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Tycoon Spurt Chapter 504

Chen Jian and his wife, Liu Fang, were introduced to each other by a blind date.

When the fireworks factory, the two started from scratch, a small workshop to a small factory, followed Chen Jian suffered a lot.

Then because of policy reasons as well as rising prices of raw materials, rising labour costs, environmental protection, fire, and so on some of the problems listed.

The small factory did not survive, and eventually shut down.

However, it is not without reward, at least two people rely on their own efforts, in the city of Shimen bought a house, settled down, but also for Chen Lin finished the university.

Although the family does not live in a spacious, the day is also still make do, than the top than the bottom.

With a wife, children, and a house, Chen Jian feels that he has lived better than a large portion of the population.

At least in the loading and unloading team, in the city has a house, only he one.

In the last year or so, sister Chen Lin’s career is going well, he as a brother also rushed to be happy for his own sister.

Chen Jian graduated from senior high school that year, his parents have died, he did not go to college, chose to go out to work, for his sister to go to school.

He, as a brother, also took up his responsibilities.

Although his wife, Liu Fang, is a bit of a commoner, she is not so unsympathetic.

Chen Lin is thirty years old this year.

Liu Fang busy to introduce her to the object, on the one hand is to want to live in a family of three more spacious, on the other hand is also really worried about the marriage of the sister-in-law.

Liu Fang may not be a good sister-in-law, but a good wife and a good mother.

At noon today, Chen Lin came home to visit her little nephew, Liu Fang did not let her go to the kitchen to help, she was busy in the kitchen alone.

When Chen Lin came, she bought a lot of vegetables and cooked food, today’s noon meal was very sumptuous.

After the food and wine were served, Liu Fang greeted Chen Jian and Chen Lin who were chatting on the table.

She also called her son, who was playing games on Chen Lin’s mobile phone, over for dinner.

The little fat man reluctantly returned the mobile phone to Chen Lin and sat sullenly at the table.

Chen Hongda said, “Dad, buy me a mobile phone, our classmates all have mobile phones, only I don’t have one.”

Without Chen Jian speaking, Liu Fang lectured, “You’re only in the sixth grade of primary school, what mobile phone to buy, at least wait until you go to junior high school.”

Liu Fang holds the economic power of the family, Chen Jian monthly salary to hand over.

Chen Jian showed his son his hands and said he could not help.

Chen Hongda argued reasonably, “But my classmates are all in the sixth grade too, they all have them.”

Liu Fang insisted, “Saying no means no, let’s talk about it this time next year.”

Chen Hongda picked up his chopsticks, puffed and puffed and ate a peanut rice, got up to go back to the house, “I’m full.”

Chen Lin pulled her little nephew’s arm, smiled and said, “Hongda sit down, in a while Auntie will buy it for you, after eating we both go out for a walk.”

“Really little aunt, thank you little aunt!”Chen Hongda hugged Chen Lin’s arm, his fat face rubbed against her arm.

Chen Lin looked at her nephew with a doting face and reached out to rub his head.

Chen Jian smiled and didn’t say anything, the younger sister had watched her son grow up from a young age, and the two of them had a better relationship than himself as a father.

“Linlin ah, just spoil him.”Liu Fang complained on her lips, but her heart is still very happy.

It wasn’t that she was trying to save money and set her little aunt up to buy her son a mobile phone.

Her sister-in-law is now an executive of a large company, and her future is boundless, so when her son grows up, she can take care of him casually and make him live a good life.

Seeing that her sister-in-law loves her son so much, Liu Fang is happy from the bottom of her heart.

In the past, Liu Fang always wanted Chen Lin to move out, but now that Chen Lin really moved out, she regretted it again.

Since Chen Lin moved out, the only contradiction between the two unravelled, although far away, but the relationship instead closer.

Having lived together for more than ten years, Liu Fang also understands Chen Lin and knows that she is not just paying lip service.

The sister-in-law is also a very idea person, she decided things, the general public is very difficult to make her change her mind.

She said that she bought a mobile phone for her son, and it was useless to persuade herself, so she didn’t bother to be hypocritical and polite in front of her sister-in-law.

With her current financial strength, a mobile phone is nothing to her.

A meal of joy, three adults chatting, the little fat man appetite, than three adults ate all the joy.

Chen Lin rehashed the old story and said, “Brother, what I said last time, you reconsider, arranging for you to work in our company’s warehouse is a small matter, our boss won’t mind.”

Chen Lin will not forget her brother’s dedication to himself, his own career success, but also want to help her brother.

Some time ago, Chen Lin proposed to let Chen Jian go to work in the warehouse of Junheng Trading Co.

The warehouse side of the salary than Chen Jian as a loader to be a lot higher, but also easy.

Chen Jian feels that his sister can sit in the present position is not easy, in addition to their own efforts, but also has a lot of luck components, met a good boss.

Chen Jian doesn’t want to become a stain on his sister because of this small matter of the backdoor for her, affecting her future.

Liu Fang also advised: ”Yes his father, just listen to Linlin. You are now middle-aged, not a young man anymore, how long can you work as a stevedore?”

“Let’s not talk about this for now, I came back today because I want to discuss something with you guys.”Chen Jian looked at his wife, and then at his sister, and said, “It just so happens that Linlin is also here, so you give brother some advice.”

“Mom, Dad, Little Aunt, I’m full, can I play the game a little longer? My classmates are waiting for me.”Little Fatty hurriedly finished his meal and looked at the three adults with a pitiful face.

“Go play.”Liu Fang knew that her husband was going to say something serious and took out her mobile phone to send her son away.

“Thanks mum!”After receiving the mobile phone, Little Fatty walked towards the bedroom that belonged to him with a fluttering brow.

Chen Jian searched for a while and spoke, “When I was working some time ago, I got to know a boss surnamed Wu, just now he called to say that he had acquired a fireworks factory over in Nipponbenzene, and he wants me to go over to help supervise the factory’s production, and the salary offered is very high, so I would like to ask for your opinions.”

“Ah? Going abroad, to Japanese Benzene?”Liu Fang was dumbfounded when she heard her husband’s words.

Her husband, a high school student, was invited to work abroad?

“How much is it a month?”Chen Lin also felt a bit incredulous.

Chen Jian took a sip of wine to suppress his shock, swallowed and said, “100,000.”

Liu Fang said, “Japanese money isn’t worth much, is it?”

Chen Jian said, “It’s not yen, it’s RMB.”

Liu Fang sucked in a breath of cool air and was shocked.

Making 100,000 a month, that’s over a million a year, and her husband has become a gold-collar worker earning a million a year?

Chen Lin was also shocked, this salary level, it was really high already.

“Is that what’s-his-name Mr Wu reliable? It won’t be a scammer or something, right?”After Liu Fang came back to her senses, she said, “Did he ask you for an introduction fee, intermediary fee or anything?”

On the news, it is not uncommon for people to be tricked into working abroad, and many of them have to pay exorbitant introduction fees and intermediary fees.

As a result, you will be introduced to work abroad as a dishwasher, a construction worker, a sanitation worker, and do the dirty work that foreigners are not willing to do.

You can’t wait to earn back the introduction fee, and then you can’t do it anymore and run back.

In the end, it’s all cheaper for those unscrupulous agents.