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Rise to Defeat Chapter 783

“Master, look, there’s actually someone there who exchanges spirit herbs for pills!”

It was at this time that Yang Le Jia was pointing ahead and said.

“Oh yeah?”

Qin Li was also stunned when he heard this, he had never heard of such a thing before.

One must know that pills in general were very precious as alchemists were very rare, moreover, for a single pill, if one wanted to refine it, one would need at least several spirit herbs as well as some auxiliary ingredients, and some would even need more than a dozen to be able to refine it.

In such a situation, it was absolutely impossible to exchange a fourth-grade spirit herb for a fourth-grade elixir, and even a fifth-grade spirit herb could not be exchanged for a fourth-grade elixir.

Therefore, to exchange it for a potion, unless this spiritual grass, was much more advanced than that potion, or was an extremely rare spiritual grass.

“Exchanging pills, exchanging pills, exchanging pills of the fifth grade, is there anyone exchanging?”

A young woman, sitting under a large tree, shouted loudly.

“Che, fifth grade pills, who has fifth grade pills, will change with her ah, fifth grade pills, that is a heaven breaking realm cultivation of the strong, take it can raise a lot of cultivation ah!”

After someone heard that, they couldn’t help but smile coldly before turning around and leaving.

“Want to exchange for a fifth grade elixir, hey, then you have to take out at least a seventh grade spirit herb to be able to do that, right?”

There was a white-clothed young man, on the other hand, also walked up with two or three people, then smiled badly at that woman.

That young woman looked at the other party and actually turned around and prepared to leave, “I didn’t, I shouted for fun!”

Qin Li’s four people were just about to go up and ask, they didn’t expect to actually run into such strangeness, they were a bit puzzled, shouting for fun? This kind of thing, who would have nothing to shout for fun?

Obviously, this woman was lying, she didn’t seem to want to exchange things with that young man in white.

“Hey, don’t go away, why are you leaving? I don’t believe you’re shouting for fun!”

That white-clothed man immediately waved his hand, while those other two people stepped forward and stopped that woman.

“Little girl, say it, why don’t you want to switch with me?”

That white-clothed man looked at the other party and smiled bashfully before asking.

That woman grimaced, “Don’t think I don’t know you, I know you, you’re that Zhang family’s Zhang Haiyun, who often bullies others, and, doesn’t give the other party a fair deal. Last time, a friend of mine, agreed to use a sixth grade spirit herb to exchange with you for a third grade primary elixir, but as a result, you took the spirit herb over, and gave her a second grade primary elixir, and most crucially, that elixir of yours, was even of a bad quality at all, and belonged to the lower grade!”

The white clothed man who was recognised, immediately had a somewhat ugly face, by the looks of it, it’s not good to do this kind of thing too much, it’s easy to be recognised ah.

However, since this woman had said before that she wanted to exchange for someone else’s fifth-grade pills, it meant that she must have a seventh-grade spirit herb in her hand from somewhere unknown, or perhaps even a higher-grade spirit herb.

One must know that no matter if it was an elixir or a spirit herb or whatever, once it was on the seventh grade, then it would be called a true treasure.

Of course, there is one exception, that is the pills, pills, generally the fifth grade pills, even if it is a treasure, if the sixth grade seventh grade pills, it is even more rare.

“Hehe, beautiful girl, what are you talking about? You haven’t exchanged with me, so how do you know that I won’t give you the elixir you want?”

That Zhang Haiyun then laughed, and then added: “You can’t slander my words like this, you can’t, although my Zhang family isn’t considered to be a big power, but, in this neighbourhood, it’s not like just anyone can be bullied, right? You’re slandering me and looking down on me, what should I do?”

“I-I’m not slandering you!”

The woman clenched her teeth, then said: “Don’t think I don’t know, in this world, can be on the fifth grade of the alchemist less than no, you that a little bit of alchemy, seems to be only the fourth grade of intermediate only, the fourth grade of intermediate level of the elixir, it seems that you will only be able to refine a kind of, moreover, this kind of your refining success rate I heard that it is only thirty per cent of the way, I certainly don’t believe that you can have a fifth grade elixir to bring with me to exchange.Fifth Grade Pills to trade with me!”

The corner of Zhang Haiyun’s mouth twitched fiercely, indeed, his previous idea was to see if this woman had high-level spirit grass, if she did, she would say that she had a fifth-grade elixir to exchange with the other party, and then after she took the spirit grass, she would casually throw a fourth-grade elixir to the other party.

Moreover, in the way of their Zhang family has a reincarnation realm powerhouse, coupled with their own is not a direct robbery, or to give the pills, so these casual cultivators, even if they are bullied, but also can only admit that they are unlucky, will not be too much to pursue this matter.

Unexpectedly, the beautiful girl in front of him, actually know quite a lot, to his usual practice are made clear and clear.

“You little girl, you know pretty damn much!”

Zhang Haiyun lost face, but didn’t want to just let it go, and then said to the other party, “Then you first take out your Spirit Herb, and show it to me, or else, how do I know if what you have, is worth a fifth grade elixir?”

Speaking here, he paused before continuing, “By the way, you’re right, I do only refine fourth-grade intermediate level pills, and then a little bit more advanced, I don’t have that skill, but well, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have fifth-grade pills, I use something else, and someone else to exchange, or buy it can’t I?”

Although the Zhang Haiyun in front of him was still saying something quite reasonable, but the woman in front of him, obviously couldn’t believe his bullshit, this guy’s character was just too bad, he could change his mind at any time, such a person, where would she dare to believe?

“Forget it, I don’t have anything to exchange, I don’t want to exchange either! Please make way!”

After that beauty finished speaking, she pushed aside one of the other people and took a big step forward.

“Grandma, stop me!”

Zhang Haiyun immediately waved his hand, and those two men ran up again, stopping the other party, “Beauty, don’t give me a face, I was attracted by your voice before I came over, and you’re saying that you don’t want to exchange now, isn’t this a waste of this young master’s time? Bring out what you have, let me take a look, I don’t believe you don’t have a seventh grade spirit herb!”

That woman’s face instantly turned ugly as she looked at the other party and said, “Young Master Zhang, you’re going too far, isn’t that too much to ask, this is called forceful buying and selling you know? Besides, I didn’t say I wanted to exchange with you before, unless I said it and then backtracked, that’s my fault, but I didn’t even say it, and you stopping me is your fault!”

“Heh, my wrong? Don’t you know that in this world, it’s the fist that says it all?”

Young Master Zhang laughed, again raising his right hand to look at it, “But, my fist says that this time, I’m right!”

“Young master, this chick has a nice figure, she actually dares to offend you, I think we should just search her!”

Another one of Young Master Zhang’s men looked at the beautiful girl in front of him, then said with a bad smile.

After hearing this, Young Master Zhang’s eyes also lit up, and after looking at the other party’s figure, he couldn’t help but smile badly and say, “Right, right, since you said you don’t have one, then in order to prove that you don’t have one, this Young Master will only have to condescend to some girl and search her body!”

“Young Master Zhang, aren’t you going a little too far if you do that? This exchange of treasures has to be agreed upon by both parties, right? Even if you forcefully buy and sell, you still want to take the opportunity to frisk a girl, wouldn’t that be too shameless?”

Qin Li and Yang Le Jia and the others on the side, one by one couldn’t look past it, Qin Li couldn’t help but step forward and open his mouth.

Zhang Haiyun thought that it was some family’s male son who was going to come out to meddle in the affairs of others, and then come to a hero’s rescue to win the heart of a beautiful girl, and when he heard that voice, he also thumped in his heart.

However, when he turned around and looked, it was a brand new face, and the four people were dressed in ordinary clothes, and there was no disciple token or anything on their bodies, he instantly felt that it turned out to be four loose cultivators.

However, within these four casual cultivators, those two women, they were really not ordinary good looking, a lot better looking than even this beautiful woman who wanted to exchange pills just now.

“What kind of thing are you? It’s your turn to be in charge of Laozi’s idle matters?”

Zhang Haiyun smiled coldly and then said.