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Worth Deserving Chapter 1866

It is late at night, and the night is quiet.

But the villa in front of him was still brightly lit.

Lu Zi Ming stood outside his room in his pyjamas, shivering.

There was no way out, his residence had been taken over.

Just a moment ago, Ye Fan had made a late night visit.

He asked Lu Zi Ming to provide him with a place to stay.

Lu Ziming was just about to call Ye Fan to find a hotel, but who would have thought that Ye Fan would say that this house was just fine, and that he would stay here for the next few days.

He also instructed Lu Zi Ming that for the next period of time, no one was allowed to go near this single-family house without his permission.

Lu Ziming, who had been driven out of the house, stood in the courtyard and watched, but the more he thought about it, the more he felt suffocated.

“Ma De, do I owe you in my last life?”

“What’s all this.”

Lu Zi Ming cursed and grumbled.

Although he was full of grievances, there was nothing he could do about it.

After all, that man, was not something he could mess with.

Of course, while grumbling, Lu Zi Ming also had a few doubts in his mind.

“Looking at that Chu Tianfan’s meaning just now, it seems like he’s going to stay here for a few days in seclusion.”

“Could it be that the strength is about to break through again?”

Thinking of this, Lu Zi Ming couldn’t help but shiver a few times deep inside his heart.

One had to know that before this, Ye Fan was the acknowledged number one person under the God Realm.

If his cultivation level went even further, how terrifying would that be?

“Perhaps my Yan Xia, is really going to give birth to a, God Realm powerhouse.”

Lu Zi Ming tilted his head and looked up, at the lighted place in the villa.

The emotions in his heart were a million and one.

He did not know whether it would be a good thing or a bad thing for Yanxia if Ye Fan stepped into the God Realm.

After a short period of disorientation, Lu Zi Ming first changed his clothes, then greeted his driver and drove away.

In the villa, the lights swayed.

Ye Fan had already removed his top and sat there with his knees crossed.

“Yao’er, let’s begin.”

Ye Fan smiled openly.

But Yue Yao stood there, looking at the shocking scars on Ye Fan’s body, those beautiful eyes, unconsciously, had flushed red.

Her slender jade hand gently stroked over Ye Fan’s wounds. After a long silence, Yueyao suddenly whispered “That time, it should be very painful, right?”

Ye Fan froze for a moment before shaking his head and smiling “I’ve forgotten, it’s all in the past.”

“Alright Yao’er, let’s get started.”

“When the treatment is over, I will accompany you back to India.”

Yue Yao didn’t reply, she just nodded gently.

Just like that, the final treatment for Ye Fan officially began on this winter night.

Even Ye Fan did not know how long this healing would last.



On the other hand, Lu Zi Ming, who drove away, arrived at the Zhang family and met Zhang Jiuling.

Ye Fan’s arrival had made the two families, who had been on equal terms, much more cordial.

“What did you say?”

“Chu Tianfan went to your place?”

Lu Zi Ming informed Zhang Jiuling of Ye Fan’s matter.

Zhang Jiuling was, after all, an old generation strong man with extensive knowledge, and now that they had such a great killing embryo living in Jiangbei, there were many things that Lu Ziming could only come to Zhang Jiuling to discuss.


“I suspect that it’s time for a breakthrough in seclusion.” Lu Zi Ming spoke in a deep voice.

When Zhang Jiuling heard this, he was shocked and the corners of his eyes twitched.

“Another breakthrough again?”

“He’s already number one on the Heavenly Ranking, what else could he break through?”

“Is it hard?”

As the words reached his lips, something suddenly occurred to Zhang Jiuling’s mind, and his aged body trembled fiercely.

He jerked his head up and looked at Lu Ziming “God God Realm?”

Although Lu Ziming did not want to admit it either, he had to nod his head.

With the height Ye Fan was at now, if he were to break through again, he could only be at the God Realm.

“Old Master, what should we do now?”

“Should we, uh, report back to the Martial God Hall side?” Lu Zi Ming let out a bitter smile, and above his expression, powerlessness was written all over his face.

Zhang Jiuling was also silent for a moment between them, not knowing what to do.

Right now, the news that Ye Fan’s was still alive was estimated to be known by only the two of them in the martial arts world.

On the side of the Martial God Hall, they were also still completely kept in the dark.

As Yanxia martial artists, Lu Zi Ming and Zhang Jiuling did have the responsibility and obligation to report this situation to the Martial God Temple.

However, Zhang Jiuling was the one who was hesitating.

“What do you think, if the Martial God Temple, on its part, learns that Ye Fan is still alive, how will it react?”

Lu Ziming thought about it “It’s hard to say. It might step up its guard, or it might come forward to apologise.”

“What else?” Zhang Jiuling asked again.

Lu Ziming froze “Could it be that the Martial God Temple will send someone to kill Chu Tianfan and strike first?”

Zhang Jiuling shook his head “If it were me, I would release the news that Ye Fan was still alive, out in the open.”

“At that time, there would be no need for the Martial God Hall to take action themselves.”

“The strong men of the Chu Sect, as well as all those who participated in the siege of Chu Tianfan that year, would have sent a*sa*sins to sneak into Jiangbei to hunt Chu Tianfan.”

“Moreover, Chu Tianfan is in seclusion.”

“This is undoubtedly the perfect opportunity to strike at this time.”

“When that time comes, our land in Jiangbei will probably be really unsettled.”

“It would be fine if Chu Tianfan was killed.”

“But if he’s not killed, you and I will have no chance of survival.”

“What’s more, Chu Tianfan is still kind to my Yanxia Martial Path. It is not my style to return the favour to Zhang Jiuling.”

Zhang Jiuling’s low voice slowly rang out.

Lu Zi Ming’s face then turned ugly.

“I don’t think that the Martial God Hall would do something so desperate.”

“How can Chu Tianfan say that, he is also a member of our Yanxia.”

“Moreover, it is not openly calling the Martial God Temple an enemy now.”

Lu Ziming still did not want to believe that the Martial God Temple would use the means of lending a knife to kill Ye Fan.

Zhang Jiuling, however, shook his head and said “The world is bustling with profit, and the world is bustling with profit.”

“For the sake of profit, what won’t the Martial God Hall do?” “Especially in the matter of disposing of Chu Tianfan, the Martial God Hall will definitely not show any mercy.”

“So Old Master, are you saying that we should keep quiet for now? Then in case Chu Tianfan kills Yanshan after his breakthrough, then our Yanxia Martial Dao would really be all over.” Lu Ziming clearly still had a few feelings of family and country responsibility in his heart.

After all, the Martial God Hall was the orthodox representative of the Yanxia Martial Dao, so they naturally did not want the Sword Saint to die at Ye Fan’s hands.

Zhang Jiuling sighed, “Why don’t we politely remind them of this? So that they can make some preparations earlier.”

After having made a decision, Zhang Jiuling and Lu Ziming made an anonymous phone call to the Martial God Temple.



Yan Mountain.

Since the War God withdrew, the current Martial God Hall was undoubtedly a little colder compared to the past.

The Sword Saint, in particular, had become much more reticent and rarely intervened in many matters of the Yanxia Martial Dao.

Only on some important matters would he express some opinions.

Therefore, the current Martial God Hall, big and small matters, were almost entirely under the control of the Fist Emperor’s father and son.

But this night, Fist Emperor Mo Gucheng seemed to have received some news and summoned Sword Saint and Tang Hao to a meeting overnight.

“Sword Saint, Tang Hao, I have just received information.”

“Traces of Chu Sect powerhouses’ activities have been discovered in all of my southern provinces of Yanxia.”

“Moreover, I have also received reliable information that on the Chu Sect Mountain side, in recent months, there has been a ma*sive movement of strongmen.”

“The Chu Sect powerhouses outside are all converging towards Chu Sect Mountain in a frenzy.”

“All the signs have indicated that the Chu Sect side, is about to make a move.”

“Moreover, there is a great possibility that the first battle for the Chu Sect to dominate the world will be my Yanxia Martial Way!”

Mo Gucheng’s expression was grave, and his low voice resounded slowly in this dark night.

The two of them, Tang Hao Yu and Sword Saint, who heard this news, were not too surprised.

Just like what Ye Qingtian had said when he quit the Martial God Hall, it was only a matter of time before the Chu Clan came to Yanxia and unified the global martial dao.

If not for the emergence of a Dragon Head in the past two years, which disrupted the Chu Sect’s layout and rhythm, it was estimated that this day would have arrived long ago.