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Rise to Defeat Chapter 786

“Still really looking for death ah, directly with fists, huh, even weapons are not used, the field is not opened, this kid, is not looking for death is what!”

That little fat even laughed, happy and incomparable said.

“It is possible that the speed of the bald head is too fast, after all, all of a sudden in front of the face, how can the other party react?”

Another henchman, on the other hand, pondered.


However, the next second, they were completely shocked, only to see that after Qin Li’s fist blasted out, he actually blasted the large sword from the centre of a crack, the crack spread rapidly, and a moment later, it split into two, directly breaking away.

“No way!”

That bald man was startled, his heart shook to the extreme.

In the next moment, a huge force came from him, causing him to directly fly backwards, flying a dozen or so metres before barely stopping.

“Now, can you trust me?”

Qin Li smiled faintly and said to the other party, “You can roll now!”

The bald man arched his hand at Qin Li, and with a turn, he flew away.

Qin Li smiled coldly and looked back, just in time to see Zhang Haiyun’s trio in the distance.

As soon as Zhang Haiyun took a look at Qin Li, he was so frightened that cold sweat broke out on his forehead and he turned around and ran away.

“Young Master, wait for us!”

Those two henchmen, they were equally terrified, that was a strong person of the 8th rank of the Heaven Breaking Realm, but as a result, they were completely no match for that kid, could it be, that kid was a strong person of the 1st rank of the Reincarnation Realm?

“By the way, Master, Little White, why didn’t you bring it? Doesn’t it like to stick to you on your shoulder? I love it so much, it’s white and that fur must be especially comfortable to touch, but unfortunately, it doesn’t like me touching it!”

Lin Ling’er looked at the three people who had fled before she turned to Qin Li and asked.

“The Sixth Grade Beginner’s Pills that I learnt to refine earlier, although they don’t have much effect on Little White, but those three were given to it, and it should be able to raise its cultivation by one grade, so I gave them to it, and if it’s now, it should be in the process of impacting its cultivation!”

Qin Li smiled bitterly and added, “Besides, Little White is a bit different from other demonic beasts, its bloodline is extremely noble, there are too many strong people in this place, it’s better not to bring it if you can!”

“I see!”

Lin Ling’er drifted off, following Qin Li as they walked forward while saying again, “Then Master, do you know Little White’s current cultivation level?”

Qin Li shook his head helplessly, “This fellow, I did ask, but unfortunately, it didn’t say, but I reckon that it should be at the cultivation level of the first or second grade of the Life and Death Realm. Of course, its fighting strength should be quite a bit stronger than other demonic beasts of the same cultivation level that might fight, after all, it has a noble bloodline!”

“I’m really envious of Little White, a cultivation of the Life and Death Realm… Hey, let alone the Life and Death Realm, it would be nice if I could break through to the Reincarnation Realm sometime!”

Lin Ling’er couldn’t help but say.

“You ah, just be content, if you didn’t meet master, do you have so many cultivation resources and so many pills for you to cultivate?”

Yang Le Jia was straightforward, “If it wasn’t for Master, I reckon, you might not even be at a God level cultivation right now!”

Lin Ling’er, however, beamed, “I should say, if it wasn’t for meeting Master, I would definitely be dead right now, and perhaps, my corpse would have already rotted!”

“That wouldn’t be the case!”

Unexpectedly, Qin Li said.

“Why? Master, do you mean that a cultivator’s corpse, in general, won’t rot quickly?”

Lin Ling’er heard this, but was somewhat puzzled.

“Hehe, what I mean is, when you met me, but in the middle of the secret realm, it is estimated that your corpse, won’t decay, and will be quickly eaten by demonic beasts, and then ……”

Qin Li laughed, as the four of them walked, they came to the front of the enclosure in front of that big mountain where that Han family was located.

This fence, naturally, was much shorter than the fence at the entrance of that city, only so two feet high, surrounding the big mountain, enclosing the inside.

Inside, on the other hand, there lived a towering power, a power that no one dared to offend inside the entire Dragon Seeking City!

“Hello, we’re Han Xinxin’s friends, we’ve come to pay a special visit, by the way, she told us to come find her before!”

After arriving at the main entrance, Qin Li politely arched his hand at a middle-aged man who was guarding the gate, then said.

“Friend? Oh, do you know who Han Xinxin is?”

The other party lightly glanced at Qin Li before asking.

“The Han Family’s eldest miss, ah, what’s wrong?”

Qin Li frowned, looking at the other party’s attitude, I’m afraid that if he wanted to go in, it shouldn’t be that easy.

Or, was it that he and the others had come over almost ten days in advance, and this Han Xinxin hadn’t greeted these gatekeepers yet? Or perhaps, the other party had greeted them, but the gatekeepers had forgotten about it?

“Since you also know that it’s the Han family’s eldest miss, is this something you can’t just see?”

That middle-aged man, once again, said with a cold smile.

And at this time, after Xia Yu Fei thought about it, she then pulled Qin Li back, then pulled to the side and asked Qin Li, “Could it be that these gatekeepers, they need a little favour before they will help us inform?”

After hearing this, Qin Li was also a bit helpless, after all, the little ghosts are difficult to deal with, this place, although it is not the Earth, but the nature of this person is always the same, so I guess the other party just wants a little bit of favours!

Only then did he walk over, then with a direct flip of his palm, a fifth grade spirit herb, appeared in his hand, and surreptitiously handed it over to the other party, “This brother, would you please also help inform, just say that someone is looking for her!”

The guard glanced at the spirit herb in Qin Li’s hand, but didn’t pick it up, “Kid, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you? You’re trying to get me killed aren’t you?”

Qin Li was even more puzzled as he looked at the other party, “Brother, where are you starting with this, this is spirit grass and not poison! This thing, it’s not poisonous!”

“Nonsense, of course I know it’s a spirit herb, not poison, I’m not blind, besides, as a member of the Han Family, I would not even know if it’s a spirit herb?”

That middle-aged man, immediately said with some impatience, “If you want to see the Han Family, go ask around and ask around, ask clearly, then come back to me!”

Qin Li and the others were helpless for a while and could only leave the place for the time being.

“Master, what should we do? I didn’t expect that I wouldn’t even be able to enter!”

Lin Ling’er looked at Qin Li, her heart vaguely lost, not expecting such an outcome.

“Go, go over there and ask!”

Qin Li smiled bitterly as the few people walked to the side together and asked an old man, “This senior, we want to go into the city to meet someone, but unfortunately, we can’t get in at all… is there any way that we can enter the inner city?”

That old man glanced at Qin Li’s few people before he said, “You guys should have come from somewhere else and don’t know the rules here yet, right?”

“There are still rules for entering the city? You can’t just go straight in?”

Qin Li frowned, not expecting that wanting to truly enter the Han Clan’s territory would be this troublesome.

“That’s for sure, otherwise in case we meet some hostile force going in to cause trouble or something, wouldn’t that be troublesome!”

That old man immediately smiled bitterly before saying.

“No way, it’s the Han family inside, one of the seven great families, who would normally dare to go in and cause trouble?”

Lin Ling’er immediately exclaimed, “Unless it’s a guy who doesn’t want to live anymore!”

Unexpectedly, the old man said, “This girl is right, there really is someone who doesn’t want to live! Think about it, how big is this Han family? Direct lineage, collateral relatives, some of them have been passed down for so many generations, that can all be considered Han family members.”

Qin Li nodded and looked at the old man, waiting for his next words.

The old man again said, “So, within such a large number of Han Family members, there are naturally some young Han Family members who like to rely on their family’s power and bully others outside. Therefore, offending some forces, that is inevitable. And those forces that they have offended, some of them, in order to take revenge, even if they are not afraid of death kind of thing, may be mixed into the inside, even if it is to kill a few Han family members haphazardly, this is also the Han family people do not want to see! Furthermore, this person outside, this one has a friendship with someone in the Han family, and wants to see a certain Han family member, that one too, if this can go in all day long, wouldn’t that be a mess!”

It dawned on Qin Li that this Han Family was really too big, and if it was not managed well, it would naturally be chaotic.

“Then what should we do?”

Qin Li asked again after thinking about it.

“See that stone monument over there, in front of that monument over there, so many people are waiting to queue up, that’s where those who want to go and meet the Han Family are registered, and then according to their order, there are twenty slots to go in and visit each day!”

“So, you guys can only go there to register!”

That old man smiled bitterly before he said.