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Rise to Defeat Chapter 782

“Finally the ninth rank of the Reincarnation Realm, I don’t realise it’s been a year and a month since I came out, I hope I can reach the Life and Death Realm sooner!”

Qin Li stood in the courtyard, his heart overwhelmed with emotion.

And during this month or so, the other clans of that Flying Dragon City were also completely at ease.

The disciples of the Earth Sect, one by one, never caused any trouble, and basically, apart from the fact that every month, there were people who went out to that front forest to look for cultivation resources, the others, even more so, did not leave their homes, as if they were all busy cultivating.

Those family heads, simply do not know, just a month or so of time, the Earth Sect again how drastic changes.

They were even more unaware that the current Earth Sect, the Reincarnation realm powerhouses, had already had four people, the Heaven Breaking realm cultivation people, even more so, had ninety per cent of the look, and, the Heaven Breaking realm of the first and second grades of the such are very good, the majority of the cultivation, have hit the Heaven Breaking realm of the five grades of the six grades of the look, which if these people continue to break through, and later on, they all break through to the reincarnation realm, then that can be really too scary.

However, Qin Li had also discovered a problem, the disciples who had followed him over from the Earth side had clearly cultivated at a faster rate than the disciples collected over here.

Those disciples collected over here were clearly given pills as well, but their cultivation speed was not as fast as those disciples who had followed over from Earth in the first place.

Seeing that there were only so many ten days left Qin Li thought for a moment before he said to Bai Ruyun and the others, “Ruyun, I’m afraid you guys will have to stay at the sect and help me watch over it, I promised Han Xinxin something, so naturally I should go over there to help her, it’s good to go over there early now and take a look at things over there first.”

Bai Ruyun nodded, “Just go without worry, I’m also at the second rank of the Reincarnation realm now, not to mention that there are so many Heaven Breaking realm existences within the sect, there shouldn’t be much of a problem in a place like this.”

However, after she thought about it, she still asked, “By the way, you’re just going over there alone? Not bringing anyone else over?”

Qin Li smiled before he said, “Not going over to fight, just going over to help them out, I’m going over with Fei Yu, and in addition, I want to bring my two disciples, Lin Ling’er and Yang Lejia with me as well, especially Yang Lejia, if he goes over there, he can also gain some insight!”

Hearing that she could follow along, the Xia Yu Fei on the side was instantly delighted in her heart, it was fortunate that she could follow along, otherwise, once Qin Li left, I’m afraid that she would be quite annoyed if she was out of cultivation.

“Well, good!”

Bai Ruyun nodded, but in her heart, she was a little envious, she felt that now Xia Yu Fei should be with Qin Li’s relationship, another step forward, it seemed completely extraordinary, before one morning, she got up early, actually just happened to run into Xia Yu Fei coming out of Qin Li’s room, the smile on the corners of her mouth, don’t mention how sweet it was.

“Really? Ling’er and I can go too?”

Yang Le Jia was also overjoyed after hearing this, obviously not expecting that she would also have the opportunity to follow her over there.

“En, if we go over, it is estimated that it will take three months, during these three months, those who stay in the sect, just focus on cultivating. Now that Elder Zhou and the others, will also be refining fifth grade primary pills, such pills, for those with Heaven Breaking Realm cultivation, have a not insignificant effect, I hope that three months from now, when I come back, those of you who stayed in the sect, will be able to give me a pleasant surprise, so that I can see that there are more people, who have broken through to the Reincarnation Realm.”

Qin Li nodded, and continued, “Of course, at that time, I believe that there should not be a single Heavenly level cultivator in our sect, right?”

Zhou Tao smiled, “Don’t worry, Patriarch, we’ll definitely do our best, I’m also now at the Heaven Breaking Sixth Grade, I hope that when you return, I’ll be able to break through to the Reincarnation Realm.”

“Master, then when are we leaving?”

Yang Le Jia was a little impatient.

“You go tell Ling’er, we’ll leave first thing tomorrow morning, and if we take a fifth level flying ship directly, it should only take two or three hours to get there.”

Qin Li thought about it and finally said.

The next morning, a rank five flying ship, was a lot bigger, and the four of them, Qin Li, Xia Yufei, Yang Lejia and Lin Ling’er, jumped on it, then quickly flew off into the distance.

“My god, a rank five flying boat, not bad!”

“That’s the Earth Sect’s, right? I didn’t expect that they would be able to take out a rank five flying ship, I’m really envious!”

Many people from Flying Dragon City saw it, while one was envious.

“Up there, there seems to be their Sovereign, the Sovereign actually went out, it looks like he has something important to do!”

After someone thought about it, they added, “Could it be that they are not afraid of the Zhou Family’s people, scoring an attack on their Earth Sect?”

“Hehe, attacking the Earth Sect, unless the Zhou Family’s people are fools, once that Patriarch comes back, will they let them go?”

Another guy, then laughed and said again, “Moreover, I also poked around and found out a piece of news, it is said that the Earth Sect’s Vice Patriarch, is that beautiful girl, she has already broken through to the Reincarnation Realm, people now have two Reincarnation Realms, there is still one left, those people from the Zhou Family, even if they want to fight, they can’t fight it!”

The speed of the fifth level flying boat was very fast, Qin Li let Yang Le Jia control the flying boat, while Lin Ling’er, the girl, went to chat with Yang Le Jia at the bow of the boat.

As for the two of them, Qin Li and Xia Yu Fei, they were resting inside a room in the middle of the flying ship.

Holding Xia Yufei in his arms and looking at the beauty in front of him, Qin Li couldn’t help but smile, “Yufei, it’s estimated that there’s still almost three hours left, why don’t we do something in the boat mountain?”

Hearing this, Xia Yu Fei instantly blushed, this guy, actually thinking of doing that kind of thing inside the room of a flying ship, thanks to him for thinking of it.

She couldn’t help but bite her red lips and blankly glanced at Qin Li, “Luckily you thought of it, it’s broad daylight, where is this?”

However, just as she finished her words, Qin Li kissed her at once, causing Xia Yufei to instantly close her mouth.

Time passed very quickly, more than two hours later, Xia Yu Fei and Qin Li, only then did they walk out from the room.

“Master, we’re almost there, look ahead, above several large mountains, there are large and small forces!”

Lin Ling’er couldn’t help but smile when she saw Qin Li and the two of them coming over, “However, it’s still that huge city in the middle that looks more attractive!”

Ahead, an immense and incomparable city was surrounded by towering walls, and it could be seen that there was also a large mountain in the middle of the city, with thick spiritual qi lingering all around it, making it truly a good place for cultivation.

Inside this city, which can be inhabited by tens of millions of people, there are quite a few forces, however, in the middle of the mountain as well as under the mountain near a wide area of that force, but no one dares to provoke.

There, is the entire Tian Luo continent, one of the seven great families, the seat of the Han family.

At first, Han Xinxin was afraid that Qin Li and the others wouldn’t be able to find it, and not only did she specifically draw a route for Qin Li and the others, but she also used a piece of paper and specifically drew a picture of the city’s situation, as well as the Han Family’s approximate location inside the city.

Thus, it was quite easy to find.

“Flying over at this speed, it’s almost two and a half hours, if we fly a little faster, we can make it in two hours, and if we slow down a little, it’s almost three hours!”

Qin Li smiled and said.

And when they arrived at the city gates, before they flew in, there were several people who flew up directly and said to Qin Li and the others, “Several people, within Dragon Seeking City, no flying boats are allowed to be used, one must fly in at low altitude, or enter the city gates on foot!”


Qin Li nodded, and only then did they put away the flying boats together before flying to the city gates and travelling inside.

“This Dragon Seeking City is really lively!”

After entering the city, Xia Yu Fei was also overwhelmed with emotion, the city walls here were very high, with several dozens of feet tall, and the buildings inside, were even more grandiose, with red walls and green tiles, looking similar to the ancient style.

“Fifth grade spirit grass, do you have any you want? However, you can exchange them with spirit grasses you can’t use, or exchange them with weapons, no spirit stones!”

“Pets, I have a pet here, a pet that is comparable to a Heaven Breaking Realm cultivation, does anyone want it?”

The main street was filled with all sorts of shouting and selling sounds, and these shouting and selling sounds also made Qin Li’s heart sigh with emotion.

All of these things, when hawked here, seemed to be so unusual.

However, such things that were casually brought out for sale, if they were placed on the Earth in the past, which of them were not treasures that would make people fight for their heads?