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Worth Deserving Chapter 1771

Now that the light and shadow had dispersed, Chu Yuan naturally had no more scruples. Immediately, he ordered the people of the Chu Sect to go after Ye Fan.


“Everyone go for me!”

“No matter what, that Chu Tianfan must not be allowed to escape back to Yanxia!”

Chu Yuan’s rolling voice reverberated uncontrollably throughout the Chu Sect mountains.

That monstrous voice of rage was only like thunder exploding.

In a flash, thousands of people from the Chu Sect shot off in all directions like arrows from a string.

However, after reviewing the circle, except for some seriously injured people who could hardly move, Chu Yuan found that Tang Yun was still here.

“Little Yun, what are you still standing there for?”

“Why don’t you follow quickly and go after that Chu Tianfan!”

“If you hadn’t been confused just now, this Chu Tianfan would have already been killed by me.”

“Now give me the merit to redeem myself.”

“In a moment, after I catch up with them and stop the Moon God, you will try your best to kill that Chu Tianfan for me.”

“This time, don’t be as confused as last time.”

“You don’t need to care about me, nor do you need to care about your senior brother Chu Zhenghong, nor do you need to care about the Chu Family.”

“Although Chu Tianfan has half of my Chu family’s bloodline, he has had nothing to do with my Chu family since the time he was expelled from my family back then.”

“You need not be concerned, just go ahead and kill!”

“Do you hear me?”

Chu Yuan looked at Tang Yun, who was still flabbergasted, and reprimanded in a stern voice.

This time, Tang Yun did not argue anything further.

She just nodded in agreement.

Just like that, shortly after Ye Fan and the Moon God both left, Chu Yuan led the four-party army of the Chu Sect in a pervasive pursuit of Ye Fan.

The Moon God herself was injured, and as she was fleeing with an injured person, her speed was naturally not too fast.

Soon, he was caught up by Chu Yuan.

Between the mountains and forests, the Moon God stepped across the air.

A long skirt fluttered, and her stunningly beautiful face carried an endless majesty.

With misty eyes and a solemn expression, she held a long sword and straddled the sky between the rivers like this.

Chu Yuan, as well as Tang Yun and many other Chu Sect powerhouses, gathered around.

However, what they found surprising was that in the face of Chu Yuan, who was coming after him, this Moon God did not make the slightest movement, standing there as calmly as if he had been waiting for them to arrive.

“Is this giving up resistance?” The Chu Sect elder was filled with doubt in his eyes as he spoke in a low voice.

As Chu Yuan looked at this silhouette in front of him, his old eyes also narrowed at once.

“Moon God, you won’t be able to escape.”

“Where is Chu Tianfan, hand him over.”

“Or else, I will kill him first, and then destroy your Sun Country Martial Dao!

Chu Yuan was extremely angry, his eyes sweeping in all directions.

At the same time, his spiritual power was also radiating towards the vicinity.

However, to Chu Yuan’s disappointment, he did not feel the slightest bit of Ye Fan’s presence.

It looked like it was hidden by this Moon God.

It had to be said that the Moon God was indeed resourceful as well.

She knew that if she fled with Ye Fan and the two of them, she would soon be caught up by Chu Yuan.

Therefore, she chose to separate from Ye Fan and stay behind by herself to attract the attention of the people of the Chu Sect and buy time for Ye Fan.

“Chu Yuan, you claim that Chu Tianfan deceived his master and destroyed his ancestor, Chu Yun.”

“As I see it, it is you who deceives your master and destroys your ancestor.”

“You even dare to disobey your mother’s words.”

“If your Chu Family ancestor were still alive, the first person to kill would definitely be you.”

The Moon God’s ghostly voice echoed, and her cold gaze, looking at the strong men of the Chu Clan surrounding her in front of her.

Chu Yuan, however, had little patience to talk nonsense with her, “Stop stalling here, I’m telling you, that Chu Tianfan won’t be able to escape!”

“I don’t have the heart to waste words with you here, get out of my way.”

“After I kill that snitch, I’ll settle our accounts later!”

After realising that Ye Fan was not here, Chu Yuan wasted no more time with her and led his men to prepare to continue searching and pursuing.

However, before Chu Yuan could turn around, the Moon God’s figure swayed and she had already reached Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan instantly frowned, “It looks like you are determined to make things difficult for me.”

“However, Moon Reader, do you really think that by blocking me, that Chu Tianfan will be able to escape and live?”

“Then I can only say that you are, well, terribly wrong.”

Chu Yuan shook his head and spoke sadly.

“You and I both know that Chu Tianfan is already at the end of his rope. Let alone a sealed powerhouse, even if a random person from my Chu Sect Mountain chased after him, they could just kill him with their hands.”

“Therefore, it does not matter whether I participate in the chase or not.”

Between cold smiles, Chu Yuan immediately turned his head to look at Tang Yun and the others, “Little Yun, as well as the ten elders of the Chu Sect, I will leave the matter of Ce’s pursuit of Chu Tianfan to you.”

“He is heavily injured, he won’t get far.”

“Each of you will be responsible for an area, lead the members of the sect and start a carpet search.”

“I don’t believe it, that Chu Tianfan, a broken body, can’t escape from under the noses of my Chu Sect?”

“Still the same words, live to see a man, die to see a corpse!”

Chu Yuan knew to himself that with the Moon God in the way, he feared that it would be difficult for him to get away.

But it didn’t matter, relying on the remaining strong men of the Chu Sect to chase down a dying, bereaved dog would be enough.


“Old Clan Master, don’t worry, we will definitely capture that Chu Tianfan!”

“And after that, we will break his body into pieces and bones to avenge our dead brothers!”

In a flash, the Chu Clan’s people were filled with righteous indignation.

One by one, like mad dogs, they searched in all directions with this place as the centre.

“Sect Master, let’s go too.”

Grand Elder Tang Xian glanced at Tang Yun and urged.

Tang Yun nodded, and then followed suit to join the army searching for Ye Fan.

“Chu Yuan, why are you so heartless?”

“Why did you let him live for a day?”

“He, Chu Tianfan, is after all a descendant of your Chu family, your son’s flesh and blood.”

“If you kill him, aren’t you afraid that when your son returns later, you won’t have the face to face him?”

Looking at the people of the Chu Clan who were scattering in all directions, the Moon God instantly frowned.

There were so many people on the other side, she could not stop them at all.

Right now, the Moon God could only manage to hold back Chu Yuan alone.

Facing the Moon God’s question, Chu Yuan instantly sneered, “Our Chu Clan’s family affairs, it’s not up to you to bother with them.”

“Instead of worrying about me, you should worry about that curmudgeon.”

“How long do you think that he will be able to hide for?”


Chu Yuan’s reckless laughter echoed throughout the entire Chu Sect mountain range.

At this moment, the entire Chu Sect could be said to be out in full force.

Inch after inch, they searched for Ye Fan’s trail between that vast mountain forest.

At this time, Ye Fan was hidden by the Moon God into some mountain cave.

His injuries were too heavy, and the successive great battles had long since exhausted Ye Fan’s body.

Right now, he could barely gather even a single drop of Yuan Power.

He could only choose to hide in the cave, slowly adjusting his breath and trying to recover a little bit of qi.

However, Ye Fan knew very well that he would not be able to hide here for long.

Under the overwhelming search, it was only a matter of time before his position was revealed.

Ye Fan only hoped that this time would come a little later, so that he might still be able to recover some of his strength.

However, in this world, things often do not go as planned.

Soon, the sound of the Chu Sect’s strongest man speaking came from outside the cave.


“Ma De, where do you think that Chu Tianfan can run to?”

“Could it be that it has already escaped from the Chu Sect mountain range?”


“Impossible, he’s been beaten like that by our old Sect Master, he’s afraid that he can’t even walk steadily, it’s impossible for him to have gone far in such a short time.”


“Let’s go, there’s a cave up ahead, let’s go over there and take a look…”


As he spoke, those footsteps, were already getting closer and closer.

Ye Fan hid behind the cave entrance and held his breath, quietly listening to the approach of these people.

Ye Fan could only pray now that the people coming were few and not too strong, so that he might still be able to kill them by a surprise attack.

However, when they got closer, Ye Fan’s heart went cold.

There were three people coming, a Patriarch and two initiates.

With this line-up, Ye Fan could already wait for death.