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Rise to Defeat Chapter 780

“A few of you are truly rare guests, inside please, inside please!”

After seeing the few Earth Sect disciples arrive, the Wang Family Head was thrilled beyond measure and immediately welcomed them in.

“Hehe, Wang family head is polite, we won’t go in and sit down, after all, we are quite busy with our tasks today, not only do we have to send off your family, but the other family’s have to go one by one as well!”

One of the female disciples laughed, then with a flip of her palm, she took out a nano ring, it was the same nano ring that was given to the Wang family when they called for offerings, and handed it over to the Wang family master, “Inside here is a return gift for your Wang family, the Patriarch said that your Wang family’s people did quite the right thing that day, and notified in time, so they rewarded you with extra extra rewards!”

“This, this is really too polite, in fact that’s what it should be, it’s really our part, after all, we also live here next to this side of the city!”

The Wang family head said with embarrassment, but in his heart, he was overjoyed, at least, it looked like he had gained the attention of the Earth Sect, the number one power in Flying Dragon City.

“That can’t be said, you guys live over here, the distance from our side is often considered to be far, and those other family heads, they didn’t think to notify us at the first time, but you guys did it, so naturally you should be rewarded!”

“Alright, we’ll leave first, we won’t bother you guys!”

After the several female disciples finished speaking, they directly left.

As soon as the Earth Sect Patriarch left, the Wang Family Head immediately took out that Nascent Sacred Ring.

The several elders, too, immediately looked at that Nascent Sacred Ring, they were all very curious to know, this Earth Sect’s people, had returned gifts of some things, I wonder if there were a few fifth-grade spirit herbs in there, even if it was just a single one.


The Wang Family Head exhaled heavily, before he directly used his spiritual power to look inside that Nascent Sacred Ring.

“No way!”

At this look, he was directly shocked and sucked in a breath of cool air, swallowing hard again.

“What’s wrong? There wouldn’t be a single fifth-grade spirit herb, right?”

The Grand Elder immediately said, his face that ugly.

“There won’t be very few, right?”

The Second Elder’s face was also gloomy, could it be that he would just send a little bit of spirit stones or something to fool them?

By the looks of it, it seemed as if he and the others, were thinking too much.

Only then did the Wang Family Head say, “There is no spirit grass in here!”

Hearing this, the several elders were speechless, sure enough, no spirit grass, did they just give away a little bit of spirit stones or something? In that case, it would still be a bit of a small token.

However, what they didn’t expect was that in the next second, the Wang Family Head was directly smiling, then said, “It’s true that there’s no spirit grass in here, but in here, it’s actually pills!”

After saying that, he no longer hesitated, his palms spread out, and with a movement of his mind, a small porcelain bottle appeared in his hands.

The mouth of the porcelain bottle was open, it wasn’t even covered, therefore, as soon as the porcelain bottle appeared, the crowd could smell a fragrance of pills escaping from the bottle, the aroma was overflowing, making the Grand Elder and the Second Elder, they couldn’t help but swallow their mouths fiercely.

“How many ah?”

The Grand Elder didn’t expect that this Earth Sect would be so generous, actually giving them pills.

“There should be more than one, if the other clans are also sending pills, then we’re at least two, we just don’t know how many bottles!”

The second elder, after thinking about it, then guessed.

The Wang family head, then poured out those pills, “Look guys, my god, I really can’t believe it, there are actually five of them, three of the fourth grade primary, two of the fourth grade intermediate, the fourth grade pills, this can be considered a real treasure!”

“Yes, fourth grade, just one of them can be used to allow the Young Lord and the others to impact the first grade of the Heaven Breaking Realm!”

The Grand Elder was even more excited, such an elixir, there were actually five of them, at least, the thing they were most lacking right now, the problem they needed to solve the most, was instantly solved just like that.

“Put it away, put it away, when the time comes, give them the Heaven Grade Nine, in case that feeling comes, then they can use it to make a breakthrough!”

The Wang Family Head finally breathed a sigh of relief, but still said to the Grand Elder and the others, “Even though this matter is resolved, however, we still need to send people to look for spirit herbs inside the forest recently before we can do so.”

“Haha, Family Master Wang, this Earth Sect, is really too generous, really didn’t expect ah, their return gift, is actually a gift of pills!”

At this time, the Bai Family’s family head next door, but also came over with a smile, looking very happy.

“Yes, we also did not expect, after all, this elixir is too precious, a strain of elixir, at least two or three kinds of spiritual herbs plus a lot of auxiliary materials can be refined out of it, I did not expect that, they actually managed to take out so many elixirs! Your family, actually gave away pills as well!”

The Wang family head was shocked in his heart, the depth of this Earth Sect was really quite a bit deeper than them, and he didn’t know where they went to get such pills, such pills, the grade wasn’t low ah.

“Hehehe, Wang family head, I really didn’t expect that their return gift, is a fourth grade elixir, this is something very valuable, the most crucial thing is that they also gave our family two fourth grade primary elixirs, not one!”


The Wang Family Head immediately said with a modest face, “It’s not a lot, just five!”


The Bai Family Head sucked in a mouthful of cool air after hearing this, this was truly a case of people being more angry than people, five fourth-grade elixirs, this outpouring of money was just too generous.

However, after thinking about it, he asked again, “It should be five pills that are all fourth grade primary pills, right?”

Unexpectedly, after hearing this, the Wang Family Head laughed, “Just kidding, right now, the other Earth Sect values our family, can’t you see that? That day, Patriarch Qin also praised me alone!”

After saying that, he then said, “Those five of ours, that’s three fourth-grade primary and two fourth-grade advanced ones!”

“My god, you, you guys are getting rich! That’s enough for five people to use when they impact the Heaven Breaking Realm First Grade!”

The Bai family head was envious, his heart was even more gutted, in fact, after the demonic beast came that day, he also heard the roar from afar, but he didn’t think about it so much at that time, he just stood there foolishly looking at it, and didn’t think of going to the Earth Sect first.

Now people, this Wang family, got so many benefits just because of such a little thing!

After thinking about it, the Bai family head added: “By the way, that demonic beast that day, I reckon it was mostly that Zhou family’s people who attracted it, it’s just that people’s Earth Sect didn’t have any evidence, coupled with a large amount of temperament, that’s why they didn’t take it into account.”

The Wang family head then said, “Yes, this Zhou family’s people, is really too hateful, this is thanks to that Earth Sect’s Patriarch, is a reincarnation realm’s powerhouse, and Flying Dragon City didn’t cause too much damage, or else, I’m afraid that a lot of people will have to die in this Flying Dragon City!”

“Right, especially our two families, both of them are on this side of the city gate, when this demonic beast enters the city, the two of us will bear the brunt!”

The Bai family head nodded, and after thinking about it, he added, “Hehe, do you think this Earth Sect will give a gift back to that Zhou family this time?”

The Wang family head frowned: “This is unclear, I reckon hanging, the last time, people didn’t look for trouble from them, this is already very good, and still want to return the gift, if I were to do it, I wouldn’t do it!”

However, the Bai family head shook his head, “I think, the other Earth Sect’s Patriarch has a big temperament, so maybe he’ll give them the Zhou family’s gift back!”

And at this time, the Zhou Family’s Third Elder, however, came back from shopping outside.

Seeing that the Family Head and the First Elder and Second Elder were both inside the courtyard, he directly walked over.

“Ai, this day to day life can be really fearful, don’t even dare to go out shopping, afraid that in case I meet that Qin Li, find an opportunity to slap me to death!”

The Grand Elder sighed, his heart was also speechless, he had never lived such a suffocating life.

“Yeah, I’m also worried sick! The more he doesn’t make a move, I’m instead afraid that he’ll secretly kill us at some point! It might be better if we don’t leave the clan!”

The Second Elder also said in tears and laughter.

As for the Zhou Family Head, he was grimacing, not knowing what was going on in his mind.

“Right, didn’t that brat say he wanted to return the gift? It’s been a week now, it can’t be just for fun?”

After thinking about it, the Grand Elder added, “I’m afraid that if they’re talking about it for fun, they’ll lose the hearts of the people!”

“It’s not just for fun!”

The Third Elder came next to the trio and sat down on top of a stone bench.