Tycoon Spurt Chapter 367

On the 15th day of the first month, the Lantern Festival.

Junheng Trading Co., Ltd. completed the relocation of the workplace.

With the help of logistics department and warehouse loaders, even the moving company was saved.

The new workplace, still in the original area.

Junheng Trading Co., Ltd. has become a star company in the district, to move to other districts, the district director took the lead in not agreeing.

Can so quickly find new office space and move in, the district comrades also helped a lot.

The new company’s office location, located in a thirty-story office building.

Junheng Trading Co., Ltd. rented twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five, three floors.

The exact amount of money, Wu Jun did not ask, on the issue of money, he had absolute trust in Dong Li Zhu.

With enough space, the departments are clearly divided, no need to squeeze together like before.

Spacious and bright big office, brand new office equipment.

The company’s group of girls were as excited as if they were moving to a new home.

New company, inside the conference room.

Wu Jun summoned the group of reserve cadres that he had previously let Dong Li Zhu train.

The winners and the losers, the current remaining ones were all excellent employees who had been competitively hired.

After a period of training, the temperament on this batch of newcomers had a very obvious change from before.

“Everyone has joined the company for a while, I have taken a look at all of your performances during the training period ……”

Wu Jun firstly made affirmation to the performance of the crowd during this period of time, and spoke eloquently for more than twenty minutes.

After the speech, harvest a warm applause underneath.

“It’s all because of the good leadership of Mr Wu and Mr Dong.”

“Thank you General Manager Wu for cultivating and trusting us!”

A bunch of people applauded while clapping their arses without a trace.

“What about this period of time, everyone has also worked hard.”Wu Jun raised his hand, the bottom immediately quieted down, and continued, “The sword sharpens from sharpening, the fragrance of plum blossom comes from bitter cold, I believe that this period of time all experience, all can become valuable life experience for all of you.”

In order to let everyone familiar with the business as soon as possible, Wu Jun sent a group of company reserve cadres to Ludong Huang Zili mother-in-law where internship for a period of time.

Old Huang’s factory in China is now in the state of three days of fishing and two days of sunshine, no longer doing the main production.

A bunch of people in the past can also experience experience, this training old Huang’s mother-in-law did not small, arranged properly.

Wu Jun continued: “Tomorrow is the weekend, everyone prepare to get ready, the company for all of you to book the plane on Monday, to the Japanese Benzene, there will be someone to meet.”

“The company in Japan and Benzene, now just started, all departments are short of talents, I only have one request for all of you, when you go there, don’t give me a disgrace.”

“Don’t worry, Mr Wu!We will definitely do our best!”

“Never disgrace General Manager Wu!”

“Jue won’t disgrace General Manager Wu!”

A bunch of reserve cadres made assurances.

“Correction, it’s not for me to lose face, it’s for yourselves.”Wu Jun knocked on the table and said, “If the work ability is not as good as the Japanese and Benzene people, I don’t mind promoting talents from the local area.”

Everyone responded at the same time, “Understood!”

“Alright, today’s meeting ends here, after talking a bunch of nonsense, don’t blame me for the delay, don’t just focus on having fun on the weekend, get ready, the company has already booked the flight tickets for all of you for ten o’clock on Monday morning.”Wu Jun finished his speech and took the lead to get up and leave.

Junheng Wood Industry Co, Ltd, had already recruited the workers a year ago, and also did the training for a period of time.

After Huang Zili and Rong Rong and Shen Yang went over after the new year, production had officially started over there.

With the addition of this group of reserve cadres, it is estimated that the company will soon be on track.

After finishing the meeting, Wu Jun went downstairs and drove back to Xisanzhuang villa area.

This villa, Wu Jun has been transferred to the name of Xu Fei, became the two love nest.

Years ago to Jiang Yi bought a suite, can not be thicker than thin.

The real estate certificate to pick up girls method, really no harm.

After receiving the property certificate after Wu Jun’s name change, Xu Fei was touched to the core.

As for Wu Jun once confessed that he had a girlfriend, Xu Fei intentionally chose to forget.

When two people are together, it is good to be happy.

After all, when it comes down to it, one is the third party.

Two days passed by in a flash.

On the 17th day of the first month.

Wu Jun said goodbye to the gentle land and took a group of reserve cadres to run to Nippon Benzene.

Rong Rong, Huang Zili came together to pick up the plane.

“Brother Wu, it’s been a hard road, everyone has worked hard.”Wu Jun had just walked out of the airport with a group of people, Rong Rong saw him at a glance and went forward to greet him.

Huang Zili smiled and went forward to greet him, “Old Wu, you finally managed to come over, is your girlfriend pestering you not to go out!”

Wu Jun smiled and introduced to the crowd, “Let me introduce to you all, this is the company’s General Manager Rong and General Manager Huang, from now on everyone will be colleagues.”

“Hello Mr Rong, hello Mr Huang, please take care of us in the future!”Hearing Wu Jun’s introduction, a group of people greeted at the same time.

“All of them are our own people, in the future, everyone do a good job, General Manager Wu will definitely not treat everyone poorly.”Huang Zili smilingly said, “First go back and settle down, at noon prepared a sumptuous lunch for everyone to receive the dust.”

After some pleasantries to get to know each other, Huang Zili led the crowd to a luxury bus.

A bunch of reserve cadres, although in the country studied Japanese language major, really out of the country, came to the Japanese benzene one did not.

After getting on the bus, looking out the window at the exotic scenery, showed excitement.

Wu Jun came to Japan and Benzene several times, has long been no sense of freshness, get on the car and Rong Rong and Huang Zili sitting together and chatting.

Wu Jun asked Huang Zili: “Listen to Rong Rong said, sister-in-law followed along?Is it not too convenient for me to stay at your place again.”

“More than inconvenient, it’s quite inconvenient.”Huang Zili towards Wu Jun, “I found a good place for you to live, Rong Rong has a lot of empty rooms, and has already helped you pick up the pieces.”

Wu Jun turned to look at Rong Rong, speechless at Huang Zili’s arrangement.

Lonely man and woman, put himself and Rong Rong arranged a piece, old Huang did not press good intentions, this is want to let himself make a mistake ah!

Rong Rong said with a red face, “Brother Wu, where I’m empty is still empty, if you don’t like it, I’ll find something else for you.”

Wu Jun looked embarrassed and said, “I don’t mean that, I am afraid that you have any inconvenience.”

Rong Rong busily said, “No, no, it’s very convenient.”

Huang Zili smiled and said, “Okay old Wu, that’s it, you’re not permanent over here, just make do with where Rong Rong is, and the three of you will have to take care of each other.”

“The three of us?”Wu Jun was puzzled when he heard Huang Zili’s words.

Huang Zili said, “There’s also Ran Jing, Ran Jing has been sharing a room with Rong Rong.”

Wu Jun: “……”

This is to live the life of living with a flight attendant ah!

When the bus arrived in Fukuoka, it was already past two in the afternoon.

Huang Zili had booked a hotel in the city, and it was already past four in the afternoon after dinner.

It took another hour or so from the hotel to the location of Junheng Wood Industry Co.

Settled a group of reserve cadres, already more than seven o’clock in the evening.

After travelling all day, Wu Jun was also tired.

After making an appointment to visit Old Huang’s house tomorrow, Wu Jun followed Rong Rong back to his residence.