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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 495

Wu Jun was still a little confused in his head.

The impact that Angel brought to him was even stronger than the first time he summoned a farmer from within the game.

Perhaps it had a very strong relationship with her gender and appearance.

Wu Jun was 5’2″ tall, and he had almost never met a woman taller than him in real life.

Angel was nearly a head taller than him.

This feeling of looking up at a woman, Wu Jun was still a little uncomfortable.

“Hello Angel, nice to meet you.”Wu Jun withdrew his mind and reached out to shake Angel’s hand.

After spending a long time with Xiao Hong and the others, Wu Jun’s ability to adapt was much better than the average person.

After a short period of surprise, Wu Jun quickly returned to normal and greeted Angel as she took a seat on the sofa in the living room.

After Angel took her seat, she went straight to the point and asked, “Can you tell me a little bit about your current business situation?”

Wu Jun asked back, “Can I trust you?”

The feeling that Angel gave Wu Jun was not yet the same as Xiao Hong and the others.

Xiao Hong and the others he could summon from within the game and could likewise recall.

Angel was different from them, she was more like a member of the human society and could not be recalled back within the game after being summoned out.

“Of course.”Angel smiled, “I was summoned by you, my existence is to serve you.”

Seeing that Wu Jun was still a little unsure, Angel prompted, “Although characters summoned by [Character Card] cannot be recalled, they can be destroyed, my existence or destruction is at your whim, so ……”

At this point in the prompt, Angel did not continue on.

Wu Jun entered within [Resource Tycoon] and verified Angel’s words before he was completely at ease with her.

“Can you talk to me openly and honestly now?”Angel smiled as she looked towards Wu Jun and continued to ask.

“Of course ……” Wu Jun told Angel about his current business situation without hiding anything.

Jun Heng Trading Co Ltd, Jun Heng 998 Winery, Jia Ren Cosmetics Co Ltd, Hong Fu Farm, Jun Heng Co Ltd and so on, knowing everything.

Wu Jun feels that he is still very accomplished from scratch, however, Angel shakes her head when she listens to it.

After all, Wu Jun is a halfway old boss, his way of operation, in the eyes of Angel, the Haver MBA, is just like a child’s playground.

Rarely encountering a person that he could confide in without any scruples, Wu Jun spoke freely and chatted with Angel for more than three hours in one breath.

The matter of [Resource Tycoon], Wu Jun can’t talk about it with anyone, even his closest parents, sister-in-law, Xu Fei Jiang Yi and others.

But talking to Angel, there were not so many scruples, she herself came from within the [Resource Tycoon].

A good talk, has been carried out until more than four o’clock in the morning, Wu Jun said, Angel quietly listened, did not make any comments.

When Wu Jun said that the purpose of his visit to Jiben this time, and the way he wanted to deal with the Miki Fireworks Factory, a rare hint of relief appeared on Angel’s face.

Angel smiled and said, “Leave the matter of the Miki Fireworks Factory to me this time, it’s kind of my pitch.”

“Of course, how do I need to cooperate with you?”Wu Jun also wanted to see what Angel could do and agreed in one breath.

Angel smiled and said, “Just give me money.”

Wu Jun asked, “How much do I need?”

Angel smiled and put up a finger and said lightly, “Let’s start with 100 million.”

Wu Jun quickly agreed, “Yes.”

After determining the matter of the Sanmu Fireworks Factory, Wu Jun saw that the east had already whitened and it was about to dawn.

After a night of no sleep and chatting about business, he was already sleepy and his eyelids were fighting.

Angel was very considerate and said, “You can sleep some more, I will check the information of the Sanmu Fireworks Factory.”

Wu Jun asked, “You won’t sleep for a while?”

Angel said, “I don’t need to rest.”

“Then you get busy.”Wu Jun didn’t be polite with Angel and got up and headed towards the bedroom.

After sleeping until the afternoon, Wu Jun transferred 100 million to Angel as combat funds.

The next thing, he did not intend to care about it, he fully handed over to Angel to be in charge, he only watched and learnt from the sidelines.

Wu Jun’s thought process to deal with the Miki Fireworks Factory this time was affirmed by Angel.

But in terms of operation, as he had yet to find someone he could trust.

Angel’s appearance was like a miracle worker from heaven.

With Angel’s help, Wu Jun also saved a lot of trouble.

The idea of dealing with Sanmu Fireworks Factory this time was simple.

Sanmu Fireworks Factory was a listed company, Wu Jun’s eyes were aimed at the stock market.

Due to nearly half a year, three wood fireworks factory received large orders from Wu Jun, the stock price rose nearly one third than before.

Three wood fireworks factory in Wu Jun to earn money at the same time, in the stock market also earn pot full of dissatisfaction, all the way up, become a dark horse this year.

Wu Jun’s idea is very simple, crazy shorting three wood fireworks factory’s stock.

When Shen Yingxing side to start the legal process, by the second impact, three wood fireworks factory stock will certainly be affected.

At that time, how much the stock of Sanmu Fireworks Factory falls, how much Wu Jun earns.

If the situation towards the direction of the development of Wu Jun expected, then the bottom to take the three wood fireworks factory is not impossible.

Domestic can’t produce the kind of big specification products like Nippon Fireworks, it’s not bad to invest in Nippon Fireworks.

At that time, even if it is exclusively for Wu Jun’s use, the fireworks factory is not worried about the lack of orders.

Self-produced and self-sold, Wu Jun could also have a large amount of money left over.

Before he was too lazy to start his own factory, it was too much trouble, the kettle of Miki Fireworks Factory made Wu Jun understand that some trouble is essential.

Ideas Wu Jun has, money he also has.

But the specific operation, but also have to ask a professional person, Angel is undoubtedly the most suitable candidate, at the same time she is also a professional.

It took ten days, Angel used the 100 million funds supported by Wu Jun as the guarantee funds, and used five times leverage to short the stock of Sanmu Fireworks Factory madly.

One after another, she borrowed nearly 50% of the shares of Sanmu Fireworks Factory from 10 investment banks with a betting agreement.

On the eleventh day, Shen Yingxing came to Nippon Benzene with his team.

Wu Jun took Angel to the airport to meet them.

At Dongjing Airport, Angel, who was nearly two metres tall, instantly attracted everyone’s attention, and there were constantly people taking pictures with cameras or mobile phones.

Wu Jun had been in contact with Angel for about ten days and was already not surprised by this situation.

Not only was Angel’s face beautiful beyond words, her body was also tall beyond words, and she was an attention-grabbing presence wherever she went.

Although there were quite a lot of photographs taken, there was not a single one who went up to greet her.

In front of Wu Jun defenceless Angel, in front of outsiders high cold full, comes with a kind of uninviting regal breath.

At 1:30 minutes past noon, Shen Yingxing’s team’s flight landed.

After Shen Yingxing left the airport, the first thing she saw was Angel, who was like a crane in a flock of chickens, as well as Wu Jun, who was waving at her side.

The expression on Shen Yingxing’s team’s face when they saw Angel was exactly the same as when Wu Jun first saw Angel.