder, who had returned home, instantly walked back and forth in worry.

And the Second Elder next to him, also frowned, his face gloomy.

“Hehe, you guys don’t have to worry so much, he did find something, but he doesn’t have any evidence to prove that it was you guys ah, you guys just bite your tongue and say that you were scared just now, he can’t do anything about it, right?”

The Zhou family head was laughing, and again said, “Besides, if he had evidence to kill you guys, I’m afraid that you guys would have died just now, being able to come back means that you guys are fine and safe!”

Hearing these words, the First Elder and the Second Elder, their hearts were both ruthlessly relieved, yes, if the other party wanted to kill them, wouldn’t they have done it just now.

“That may not be the case!”

As a result, to one’s surprise, the Third Elder’s words were what caused the hearts of the two of them that had been put down to hang in the air once again.

“Old Third, don’t scare me, I’m really timid, I think, what the family head said just now makes sense!”

“Yes, Old Third, if he wanted to make a move, why didn’t he do it just now?”

The First Elder and the Second Elder, their faces went white with fear.

Only then did the Third Elder say, “What our Family Head said is naturally fine, but he was only right about one of the possibilities!”

Speaking here, the third elder paused before he said, “If that Patriarch Qin, is an overbearing person, a person who reveres the fist as the greatest, then, just now, he must have already directly looked for clues, or directly killed you guys, not wanting to give you guys so much as a chance to explain, and wouldn’t listen to explanations either. Just, in that case, then others will think that he is a person who kills innocents indiscriminately!”

“What about the second situation?”

The Grand Elder nodded, before he frowned again and asked again at that Third Elder.

“This second situation well, that is, that the Qin Patriarch, he is an extremely sinister, good at heart, at that time thought, there is not much evidence, directly killed you guys, although those other family heads do not dare to say anything, but this will affect his kind of status in the hearts of the people, everyone will feel that this is a temperamental guy who likes to kill people, in the future, who dares to be in front of him totell the truth?”

“So, the fact that he pretended to let you two go shows that he’s not a guy who likes to kill, and he’s also not a guy who kills indiscriminately without evidence.”

“However, after he comes down, maybe later on, after a period of time, when everyone has forgotten about this matter, he will find an opportunity to directly kill you two in secret. You know, judging from that situation today, if he wants to kill you two, you’re simply as easy as pie!”

After the third elder said the second possibility, the first elder and the second elder, scared almost didn’t paralyse on the ground, if this second situation, the two of them, isn’t it still hard to escape a death, just, the other party just let themselves two people, first jump a few days just.

And at this moment, Bai Ruyun and Xia Yufei both came in front of Qin Li.

“It must be those two elders, who lured that demonic beast here!”

Xia Yu Fei couldn’t help but feel a little angry at the thought of this, “They’re just too much, this is to test your strength, isn’t it?”

Bai Ruyun also nodded: “Indeed it is a bit too much, in order to test your strength, they actually found such a powerful demonic beast to come over, this is found early, plus we also went over in time, didn’t cause casualties, if this is late again for a while, then, there might be how many innocent people will have to die!”

“Right, why didn’t you directly force them or kill them?”

After Xia Yufei thought about it, she then asked Qin Li.

Qin Li came and sat down on the chair next to him, taking another slow sip of the tea in his cup before he said, “Killing them won’t do us any good, other than making people feel that I’m someone that everyone wouldn’t dare to offend, what other benefits could there be? I can’t possibly exterminate their entire Zhou Family because of this matter of these two elders, right?”

Speaking here, Qin Li paused before continuing, “Besides, this Zhou Family isn’t weak, if we really fight with them, although we can win, some disciples will die as well, which isn’t something I wish to see. Furthermore, we don’t have any evidence to prove that they weren’t scared by that demonic beast, even if we know that they are talking nonsense with their eyes open, we can’t do anything about it, and if we kill them directly, the division will not be able to win, and the other clans, some of them, might not be happy!”

“That’s true!”

Xia Yu Fei then drifted off and nodded, not expecting, Qin Li actually considered so thoroughly, these things, he actually thought of them a long time ago.

“Then, should we find an opportunity to kill the two of them in the future?”

Bai Ruyun asked after some thought.

Qin Li shook his head, “There’s no need, this time, just let them know how powerful we are, before my words, it was also implied that I guessed it was them who did it, without explicitly saying it, it’s considered to be a warning to them, I believe that as long as they’re not fools, they wouldn’t dare to do something like this again, this time it’s even though, after all, we’ve just come here, and robbed them of their previous offerings that they’ve beensince all the offerings were snatched away, it’s only normal for them to feel uncomfortable in their hearts!”

Speaking here, Qin Li stood up, then clenched his fists, “However, this matter can’t have a next time, the next time they artificially lure such demonic beasts over here, even if there’s no evidence, I’m going to kill them!”

“Right, these people, they are really detestable! What they are thinking about is not protecting the safety of the many cultivators in the city at all, but rather, they are bent on those cultivation resources!”

Xia Yu Fei nodded and said.

“Dang dang dang dang!”

At this time, a burst of scent came, but Mo Demon had already come over with a large plate of demonic beast meat, “How about sharing the good stuff, it was hard to snatch this from the Eighth Elder, how’s it? I’m good, right? Immediately served it over for everyone to savour together!”

Qin Li laughed, “You’re also really powerful, you dare to snatch the things from the Eighth Grandfather, really admirable!”

“Hmph, what’s wrong with that, anyway, this old man, he can’t beat me now!”

Mo Demon snorted coldly, his face full of self-satisfaction.

Time passed day by day, and seven days later, the first batch of Earth Sect disciples who were travelling to the forest to search for treasures finally set off.

Qin Li had also instructed the disciples to try not to go too deep into that forest without absolute certainty, after all, judging by everyone’s cultivation now, it was still basically enough to just look for some fourth and fifth grade spirit herbs to refine pills.

Moreover, even if you don’t go too deep into it, sixth grade spirit grasses, it’s not like there’s no chance of finding them at all, it’s just that the likelihood of encountering them is a bit smaller.

Generally, when one has to reach the seventh or eighth grade of the Reincarnation Realm, taking a sixth grade elixir is better, and when one’s cultivation level is a little lower, taking a fifth grade elixir, the effect is just quite suitable.

However, these Wang Clan families, one by one, were looking through their eyes.

The Wang family in particular, cared a lot about the thank you gift that Qin Li had said, they were all estimating that it should also be a portion of spirit herbs or something, and it was assumed that Qin Li was trying to give some back to them.

However, as the day passed, and they didn’t see Qin Li and the others come to their door, they couldn’t help but somewhat suspect that this matter, was it something that Qin Li had forgotten about, or was simply teasing them.

“Family Head, didn’t this Earth Sect say that they would give something in return?”

The Grand Elder arrived in front of the Wang Family’s Family Head and frowned, “Ai, although it might not be much, however, we previously paid so many offerings all at once, and now our cultivation resources are a bit strained ah, by the looks of it, it looks as if we have to have someone from our family, make a trip to the forest to look for cultivation resources inside this period of time!”

Said here, he smiled bitterly for a while, then continued: “Other things are not to say, the main thing is that the young master and two or three gifted ones, they already have the ninth grade of the heavenly level, must be prepared to give enough energy to them, no pills, can only rely on taking more spirit grass of the fifth grade, this did not come to the feeling of okay, if they suddenly come to the feeling of by then, there is no cultivation resources to give them, then it can be troublesome!It’s a problem.”

“If there’s really no other way, and they come to feel it, then they’ll have to use fourth-grade and third-grade spirit herbs instead!”

After a moment of silence, the Wang Family Head said helplessly.

“But, as you know, this kind of breakthrough, requires too much energy, with the third and fourth grade spirit grass, it is even more necessary to keep replacing the spirit grass, the number of interruptions in the middle of this has a great impact on the breakthrough, if you’re not careful and the breakthrough fails, you may even get injured, when it comes to resting a little bit, there is no problem, it will be able to recover, I’m afraid that at that time, there will be a shadow in my heart, affecting the next impact on the breakthrough!A shadow, affecting the next impact on the Heaven Breaking Realm ah!”

After the Grand Elder finished speaking, he laughed bitterly, but that offering can’t be paid without it, but this paid, their family is really quite a headache right now.

“Family master, family master, a few disciples from the Earth Sect have come over!”

It was at this time that a young man guarding the gate ran in and said to the Wang family’s family head.

“Quickly, please!”

The Wang family head and that great elder glanced at each other, their hearts were both delighted, it couldn’t be that they had sent a return gift, I wonder if there were any fifth-grade spirit herbs, if there were only third-grade and fourth-grade spirit herbs, it would still be troublesome, they needed at least ten fifth-grade spirit herbs right now.