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Worth Deserving Chapter 1627

“What should come, will always come.”

“Back then, the Chu Sect was so close to unifying the global martial dao.”

“At that time, Chu Yuan had not yet entered the God Realm.”

“Now, Chu Yuan has ascended to the supreme realm.”

“Having mastered the supreme power, he naturally wanted to have the supreme power as well.”

The Sword Saint spoke calmly, and within his low and slow words, there was more of a powerlessness.

In fact, not only the Sword Saint, but also Tang Hao and the Fist Emperor knew clearly that from the moment Ye Fan killed the Chu Clan and forced out Chu Yuan, it was a sign that this day was bound to come.

It was just a matter of sooner or later.

“Still, it’s come a little fast.”

“It’s only been two years!”

“Back then, didn’t Chu Tianfan unite with the Dragon God Hall powerhouse and almost trample down the Chu Sect?”

“I thought that it would take at least ten years for the Chu Sect to regain its vitality.”

Tang Hao’s brow furrowed as his palms clenched tightly.

It only felt like the Chu Sect’s movements were too fast.

They simply weren’t ready yet.

“If only back then, Chu Tianfan had killed a few more Sealed Sovereigns of the Chu Sect back on Chu Sect Mountain!”

“That guy was number one on the Heavenly Ranking, the Chu Family head had lost to him, and as long as he wanted to, he could have killed the Chu Sect Sealed Sovereigns cleanly.”

“If the Chu Clan wants to cultivate a few more Sealed Patriarchs, it will definitely not be possible to do so without a twenty or thirty years.”

The Fist Emperor slammed his fist on the tabletop, but he lamented anxiously.

Sometimes, people were so ironic.

When Ye Fan was alive, the Fist Emperor and the others used all their efforts to deal with him.

Now that Ye Fan had fallen, they were complaining about why Ye Fan hadn’t killed a few more enemies for them back then in Yanxia.

The Fist Emperor’s words sounded somewhat ironic to Tang Hao as well.

He raised his head and looked at Mo Gucheng “Instead of complaining about this, don’t you think it would be better if Chu Tianfan was still alive?”

“Perhaps he would have already stepped through the shackles and entered the God Realm as well.”

“My land of Yanxia is guarded by strong God Realm practitioners. Where else would they, the Chu Sect, dare to covet our God Realm Land?”

Tang Hao spoke coldly.

Fist Emperor Mo Kucheng immediately frowned, his eyes full of displeasure as he glared at Tang Hao “Tang Hao, what do you mean by that?”

“Are you blaming me, or the Sword Saint, or our Yanxia Martial Way?”

“Blaming us for seeing death and not saving it back then, blaming us for not daring to risk extinction to shelter that demon in the first place?”

“Don’t you forget that it wasn’t my decision not to save him in the first place, nor was it the Sword Saint’s decision, but the conclusion of a vote by all of us in the Yanxia Martial Way!”

The Fist Emperor suddenly became angry, and his volume all increased much higher with it.

This matter, after all, was somewhat sensitive to the current Martial Hall of Gods.

The decision back then, whether it was right or wrong, to this day, the Fist Emperor and the others did not dare to have any definite conclusion.

“I’m not blaming anyone anymore, I’m just stating a fact.”

“I just feel that back then, if we had chosen a different path for good, our situation at this time would undoubtedly be much better.”

Tang Hao coldly returned.

But the Fist King was undoubtedly even angrier when he heard that “No, Tang Hao, don’t you think it’s a bit funny to talk about this matter now?”

“Does it make sense?”

“Moreover, according to what you’re saying, you also share the War God’s opinion that we were wrong back then? The choices that most of us in the Yanxia Martial Way made back then were wrong?”

Seeing that the Fist Emperor and Tang Hao were about to argue, the Sword Saint suddenly raised his voice and shouted “All right, let’s not talk about the past anymore.”

“The merits and demerits will be judged by future generations.”

“Now, what we need to do is the matter at hand.”

After the Sword Saint had stopped their quarrel, he immediately asked Tang Hao, “How are the talks going in the Sun Country?”

“Will they be willing to join us in the fight against the Chu Sect?”

“The Chu Sect’s goal is not just our Yanxia Martial Way.”

“I believe they won’t be ignorant of the truth of the coldness of the teeth on the lips.”

The Sword Saint’s words were deep as he asked Tang Hao in a hushed voice.

Ever since Ye Fan had fallen back then and Ye Qingtian had withdrawn from the Martial God Hall, the Sword Saint and the others had naturally not been idle during these two years.

On the domestic front, the Sword Saint and the others had fought hard, and had increased their investment in nurturing martial artists.

Moreover, although “Mortal Dust Starfire” had cancelled his account, the martial arts techniques and cultivation philosophies he had created in the past ten years were still in existence.

Through the vigorous promotion of the Martial God Hall, many of them have already begun to bear fruit.

It could be said that only if enough time was given for the development of Yanxia’s martial arts, it was not a delusion to give birth to a few more Patriarchs or even Sealed Patriarchs.

But unfortunately, the &bsp&bsp time given to them by the Chu Sect was too short.

Therefore, the immediate emergency solution was to unite the Japanese martial arts doctrine.

Of course, the main thing was to obtain the help of the Moon God.

As long as the Moon God could help them hold off Chu Yuan, the remaining Chu Sect powerhouses, they were not without a fighting chance.

The key, was the Chu Sect’s God Realm powerhouse!

However, in the face of the Sword Saint’s enquiry, Tang Hao shook his head and sighed “Originally, there was a chance to cooperate.”

“Even Sword God Wang Yuehe had already agreed to it.”

“But unfortunately, after the news reached the mouth of the Moon God, all cooperation was cancelled.”

“The messenger I sent to negotiate was also badly injured and driven out of the country.”

“The Moon God also sent word to us.”

“Saying that she, would never work with heartless and unrighteous people.”

Tang Hao spoke in a low voice.

After saying that, an endless silence fell in the room.

The Fist King didn’t say anything, and the Sword Saint’s face paled a few shades.

They certainly knew what the Moon God meant by these words.

It was obvious that she was still holding a grudge over what happened to Ye Fan back then.

Earlier, the Sword Saints had thought that, as the Patron God of a country, the interests of her family and country should be placed above her personal feelings.

However, they had finally underestimated Ye Fan’s position in her heart.

Thinking of this, the Sword Saint suddenly laughed to himself “It seems that this evil consequence is for us to pay for ourselves after all.”

The words of the Sword Saint were full of powerlessness.

“What about Old Ye’s side?”

“Can we get in touch?”

The Sword Saint asked again.

It had been two years.

Ever since he had quit the Martial God Hall back then, there was no news from the War God.

But the Sword Saint always believed that even if the War God was angry, he would not really ignore this country and the compatriots he loved.


“Perhaps the God of War, he, is truly disappointed in us.”

Tang Hao’s head lowered even deeper.

In all the years of presiding over Yanxia’s martial dao, there had never been a moment when Tang Hao was as helpless and desperate as he was now.

Yanxia’s most demonic genius had fallen.

The God of War who had guarded this country for half a century was also gone.

Two God Realm powerhouses around the world, one eyeing them intently and ready to swing east at any moment. The other, too, was full of hostility towards them, cursing them for being heartless and heartless.

Tang Hao raised his head to look around, only to feel that the Martial God Hall, surprisingly, was surrounded by enemies on all sides.

The lost path was perhaps talking about them, right?

“He will return.”

“In our time of need, he will definitely come back.”

The Sword Saint spoke quietly.

Just as the three of them were filled with gloom, someone walked in from outside, it was Mo Wu Ya, the Little Fist Emperor.

“Father, I received a phone call.”

“He said that Chu Tianfan isn’t dead yet, he’s still alive.”

“And that he might come to Yanshan for revenge at any time.”

“Let’s take precautions early.”

Mo Wu Ya reported to Tang Hao and the others.

But Tang Hao and the Sword Saint didn’t pay any attention to them.

In the past two years, they had heard too many similar voices.

Even, when the Dragon Head Man first appeared, so many people around the world thought that the man had returned for revenge.

But it turned out that it was all just a rumour spread by blackmail.

“Wu Ya, from now on, don’t report such calls.”

“We saw him die with our own eyes.”

“Unless he is a god descending to earth, he won’t be alive.”