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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 505

Liu Fang’s worries were not without reason.

After all, Chen Jian’s new job, for their ordinary family, is like a pie in the sky.

It is also Chen Jian’s fault, last time Wu Jun gave him 100,000 yuan, he hid it from Liu Fang and lent it to a worker whose family had suffered a change of heart.

If there was this 100,000 yuan as a lead, Liu Fang would not have such concerns.

“I’ve been in contact with Mr Wu a few times, and I don’t feel like he’s a crook.”Chen Jian said, “Moreover, General Manager Wu’s business in Shimen should be quite big and still has some strength.”

“Knowing the face is not knowing the heart,” Liu Fang said, “Liar that moment let you see that he is a liar, so how can he still cheat people, I think you’d better honestly go to work at Linlin’s place.”

Chen Jian poured himself a cup of wine, some reluctance to say, “I feel that this is an opportunity, if you do not seize it, you will regret it for a lifetime.”

“We have been married for more than ten years, the longest time we were apart was only three days, you left me and Fatty to run to Nippon, are you that relieved of us? Without a man at home, there’s still a bit of a home there.”When Liu Fang thought of separating from her husband, her heart felt a little bad.

Chen Jian said, “Mr Wu said that he can take you and Fatty there together.”

Liu Fang said, “What are we going to do in this unfamiliar place? What about Little Fatty’s schooling?”

Chen Jian said, “Mr Wu said that he would help you arrange a job, and he would also solve the problem of Little Fatty’s schooling.”

Liu Fang asked, “What is the relationship between you and Mr Wu? How long have you known?”

Chen Jian looked puzzled: “There is no relationship ah, is a while ago when the work of the acquaintance.”

Liu Fang said: “That’s great? You and what he has no relationship, why is he so good to you? This is not a liar, after the family money for you to manage.”

Hearing his wife say this, Chen Jian also shaken.

Carefully think about it is also, Wu gave himself too good treatment, so good that he was a bit unbelievable.

He earns millions of dollars a year, and also arranges accommodation, arranges a job for his wife, and arranges a school for his son.

This Mr Wu is either a great man or a great liar.

The hundred thousand dollars he gave himself last time, it couldn’t be a fishing expedition, could it?

Chen Lin was a little curious, “How old is that General Manager Wu?”

“I didn’t ask about that one, but he looks quite young, tall and thin, and the young man is quite handsome.”Chen Jian said, “Wasn’t a video of Guo Fucheng when he was young brushed up on Quick Shake a while ago, that General Manager Wu looks a lot like him, like a twin.”

After hearing Chen Jian’s words, the two aunts and sisters-in-law froze as the image of Wu Jun appeared in their minds.

The two looked at each other and thought to themselves that it couldn’t be such a coincidence!

Chen Lin and Wu Jun were naturally familiar with each other, Liu Fang had also seen Wu Jun from afar.

Last year, Liu Fang had even brought her son to be Chen Lin’s wingman, and the little fatty had assisted with two film tickets.

“What’s wrong with you two?”Chen Jian asked as he looked at his aunt and sister-in-law with a puzzled face.

Chen Lin was a little excited, “Brother, do you know the full name of that General Manager Wu?”

Chen Jian chucked a peanut rice, smacked his lips and said, “Wu Jun, as his name suggests, the young man is really handsome.”

“His dad! You’ve met a nobleman!”Liu Fang excitedly stood up at once, holding Chen Jian’s shoulders with both hands.

Chen Jian was shocked by his wife’s man-crazy-like behaviour, and his chopsticks fell onto the table.

“What’s the situation ah ……” Chen Jian a bewildered look at his wife.

Earlier, he had been saying that Chief Wu was a liar, saying that Chen Jian was on the verge of believing it.

How to hear the name of Wu always, immediately become their own nobleman.

“This is too much of a coincidence.”Chen Lin shook her head and smiled, feeling that fate was sometimes so ingenious.

Then associating it with the fact that Wu Jun just happened to be travelling in Nippon at this moment, it definitely couldn’t be wrong.

Just ……

Chen Lin was a bit puzzled, when did Wu Jun acquire a fireworks factory in Riben?

It was estimated that even General Manager Dong didn’t know about this matter.

“Can you two speak properly, what kind of riddle are you playing with where?”Chen Jian was confused by the actions of the two.

Liu Fang said: “His father, our family this time is really going to be developed, a moment you pick up your own, by the way, go to get a haircut, and then help you buy a few clothes, we go to the little fat grandma’s home round, say goodbye.”

Chen Jian was a bit puzzled: “You, you support me to go to Japan and Benzene?”

Liu Fang said, “Support, of course I support, ten thousand support.”

Chen Jian looked at the bottle with most of the wine left in it, and he didn’t drink much himself, why did he feel like he was drunk?

Chen Lin smiled and explained, “Brother, the General Manager Wu you are talking about, eight or nine times is my boss, he definitely won’t lie to you, this job is real and reliable.”

“What? General Manager Wu is your boss?”Chen Jian then remembered that the sister had told herself before that her boss was also surnamed Wu.

Zhou, Wu, Zheng and Wang are all big surnames, there are many more surnamed Wu under the sky, Chen Jian didn’t even think about it.

Although 100% sure that the other party must be Wu Jun, Chen Lin still went to the balcony to call Wu Jun, looking for myself to make sure.

After receiving Chen Lin’s call and listening to her narration, Wu Jun also felt that things were too coincidental.

Chen Jian, Chen Lin, although the two names are quite similar, but there are too many people with the surname Chen, he did not even think about this aspect.

Wu Jun smiled and said, “Chen Jian is your brother ah, my destiny with your family is really not shallow.”

Chen Lin said with heartfelt gratitude, “Wu Jun thank you, thank you for giving my brother such a good job opportunity.”

Wu Jun said, “Your brother is down-to-earth and reliable, very much to my liking, letting him keep an eye on the Japanese Benzene side is also reassuring to me, plus your relationship, I am even more assured.”

After hearing Wu Jun’s words, Chen Lin was very happy in her heart, from his words, Chen Lin felt that she still had a certain status in his heart.

Even if he said “this relationship” is just a friend relationship, Chen Lin is already satisfied.

Chen Lin and Xu Fei work in the same company, she is aware of the relationship between Wu Jun and Xu Fei.

In the company, Mr Dong also regarded Xu Fei as his nephew’s daughter-in-law, and he could only envy her silently from the sidelines.

Obviously, she knew Wu Jun earlier than Xu Fei, but, due to her own reserve, she ended up giving up her beloved man to someone else.

Chen Lin deeply regretted that she didn’t take the initiative to hold Wu Jun’s hand that time in the cinema a year ago.

The fact that Wu Jun and Xu Fei hadn’t shown their love in the company was the biggest comfort to Chen Lin.

Although her current salary was dozens and hundreds of times higher than before, Chen Lin was not happy in the company.

Chen Lin calmed down and asked, “Why did you suddenly think of starting a fireworks factory in Nippon?”

Wu Jun laughed: “Do you believe me when I say that I have become a shareholder by speculating in stocks?”

Chen Lin said with some curiosity, “Is …… that company very large in scale?”

Although Chen Lin does not speculate in the stock market, she knows that a company that has issued shares must be a listed company.

Wu Jun lightly said, “The market capitalisation is around 24 billion yen.”

Chen Lin was startled by this figure from Wu Jun’s mouth.

Although she had prepared for it in her heart, she never expected this company to be so big!

24 billion yen, almost 4 billion RMB!

Originally, she thought that a few tens of millions, at most hundreds of millions would be the top of the sky.

She didn’t expect Wu Jun to give her a listed company with a market value of 24 billion yen!

Her own brother changed from a loader to an executive of a listed company with a market value of 24 billion yen?