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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 370

Yumi Cosmetics has been listed so far, the physical shop is still only opened in the city of Shimen.

The online selling channels are only the company’s official website and Wang Lei, the oddball beauty anchor.

In terms of advertising, there has not been a cent invested so far.

Visibility, now also just word of mouth, bought the user feels good, and then recommended to girlfriends.

The girlfriends then recommend friends, friends then recommend girlfriends, so the cycle, with the development of the underground party like.

It’s not surprising that Ran Jing and Rong Rong have never heard of Yumi.

From the time YouMi was developed to now, it has only been four months.

In terms of time limit, the brand’s establishment was also still very short, and some big cosmetic brands with decades of history, in terms of popularity, there was a significant gap.

An enterprise from creation to development, there is a process, last year’s annual meeting, Hao Teng also put forward the idea of increasing production capacity.

Due to the limited supply of super rice, Hao Teng’s cosmetic company expanded, and Cai Diheng’s winery side had to reduce production.

The supply of resources was still slightly insufficient, and Hao Teng’s expansion plan was temporarily suppressed by Wu Jun.

On New Year’s Eve, the new [Resource Guardian]

mission was opened and the in-game production doubled.

Accordingly, the production of Super Rice also doubled from the previous 16 tonnes to the current 32 tonnes.

Next, the company’s production expansion could already be on the agenda, the time was ripe.

Before coming to Benzene this time, Wu Jun had already approved Hao Teng’s expansion plan and allocated 20 million.

According to Hao Teng’s estimation, in March this year, it will be able to officially put into production.

The production capacity of Lillian Cosmetics Co Ltd, can reach 10,000 bottles per day.

The ex-factory price of Yumi is 2019 yuan a bottle, a day’s output value is more than 20 million, a month of six hundred million!

Conservative estimates, the expanded Liren Cosmetics Co. Ltd. can bring Wu Jun 4 billion a month.

With the increase in production capacity, the market must also be further expanded.

This year, Hu Yanmei will lead the team, the shop opened to the north, Guangzhou and Shenzhen four super metropolis.

Junheng 998 Wine Co., Ltd., years ago, the equipment has been ordered, the new plant has also been approved, is pressing the construction.

The commissioning time is expected to be about the same as Lillian Cosmetics Co.

Thirty ordinary Hongyun rice production lines, plus the original three super rice production lines.

The production capacity of Junheng 998 Liquor Co., Ltd. is comparable to that of Lillian Cosmetics Co.

Cai Diheng is also actively expanding its market right now, and will also break out of northern Hebei and head towards the whole country in the new year.

Two companies, plus the old Junheng Trading Co., Ltd, is under the hand of Wu Jun three laying golden eggs hen.

New year, new weather, the new year, each company’s high-speed development, as if from the green train evolved into a high-speed train.

In the liquor industry, Nippon Benzene has a loyal customer, Mariko, on its side.

The two companies also have a lot of co-operation now, even the wine quartz is purchased from the distillery of Maruko’s family.

Wu Jun was really a bit embarrassed to enter the liquor market in Japen and steal business with the Mariko family.

Japan’s market is not as big as the domestic market of a province, honestly, Wu Jun can’t see it.

Cosmetics in this regard, but can consider to consider, incidentally is considered to help Ran Jing a hand.

Rong Rong took Yumi’s bottle and examined it for a while, and opened his mouth, “Brother Wu, don’t tease us, how much does this bottle of face oil cost in the end ah, Xiao Jing and I really can’t guess.”

“Face oil ……” Wu Jun was speechless for a while at Rong Rong’s call.

But then, I don’t blame Rong Rong, whoever You Mi took it to, it also looks like face rubbing oil.

Wu Jun pointed to the ceiling and said: “You and Ran Jing can go up and experience it yourself, after trying it, you will know its value.”

Saying a thousand words is better than letting the product speak for itself.

Ran Jing asked with a curious face, “What are the steps, Brother Wu?”

Wu Jun glanced at the two and asked, “You and Rong Rong both wore light make-up, right?”

The two nodded, acquiescing to Wu Jun’s words.

Wu Jun said, “Go on, remove your make-up, wash your face, and then wipe your face with only Yumi.”

The two looked at Wu Jun with a baffled expression, isn’t this still face oil rubbing!

“Xiao Rong and I will go and try it out first.”After Ran Jing finished speaking, she got up and pulled Rong Rong along towards the stairway.

After the two left, Wu Jun also got up from the sofa and pushed the door out of the house.

After leaving the house, he took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it up, standing on the steps of the doorway and gulping down the smoke.

Rong Rong and Ran Jing went upstairs and went into Rong Rong’s room together, removing their make-up very skilfully.

The two were already naturally beautiful, and after removing their make-up, it was similar to wearing make-up, and there would not be a situation where they would change their personalities after removing their make-up.

However, on a closer look, there was a subtle difference between makeup and no makeup.

Both of them are the same age as Wu Jun, and they are 28 years old this year.

When a woman reaches this age, her skin is definitely not as delicate as a 16 or 17 year old girl, and it will be too late if she doesn’t take care of it.

“What a special scent!”Rong Rong finished removing her make-up first and couldn’t help but exclaim after opening the cap of Yumi’s bottle.

Ran Jing, who was removing her make-up, her high nose wrinkled, her nostrils flared, and a fresh scent drilled into her nostrils.

Ran Jing came next to Rong Rong and said with an astonished face, “Smells good, just the smell alone is better than any makeup I’ve ever used.”

“I’ll use it first.”Rong Rong was a bit impatient as she took her fingers and picked out some cream from the vial, applying it evenly on her face.

Ran Jing also accelerated the speed of removing her make-up, and after removing her make-up and washing her face, she came back and also joined the trial.

Yumi is just a product similar to face oil, it doesn’t require complicated make-up steps, and any person would use it.

Even a straight man of steel would use it if he was given a bottle.

Soon, Rong Rong and Ran Jing evenly applied the You Mi to their faces.

The two stood side by side in front of the make-up mirror and simultaneously grew their mouths in surprise!

Rong Rong turned to look at Ran Jing, who was also dazed at the side: “Oh my god …… this, this is too amazing!”

“Is that …… me in the mirror?”Ran Jing pointed at herself in the mirror with an incredulous face.

The skin was white and red, glossy as if it was plated with a film of water.

Taking a finger to touch it, that kind of extremely delicate touch was like touching a baby’s face.

The smell is even more refreshing, with Yumi, not only eliminating the complicated steps of make-up, even the perfume is saved.

Ran Jing and Rong Rong froze in front of the mirror for a while.

Both of them were shocked by the outstanding effect of You Mi.

Yumi definitely had the power to redefine cosmetics!

The two of them were stupefied for a while before they came back to their senses, and took Yumi and went out to go downstairs in a hurry.

Just in time, Wu Jun finished a cigarette and pushed the door in from outside.

After experiencing the effect, Rong Rong and Ran Jing were completely convinced by You Mi.

This product, absolutely no worries about sales, after trying it, no woman can refuse it.

The focus of Ran Jing’s attention returned to the selling price.

Wu Jun didn’t sell out and said directly, “In China, the factory price of You Mi is 2019 yuan.”

“It’s only two thousand dollars!”

“So cheap!”

Rong Rong and Ran Jing were as shocked as Wu Jun was when he heard Ran Jing say two dollars when he heard You Mi’s offer of two thousand dollars ……

“Brother Wu, how much is your company’s agency fee per year?Is there any regulation on the terminal selling price?The quantity of goods taken in a year ……” Ran Jing asked a bunch of questions about the agent with an eager face after she came back to her senses.

After trying out Yumi, Ran Jing completely lost interest in Nippon Phenol’s pharmaceuticals, and was inwardly incredibly fortunate.

One’s own this is also considered a blessing in disguise!