Tycoon Spurt Chapter 496

Regarding Angel’s height, after contacting her for a few days to familiarise himself with her, Wu Jun took the liberty of asking.

Angel’s height was 198, a full 16cm taller than Wu Jun.

Although the residents from within [Resource Tycoon] were all first class big men.

However, Angel was certainly not gigantism, and neither were Little Red and the others.

There were many obvious symptoms of gigantism, such as the face growing wider, eyebrows and double cheekbones bulging.

Giant nose and large ears, hypertrophied lips and tongue, gradually protruding jaw, sparse teeth, enlarged nose and throat, and blunt speech.

Thick and short fingers and toes, hypertrophy of the palms and metatarsals, thick, sweaty and fatty skin, generalised hypertrophy of the internal organs, enlarged thorax, and so on and so forth are the obvious features that make the patient very recognisable.

Moreover, the world’s known giants, most of the slow movement, mobility, can walk normally are not many.

Little red a group of people not only flexible movement, resistance sack beat people like a game, obviously not giants.

Moreover, most of the people with gigantism have lower intelligence than normal people.

Angel is not only an MBA from Harvard, but also a PhD in Economics from Chigaku University.

Not to mention the gigantism patients, Qingbei University of China’s schoolboys are not necessarily as high as her intelligence.

Wu Jun felt that it would be most apt to say that Angel was the embodiment of intelligence and beauty and perfection, and that he really couldn’t find any flaws in her.

“Gosh, her legs are almost longer than mine.”A petite little girl in Shen Yingxing’s team was in disbelief when she saw Angel’s long legs wrapped underneath her black stockings.

Angel’s pair of legs, which Wu Jun visually estimated to be around one metre three, were veritably long legs.

And what is extremely rare is that her leg type is as perfect as her facial features.

Increasing one point to appear strong, decreasing one point to appear weak, the round and full pair of long legs wrapped in black stockings is enough to make men all over the world go crazy and sweat.

“So tall, but the face is so small, is there any heavenly reason ……” Shen Yingxing team another girl with a somewhat square face, a face of grief.

It was reasonable to say that a big tall man with a tall stature would not only be tall, but his hands, feet, and features would also be large.

However, a pair of large black sunglasses, which were very common on the market, covered almost all of Angel’s face, revealing only a bare, white chin.

What was even more infuriating was that this small face growing on Angel’s large and tall head not only didn’t go against the grain, but instead, it gave people a feeling of being just right.

Although Shen Yingxing didn’t make any comments, it was also clear from the look on her face that she was no less shocked than the others in the team.

Angel was not only as perfect as a work of art in the eyes of men, but also in the eyes of women.

A short distance, Shen Yingxing felt like she had walked for a long time before she reached Wu Jun and Angel.

The journey gave her a feeling as if it was longer than the route across the ocean.

Before she came to Ribbon, Shen Yingxing’s mind was on the young talented man who drove himself home not far away for hundreds of kilometres.

At this moment, Wu Jun’s light was completely covered by Angel beside him.

The gazes of the crowd, the gazes of all the travellers at the airport departure gate, almost all converged on Angel.

Wu Jun smiled awkwardly, this feeling of being ignored hadn’t appeared on him for a long time.

Being robbed of the limelight by the characters he had summoned, there was no place to justify this matter.

In the past, when he had summoned Little Red and the others, this situation had not occurred, and he could only blame Angel for being too perfect.

Shen Yingxing brought the two little girls in the team to Wu Jun’s front, and only then did she remove her gaze from Angel.

Shen Yingxing looked at Wu Jun before she realised her outburst and smiled awkwardly, “Long time no see Wu Jun.”

“Sister Shen, the journey was hard.”Wu Jun said he didn’t mind, this kind of situation he was already used to this time.

When he took Angel out, she was always the one who was in the limelight, who made her not only look pretty, her temperament was good, and she also had a good body shape.

“Good day, Mr Wu, I’ve often heard Sister Shen mention you.”The two little girls in Shen Yingxing’s team, also waved their hands towards Wu Jun to greet him.

Although Wu Jun didn’t recognise the two, his manners couldn’t be left behind and responded to the two one by one.

Angel was quiet throughout, standing beside Wu Jun without saying a word, without any expression on her face.

When he was alone with Wu Jun, Angel was very talkative, she was always the one who talked more, Wu Jun was mostly a listener, or it would not be an exaggeration to say that he was a student.

In terms of company management, Angel has a lot of unique insights, during these days together, Wu Jun learnt a lot from her.

However, in front of outsiders, Angel has always been as quiet as gold, completely like a different person.

When meeting with investment bankers and business negotiation, Angel was another kind of thunderous style, domineering.

When Wu Jun followed Angel, no one would treat him as the boss, he looked like Angel’s little follower.

The difference in Angel’s character was so huge that Wu Jun could only attribute it to the fact that women were fickle.

Due to the fact that the contact time was still not long, Wu Jun was still a little elusive about her.

However, there was absolutely no doubt about Angel’s loyalty.

Regarding this point, Wu Jun had also secretly summoned Little Red 2 behind Angel’s back to ask about it, and received Little Red 2’s affirmation.

“This is ……” Shen Yingxing tilted her head to look at Angel, incomparably curious about this woman who was so perfect that she was somewhat ashamed of herself.

Whether it was in terms of body shape or face value, Shen Yingxing felt that she was not one star short of the woman in front of her, not to mention in terms of height.

Shen Yingxing’s naked height is one metre seven, a woman with this height is enough to be proud, but in front of Angel, this pride has to be restrained.

Wu Jun introduced Angel said: “Angel, my …… partner.”

“Partner” is the new identity Wu Jun gave Angel, in front of outsiders, can’t say that she was summoned out by himself.

“Hello, I’m Angel.”Angel slightly nodded her chin down, and her right hand, which was hanging down on the side of her thigh, lifted up, making a gesture to shake Shen Yingxing’s hand.

Seeing Angel’s hand, a phrase instantly popped into Shen Yingxing’s mind: ten fingers as sharp as bamboo shoots, wrists like white lotus roots.

Shen Yingxing thought, these hands must be perfect for talking about the piano, even her hands were so perfect.

“Hello Miss An, I am Shen Yingxing, the lawyer commissioned by General Manager Wu.”Shen Yingxing reached out and shook Angel’s hand after she came back to her senses.

After introducing Angel and Shen Yingxing to each other, Wu Jun drove a group of people back to Hotel Nikko.

Since Angel could not be recalled back into the game, Wu Jun opened a long-term private room for Angel at the Hotel Nikko.

Back inside the Hotel Nikko, Angel brought Shen Yingxing to her room to explain some things.

The matter of Miki Fireworks Factory, still need Shen Yingxing to co-operate from it, and prosecute the other party at the suitable time node, in order to play a fatal blow.

Wu Jun had nothing to do and helped arrange the accommodation for the two accompanying assistants.