Tycoon Spurt Chapter 366

Spring break always feels like it goes by so fast.

Especially this year.

After Xu Fei was kept overnight by her mother on the third day of the New Year, she worked until the tenth day of the New Year, and only then was let go by her enthusiastic future mother-in-law.

During the New Year, Wu Jun let Wang Qidong take the fleet to the village.

Pulled 1000 tonnes of Hongyun rice for Junheng 998 Wine Co. as raw material for brewing.

On the way back, the fleet stopped at the farm for an afternoon for show.

The tens of millions of fireworks stored on the farm have disappeared, and this has to be covered up.

Luckily, Boss Wu Da Da was busy in love and was easily supported by Wu Jun.

Wang Qidong and other people are not sure, this matter is not difficult, soon be fooled by Wu Jun.

After the game upgrade, the production of Hongyun rice within the game multiplied, from 100 tonnes a day to 200 tonnes.

In terms of sales of Hongyun rice, because of the Spring Festival holiday and express delivery stoppage, not a single bag was sold.

During the Chinese New Year, the in-game inventory increased by 2,000 tonnes, plus the 2,000 tonnes of rice that Wu Jun got back from Fukuoka Customs.

The several thousand tonnes of rice that was previously advanced from within the game was almost almost replenished.

On the day of the tenth day of the first month, the companies opened for business one after another.

Wu Jun and Xu Fei went back to his mother’s house for a day and were warmly received by the future old husband Xu Shuzai.

On the day of the eleventh day of the first month, Wu Jun and Xu Fei returned to Shimen city together.

“Good New Year, Mr Wu.”

“Good New Year, Mr Wu.”

As soon as they entered the company’s gate, a group of youthful and beautiful girls greeted Wu Jun with smiles, the aftertaste of the New Year hadn’t faded yet.

On the first day of work, everyone’s work enthusiasm was high.

“All good, all good.”Wu Jun smiled and greeted everyone, lifting his leg towards his own office upstairs.

When he went upstairs, Wu Jun looked at the bustling crowd in the company and felt that the office space was a bit small.

When the company was first established, the funds were limited, so he could only rent a villa to make ends meet.

Nowadays, with the development of the company, the gradual improvement of each department, the space in the villa has been somewhat insufficient.

Office space, of course, or office buildings are the most appropriate, spacious.

Some big companies in China have their own buildings.

Wu Jun has no intention to build a building for the time being, but to change the office space is a must.

After going upstairs, Wu Jun directly went to Dong Li Zhu’s office.

When Dong Li Zhu saw Wu Jun, she joked, “Good new year ah Xiao Jun, came to work so early, didn’t stay at home with Fei Fei for a few more days.”

The fact that Xu Fei Fei stayed at Wu Jun’s house for a while was no longer a secret amongst the old Ma family gang.

After spending some time together, Ma Dongmei even pulled Xu Fei into the WeChat family group.

To Xu Fei this daughter-in-law, don’t mention how satisfied.

Wu Jun smiled and said, “Staying at home for a few more days, I’m afraid that my mum will start to open up about the wedding.”

“Good thing ah, catch some tight, this year maybe double happiness.”Dong Li Zhu smiled and said, “Isn’t the third sister always want to hold grandchildren, you and Fei Fei age is also where, don’t hurry to help the third sister to fulfil this wish.”

Wu Jun smiled and said, “Struggle for two more years, earn enough milk powder money before.”

“You ah ……” Dong Li Zhu shook her head and smiled, a burst of speechless.

With Wu Jun’s current wealth, where to worry about milk powder money, are just excuses.

“I want to discuss something with auntie today.”

Wu Jun raised his leg and walked to the sofa and sat down.

Hearing Wu Jun chatting about business, Dong Li Zhu also had the decency to stop pulling the family business.

Dong Li Zhu asked, “Xiao Jun, what is it that you want to talk about?”

“Last year, I stayed less time in the company, I didn’t pay much attention to it,” Wu Jun said, “Only today I found out that our company’s office space, isn’t it a bit too crowded?”

Dong Li Zhu said, “Xiao Jun, what do you mean ……”

The problem that Wu Jun talked about, Dong Li Zhu works in the company every day, and feels more deeply.

The current villa, 6 rooms and 3 halls, two floors up and down, definitely spacious enough for living.

But for office, it is indeed a bit crowded.

Not counting the employees of the warehouse and logistics department, the number of people working in the headquarters of Junheng Trading Co.

Plus some office equipment, more than forty people crowded in a villa office, indeed a little crowded.

Especially downstairs before Li Xiaoxiao is responsible for the customer service department, after entering the door is full of desks and chairs, leaving only a small aisle.

“New Year, it’s time to change to a bigger house.”Wu Jun looked around Dong Li Zhu’s office and said, “First go out and rent a few floors of office space.”

Dong Lizhu smiled and said, “You decide, all listen to you.”

“I have a realtor here, you can contact him.”Wu Jun said, recommending Li Jingwei’s WeChat to Dong Lizhu, “Start working on this now.”

Dong Li Zhu said, “Okay, I’ll contact him here.”

“Then auntie is busy.”Wu Jun finished and got up to say goodbye.

After walking out of Dong Li Zhu’s office, Wu Jun contacted Wang Qidong again by phone.

Junheng Trading Company Limited had four warehouses that had been rotated.

After asking the location of the current unused depot on the phone, Wu Jun drove Jiang Yi’s Smatr straight to the depot.

This time, the warehouse is near the Union Road.

Revisiting the same place, seeing the gate of the Union Road neighbourhood, Wu Jun was overwhelmed with emotions.

At first, in order to revenge Wang Hongliang spray paint on the wall of his own small supermarket, ran to spray his car in the middle of the night.

Now think about it, when it was also young and ignorant, childish.

Half a year’s time, from a debt-ridden small supermarket boss, to now are billionaires.

Wu Jun before the dream did not dare to think, but all of this, the real happened.

A billionaire, in the middle of the night to go spraying people car, this thing now think about is a joke.

The past is hard to look back ah ……

Then again, who hasn’t made jokes when they were young.

Jack Ma, gave up a good job in school to go out to do business and set up stalls.

As a result, he was arrested by his brother-in-law, who is a city manager, and fell into the river in a panic.

Ma Huateng, at the beginning of qq just came out, the user is less chatting less people, Huateng personally, pretending to be a girl to chat with netizens.

Milk Tea Dong for the first time into the city, saw the Jinling Hotel stunned.

Around the Jinling Hotel turned ten or twenty circles, looking left and right, and on the hand touch, the Jinling Hotel molested once.

Parking the car in front of the depot, Wu Jun collected his thoughts and took out the key to open the door.

After entering the door, Wu Jun saw that the storehouse was cleaned quite cleanly.

On the open space of the warehouse, there were small mountain high bags neatly stacked.

Cousin Chen Xingyang’s factory, day and night processing, two shifts to do bags.

Chen Xingyang do how much, Wu Jun want how much, done will pull to the warehouse side of the storage.

Wu Jun first stored the bags within the game, and then according to the number of bags to take out the current rice.

After taking out 3000 tonnes of rice from within the game, Wu Jun walked out of the warehouse and locked the door again.

The inventory from years ago plus these 3000 tonnes, Junheng Trading Co.