Tycoon Spurt Chapter 369

Although there was still a partnership with Tohno Koi.

Wu Jun didn’t mind offending him either.

As for his son, Tohno Sword.

If Dong Ye Xiao Jing could not educate him well, it would be a smooth matter for him to help him educate himself.

When he returned to Rong Rong’s residence, it was already past nine in the evening.

“Brother Wu, thanks to you for tonight, I really don’t know how to thank you.”

Ran Jing expressed her thanks to Wu Jun again and again, and asked with immense worry, “Tonight’s matter won’t bring you any trouble, right?”

Wu Jun waved his hand and said indifferently, “Don’t worry, there won’t be any trouble, Dong Ye Jian is only that good.”

Hearing Wu Jun call him by his first name, Rong Rong and Ran Jing were both flabbergasted for a moment.

Ran Jing was surprised, “Brother Wu, you, know Dong Ye Jian?”

“Can’t be considered knowing, I’ve seen it before.”Wu Jun turned and laughed with Rong Rong, “Shen Yang has also fought with Dong Ye Jian.”

“Ah?This ……” Rong Rong said with a surprised face, “He, he wouldn’t be that fiancé before Hoshino Miyuki!”

Wu Jun nodded his head and said, “Right answer, that’s him.”

The three of them chatted for a while, and Wu Jun realised that Dong Ye Jian was the boss of the pharmaceutical brand that Ran Jing was going to represent.

With tonight’s matter, Ran Jing’s agent drug make-up thing, completely out of the question, the first business venture was declared a failure.

During the chat, Ran Jing’s mood was heavy.

She has rented the shop, the rent of 600,000 a year.

Also in accordance with the requirements of the brand, spent more than 100,000 for decoration.

The shop can lose some money to sublet it out, and the renovation of more than 100,000 is definitely for nothing.

This venture, not even started, lost more than 200,000, equivalent to Ran Jing’s previous year’s salary.

Plus, she has already left her job and has no salary income.

Ran Jing was also a high-minded and proud girl, even if she went back to the airline again and the company was willing to accept her, she didn’t want to just go back in disgrace and give people a joke.

“Xiao Jing, are you alright?”Rong Rong also saw Ran Jing’s preoccupation and asked as she took her hand.

Ran Jing smiled and said, “It’s fine, I’m fine.”

Sometimes, Ran Jing really envied her good girlfriends.

Rong Rong had gone from middle management in a small company to an executive in a large company.

Her annual salary was even in the millions, and among all her classmates, there was definitely no one who was doing any better than her.

I used to be a flight attendant, although the salary is not low, but also can fly around, free travel.

Behind the glamour and glitz, there are also unknown suffering.

Long-term high-altitude flights are prone to many occupational diseases.

Ran Jing has been wearing black stockings, is because the calf has a slight varicose veins, a few if any small red lines, looks very unattractive.

Many flight attendants, lumbar spine is not good, standing for a long time, take-off and descent of the lumbar spine received compression, and sometimes have to help travellers to carry luggage, but also to close dozens of pounds of luggage racks, and sometimes feel that their next waist on the second flash.

High air radiation is also more powerful than the ground, it is easy to cause hair loss, hair a handful of a handful of fall.

At such a young age, Ran Jing has started to use a bully.

All in all, stewardesses as a profession, is not as simple as people think.

Physical abnormalities are also the main reason why Ran Jing resigned.

Love of beauty is a girl’s nature, varicose veins and hair loss, both of which Ran Jing absolutely cannot accept.

“Failure is the mother of success!It doesn’t matter if I fail this time, just take it as buying a lesson, I’m still young, there are still opportunities.”Ran Jing was very open-minded and in turn comforted her good girlfriend.

Wu Jun’s impression of Ran Jing had also always been very good, especially tonight’s events, which allowed him to see a relatively rare quality in this girl.

Although Dong Ye Jian was not a great person, he was very rich, this was an indisputable fact.

Ran Jing would rather give up her agency and fail in her business venture than give in to Dong Ye Jian, this quality was rare and precious.

How many girls wanted to be adopted, but hadn’t had this opportunity yet.

With Ran Jing’s face and body temperament, there should be many such opportunities, but she chose to start her own business.

Obviously, she could rely on her face and figure to eat, but she had to rely on her own efforts.

Although we haven’t known each other for a long time, we are still friends.

When a friend is in trouble, there is no reason to stand by and watch.

Wu Jun asked, “Ran Jing, what are you going to do next?”

“Give myself another month to find a new brand side agent.”Ran Jing said, “It’s still a bit early to talk about failure, if it doesn’t work this time, we will sublet the shop and go back to China to look for other projects.”

Wu Jun asked, “I also have a cosmetic company in China, do you want to represent our company’s products?”

“Brother Wu also does cosmetics?”Ran Jing was slightly surprised after hearing Wu Jun’s words.

From Rong Rong’s mouth, she learnt that there was a company selling rice under Wu Jun’s name, and there was also the coffin processing factory that had just been established.

At this moment, another cosmetic company popped up.

The industrial layout under Wu Jun’s name made Ran Jing a bit puzzled.

It was also the first time Rong Rong heard Wu Jun talk about a cosmetic company, and she was equally a bit surprised.

“Right, this time when I came over, I also brought a bottle for Rong Rong, I’ll go up and get it.”After Wu Jun finished speaking, he got up and stood up from the sofa, lifted his leg and walked towards the upstairs.

Going up to his own bedroom on the first floor, Wu Jun found the bottle of Yumi from one of the backpacks and turned around to go out and downstairs.

Wu Jun didn’t know that Ran Jing and Rong Rong lived together before, so he only brought one bottle with him this time over.

“You Mi?”

Rong Rong and Ran Jing were both unfamiliar when they saw the small bottle Wu Jun brought.

This name, unheard of before, had no reputation at all.

Moreover, only one bottle?

A complete set of cosmetics that contained:

For base make-up: isolation (pre-make-up lotion), foundation

For eyes and eyebrows: eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow tinting cream

For the face: nose shadow, face powder (cream), highlighter, blusher

For lips: lipstick (lip gloss)

These are considered the basics for a sophisticated makeup look.

As for the other makeup brushes, eye primer, eyebrow mackintosh, eyelash curler, hairline powder’s it depends.

As for Wu Jun’s make-up, there is only a small bottle!

Taking a vial and daring to say that he was doing cosmetics, Ran Jing and Rong Rong’s looks were slightly embarrassed.

”Big brother, do you have some misunderstanding about cosmetics!

Instead of saying it’s a cosmetic, it would be more appropriate to say it’s a face rubbing oil, right?

“The packaging looks so pretty.”Rong Rong endeavoured to find an advantage to compliment in order to ease the awkward atmosphere.

“Erm, yeah, this little bottle looks pink and cute.”Ran Jing casually asked, “Brother Wu, how much does this bottle cost?”

Wu Jun didn’t feel much embarrassment when he saw how the two were behaving.

The charm of You Mi, after experiencing it, no that woman can resist it.

Wu Jun smiled, pretended to be mysterious and stretched out two fingers, posing a scissor hand.

Rong Rong was puzzled, “Twenty?”

For a product like this that had little fame, this was probably the price on a certain treasure.

Wu Jun shook his head and said, “No, be bold and guess.”

Ran Jing boldly guessed, “Two?”

“Cough cough cough ……” Wu Jun was surprised by Ran Jing’s bold guess!

Two dollars?How dare you think!