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Worth Deserving Chapter 1770

However, after Chu Yuan was smashed into the depths of the earth with a slap, he quickly climbed out again.

At this moment, Chu Yuan, with a heart full of fear and reverence, looked at the illusory shadow of light in front of him. The previously majestic and imposing Chu Yuan, who was unbeatable, finally lowered his lofty head in front of this shadow of light.

With a shrivelled face, with awe, the corners of his bloodied lips trembled, and then, amidst everyone’s shocked and abrupt gaze, he bowed to the light figure in front of him with reverence, “Mother.”

Although there were only two words, the moment they rang out from the top of this mountain, it was as if a stone had broken the sky.

Everyone was frozen in their tracks.

Everyone stared at the scene before them with dead eyes in disbelief.


“How dare you, as a member of the Chu Clan, brutalize the descendants of the Heavenly Generation of my Chu Clan.”

“How dare you call out to my mother when you have so deceived your master and destroyed your ancestor?”

The light and shadow flickered, and the pale old voice carried a majestic anger in it.

But Chu Yuan was filled with grievances and defended himself repeatedly, “Mother, it’s not my fault.”

“It is this Chu Tianfan who has deviated from the teachings, deceiving his teachers and destroying his ancestors, killing many people in my Chu family, even your grandson, Chu Zhengliang, was killed by him.”

“If I don’t kill him, how can I rectify the family rules?”

Faced with the old lady’s angry rebuke, Chu Yuan was still full of great reasoning and could be described as having a strong voice.

“Shut up!”

“You rebellious son, you still don’t know how to repent even now?”

“Kneel down to me!”

Old Taijun shouted sternly.

Mighty power swept out from the ancient sword of Yunyang.

For a moment, it was as if the Old Dowager herself was present.

An unprecedented majesty swept out.

Faced with his old mother’s angry shout, Chu Yuan dared not disobey in the slightest, and actually kneeled down in front of the crowd in front of the old monarch’s light and shadow.

As Chu Yuan knelt, the rest of the Chu family also bowed to the ground.

For the Chu family, it was the first time that many of them had seen the old monarch appear in person.

After all, very few people knew about the Chu family’s ancestral home in Fenghai.

Only the core members of the family would travel to Yanxia during the annual Spring Festival to pay homage to their ancestors and visit Old Taijun on the way.

Therefore, for so many years, Old Taijun was almost just a mascot to the Chu family, a mere mascot with a vestigial status, and only went to pay respects during the Spring Festival.

After all, a person who is half-dead in the ground may not be able to take care of herself anymore, so naturally her words would not carry much weight.

However, it was only now that Chu Shen and the others realised that this old woman, who had lived for over a hundred years in the Chu family, was not an old woman in vain.

Those three palms just now were so powerful that they were even far above Chu Yuan.

“I didn’t expect that this Chu Family, would still be hiding such an old demon.”

“As expected of the Chu Family, the terrifying depth of its heritage is simply astounding!”

The moment the old Taijun’s light and shadow appeared, Mac Jones and the others were all scared sh*tless as well.

In their hearts, they only felt that the Chu Family had become more and more mysterious, as well as unfathomable.

However, while trembling, Bill Jones and the others could not help but wonder why this old lady, who was so powerful, had never appeared for so many years, and had rarely even heard of it.

However, just because the Jones family’s did not know, did not mean that the Tang family’s did not know.

People like Tang Yun as well as that Chu Clan Grand Elder, Tang Xian, had undoubtedly heard of this old lady.

“Hasn’t this Old Taijun of the Chu Family always guarded the Chu Family’s old mansion and never asked about outside matters, why has she suddenly appeared today?”

Tang Xian was also appalled in his heart.

And while the crowd was trembling, Yue Shen was taking advantage of this time to rush forward, take Ye Fan’s arm and immediately fly towards the bottom of the Chu Clan mountain.


Ye Fan had long been at the end of his rope, and had Old Taijun not suddenly revealed her majesty with the help of the Yunyang Ancient Sword just now, Ye Fan would have perished at this moment.

However, even though Old Taijun had revealed her saintliness, it didn’t mean that he was resting on his laurels.

The Moon God could see that the reason why this Old Taijun’s light and shadow could appear here was that he had used some secret technique to seal his power within the Yunyang Ancient Sword and then inspired it at a critical moment.

If the Moon God hadn’t expected, those three palm imprints just now had already used up the power that the old Taijun had sealed in the Yunyang Ancient Sword.

The ability to deter Chu Yuan now relied entirely on the old lady’s prestige and seniority.

Once Chu Yuan came back to his senses, Ye Fan’s life would still be in danger.

The Moon God did not dare to take such a risk, and as Chu Yuan and the others knelt down and worshipped, she took Ye Fan and flew away towards the bottom of Chu Sect Mountain.

“D*mn you!”

“Moon Reader, stop right there!”

Seeing Ye Fan, who was bound to die, was actually going to fly.

Chu Yuan was undoubtedly filled with resentment, cursing angrily and getting up to go after him.


“You still want to kill him?”

Old Taijun’s voice, from within that shadow of light, came out once again.

Chu Yuan’s old face twitched, although he was reluctant, but after all, she was his own old mother, the highest-ranking person in the Chu family today, and he did not dare to disobey her in front of so many people.

He had to kneel back down again!

Daring not, the light and shadow was clearly unsustainable.

Soon, it began to fade and dissipate.

Undaunted, before it dimmed, Old Taijun’s voice came out once again.

“Chu Yuan, don’t think that just because I, the old woman, cannot leave the land of the Maple Sea, you can be lawless and wantonly mutilate the descendants of my Chu Family’s heavenly pride.”

“I tell you, although I stay in the ancestral land of the Chu Family, I still have ways to punish you!”

“Behave yourself.”

The cold voice echoed, and the light and shadow scattered completely like the wind.

There was silence, a long silence.

Even though the light and shadow scattered, Chu Yuan and the others remained kneeling.

It was only after no more changes appeared that Chu Yuan led the way and rose.

“Old Clan Master, what should we do now?”

“Is this really the way to let that Chu Tianfan leave?”

Chu Shen was reluctant and immediately stepped forward to ask.

Chu Yuan’s eyes were gloomy as he immediately shook his head “Of course not!”

“Pa*s down the order for the Chu Sect to gather all their forces and go after Chu Tianfan!”

“Live to see a man, die to see a corpse.”

“Ordinary disciples who want to catch Chu Tian Fan can be promoted directly to Chu Sect Elder.”

“If the elders capture Chu Tianfan, I will let him take Chu Zhengliang’s position!”

Chu Yuan’s low voice echoed quietly, and for a moment, the entire Chu Sect crowd all leapt to their feet as if they had been beaten with chicken blood.

After all, everyone already knew that Ye Fan was now long on the verge of death, and as long as he caught up with him, he didn’t need to be a Sealed Power, even a Patriarch could have his head on a platter.

This was the greatest opportunity for promotion in decades, so how could these people not be tempted?

“But on the side of the old Taijun,” Chu Shen had concerns.

But Chu Yuan said in a low voice, “It’s fine. Old Taijun will stay in the old mansion and will never leave the Maple Sea for the rest of her life.”

“This place is ten thousand miles away from Yanxia, she won’t know.”

“Not to mention, Old Taijun is so old, she shouldn’t be involved in the affairs of her offspring!”

Regarding Old Taijun’s meddling in Ye Fan’s affairs, Chu Yuan was clearly indignant.

He now even felt that all the secret arts and heavy treasures on Ye Fan were given to him by Old Taijun.

This undoubtedly displeased Chu Yuan even more.

Back then, he had asked Old Taijun more than once about the complete version of the Cloud Dao Heavenly Jedi, but Old Taijun had always said that she did not know about it.

Now, it was given to an outcast that he had expelled from the family back then.

Wasn’t this a clear slap in her son’s face?

“I don’t know what this Old Taijun has in mind?”

“If that Chu Tianfan is even more dear, can he be dearer than his son?”

“And he even made a fool of me by throwing three slaps in a row in front of so many people!”

Chu Yuan was filled with displeasure.

The three palms that Old Taijun had suddenly struck just now, although they had strongly subdued Chu Yuan, they had not caused him fatal damage, but they had caused him to lose face.