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Rise to Defeat Chapter 785

The man who had been slapped was slightly chubby, and Zhang Haiyun often called him Little Fatty.

After he heard Zhang Haiyun’s words, his eyes instantly lit up again before he said, “Yes, yes, yes, daring to bully our Young Master Zhang, if it was someone else, then forget it, but, four loose cultivators only, and so wanton, they must be made to pay the price!”

Saying this, he paused and looked at Young Master Zhang before he added, “Young Master Zhang, I think that if we want to make the other party regret, it would be best for the male to be killed and the female to stay and then tortured properly before saying anything!”

When Young Master Zhang heard this, he was furious: “Why is there nothing but women inside your head? Why can’t you have a little bit of talent? If you say that again, do you believe that I will castrate you, so that you will never think like that again!”

That fat man’s face instantly turned ugly, he was also frightened, and muttered with his head lowered, “Young Master Zhang, I can’t be blamed for this, those two women, they are really good looking! I grew up so big, I have never seen such a beautiful woman before, especially that one who is slightly older, looks even more gentle and dignified, such a woman ……”

He hadn’t finished his words when he realised that Young Master Zhang was staring at him again, and immediately didn’t dare to continue.

“Young master, that kid’s cultivation is not low, I’m afraid this matter is a bit difficult to handle!”

The other henchman, who was slightly more reliable, said this and then analysed, “Moreover, that kid doesn’t seem to want to cause trouble! He was able to blast you away, and this just now when he hit us, it means that he didn’t use his full strength, otherwise, both of us would have definitely died, and if we didn’t, we would probably have broken our arms!”

Young Master Zhang nodded after hearing this, “Your analysis is correct, he was able to blow me away, it should have been easier to kill you guys if he wanted to before! But he didn’t have that much, which only means that the cultivation of that kid, shouldn’t be too much higher than me, and he’s also a loose cultivator, because he’s a loose cultivator, he’s afraid of things, he doesn’t dare to cause trouble, so that’s why he showed mercy, to scare us, thinking that we’ll just give up!”

That young master also nodded, “Yes, yes, yes, that’s what I mean, he’s definitely a loose cultivator, in terms of cultivation, I reckon that he should be at the 6th or 7th rank of the Heaven Breaking Realm, with a cultivation like that, although it’s not low, it’s just like that, the people from our family, we’re still sure that we can get him killed!”

The more Young Master Zhang heard, the more he felt that it made sense, and the more he felt sure of himself, he thought for a moment and said, “But, my father told me to try not to get into trouble, there are too many forces in this place, and there are too many that we can’t afford to get into trouble with, and he’s afraid that in the event that I mess with someone I shouldn’t have messed with that day, and get killed!”

Saying this, Young Master Zhang paused before continuing, “So, if I were to ask him, or a few elders of the Reincarnation Realm cultivation to help, I feel certain that none of them would help me!”

“Hey, why bother looking for them, I have a way!”

That henchman instantly laughed, before he turned to Young Master Zhang and said, “Young Master Zhang, could it be that you’ve forgotten that there aren’t some outlaws outside the city? These people, as long as you give them some spiritual herbs and pills to help kill people and whatnot, simple as that, as long as we give these cultivation resources, we’ll do it without saying a word!”

“Makes sense!”

Young Master Zhang nodded, “The fourth grade pills I refined, although the quality isn’t particularly good, they are at least fourth grade pills, using fourth grade pills to ask people to do things shouldn’t be too much of a problem!”

“Definitely not a problem, in this case, if we want to be safe, I think it would be best to hire someone who is at least a 9th rank of the Heaven Breaking Realm or an 8th rank of the Heaven Breaking Realm to do the job!”

After thinking about it, that henchman suggested again.

“Well, you have a point, there can’t be any slip-ups in this matter, once it doesn’t work out and the snakes are spooked, the other party might just leave this city at that time, after all, it’s a casual cultivator, chances are they’re not from this side, so, after escaping, it’ll be difficult to find them!”

Young Master Zhang nodded once again, and soon after, he brought those two underlings and went straight to the city gates to look for someone.

Unfortunately, the colour of his fourth grade primary pills was really not good, and for a guy at the ninth grade of the Heaven Breaking Realm, he actually didn’t look at them.

Therefore, in the end, Young Master Zhang could only hire a bald guy with a Heaven Breaking Realm eighth grade cultivation.

“Damn, the person has disappeared and left really fast!”

By the time Young Master Zhang arrived at the previous place with his people, he found that the person had actually disappeared, which made him really speechless to the extreme.

One must know that when the person was invited, the other party had agreed that no matter what the situation was at that time, once this thing was in his hands, it would be non-refundable.

“Young Master Zhang, there’s no one, are you teasing me?”

That bald guy, also had a gloomy face, the Heaven Breaking Eighth Grade’s cultivation wasn’t low anymore, and had the qualifications to say this.

“Don’t worry, this can only mean one thing, that the other party’s cultivation really isn’t that high, and they’re casual cultivators, so they’re afraid that we’ll find someone to come over and retaliate against them, and that’s why they left quickly!”

Young Master Zhang said after thinking about it.

“That’s true!”

That bald man nodded and said again, “By the way, but we agreed before, no matter what the situation is, I won’t return that elixir.”

Young Master Zhang was silent for a moment before he said, “How about this, you look around with us, see if you can find someone, look for like an hour, if you can’t find them, forget it, if you find them, it’s up to you.”

“Okay, then I’ll look around with you guys, if I can’t find it in an hour, then that elixir, it’s mine too!”

The bald man nodded and finally said.

Thus, Young Master Zhang was the one who led the people to start searching.

Qin Li’s four people, since it was still early in the morning, were not in a hurry, instead, they wanted to familiarise themselves with this Dragon Seeking City first, so they wandered around at a slow pace.

However, they didn’t expect that Young Master Zhang hadn’t been searching with his people for long before he spotted them.

“Right there, those four people in front, go kill them all, we’ll wait for you over here!”

Young Master Zhang thought about it before saying.

“Young master, those two women!”

Once Little Fatty heard that they were all killed, he immediately said with some reluctance.

“Try talking nonsense again!”

Zhang Haiyun was now in a fit of anger, where did he still have any mind to play with the women, right now in his heart, there was only one word left to kill, he couldn’t wait to immediately kill all the four people in front of him, in order to solve the hatred in his heart.

The fat man then closed his mouth, a burst of speechlessness in his heart, so two beautiful women ah, just like this death, it is too much of a pity, right.

In their line of sight, that bald man directly walked over and then stood in front of Qin Li and the others.

“I’m sorry, someone wants to buy your lives, so the lives of the four of you, I, Blood Slaughter, accept!”

That bald man smiled coldly, and with a flip of his palm, a large sword appeared in his hand.

“Finding it so quickly! No need to think about it, you must have been invited by that Young Master Zhang!”

Qin Li smiled coldly, this Young Master Zhang, is really insensitive.

“En, you’re very smart, but it can’t be helped, I have to kill you, after all, I’m entrusted with the task of being loyal!”

That bald head nodded, before he said again.

“I advise you to better just leave, after all, you’re not my opponent!”

Qin Li smiled blandly, not putting the other party in his eyes in the slightest, although on the other party’s body, that kind of fluctuation was very subtle, but he could tell that it should be the 8th or 9th grade of the Heaven Breaking Realm, moreover, the other party said that he was entrusted with the task of being loyal to others, which meant that this guy was mostly not yet a member of the Zhang Clan, and most likely, it was that Young Master Zhang who paid to have it done!

“Hehe, quite mad!”

That bald guy, however, laughed, and with a direct movement of his mind, that aura surged out, and then quickly injected into the large sword in his hand.


That greatsword let out a soft chirping sound, carrying a faint blue colour, it should be a fifth grade weapon.

The bald man who had injected the aura into the greatsword directly rushed over with a flash, then raised the greatsword high in the air and directly slashed down at Qin Li in front of him.

After seeing this, Qin Li did not have any intention of avoiding it, and with a clenched right fist, he directly blasted out with a fist, with aura surging above his fist.

“Directly using your fist? Simply looking for death!”

After the distant Zhang Haiyun saw this scene, a smug smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, not to mention how happy he was.