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Worth Deserving Chapter 1780

“I told you, I don’t want it I don’t want it!”

“How many times have I told you that I already have a favorite.”

“Are you unable to understand human language?”

Perhaps it was because she was really tortured, and in the end the girl could not stand it any longer, she actually exploded into foul language directly.

However, what made all the diners around her speechless was that even though the girl had said that, the young man still persisted and kept on pestering.

He even went behind him to pull the girl called Yurou, “Yurou, wait for me, let’s have a good chat.”

“I have nothing to talk about with you.” The girl was so determined that she didn’t give any thought to the other party.

Moreover, she seemed to be disgusted by any physical contact with him, and as she spoke, the girl even shook off the man’s arm with great force and anger.

But perhaps it was because she had pushed too hard, after she had shaken off the man’s arm, her hand accidentally touched the table next to her.

The coffee on it was knocked over and the hot coffee flowed down, but it splashed all over the rich young man next to her.


“How did you put the coffee?”

“I just bought the clothes and it spilled all over me.”

“Can you afford to pay for it?”

The rich young man was furious.

For today’s meeting with Yu Rou, he had purposely chosen his attire carefully, but only after wearing it for a short while, he was covered in stains.

And while the rich young man was loudly scolding, the girl called Yu Rou, who was on the side, was apologising repeatedly.

“Sorry sorry sorry, I didn’t mean to.”

“I’ll compensate you guys with a cup of coffee.”

While this girl bowed her head in apology, she took out a paper towel to clean up the coffee she had accidentally spilled.

In the face of the girl’s apology, the other party just smiled and said, “Okay.”


It was as if thunder struck down.

The moment she heard the word “good”, He Yurou’s delicate body was frozen in place.

It felt as if she had suddenly been struck by thunder.

He Yurou only felt that her mind was blank.

Deep inside her heart, a crazy thought sprang up.

Finally, with great trepidation and anticipation, He Yurou slowly raised her head.

Until, it was time to see that familiar and clear face again.


“Are you okay?”

“Want a face you?”

“Yurou, you don’t have to compensate him.”

“Having soiled this young master’s clothes, I’m already cheap for him if I don’t let him pay for it.”

The rich young man cursed and scolded.

However, who would have thought that He Yurou, who was apologetic just now, was now like a young girl in love who had seen her dream lover.

Her originally cold face was suddenly beaming with joy.

“Mr. Chu, why are you here?”

“This this”

“Aren’t you you supposed to be in Jiangdong?”

“How did you appear here?”

He Yurou was surprised and delighted at the same time.

Imagine, the person who had once dreamed of meeting each other and had not seen anyone.

And now, to meet quietly in this foreign country, thousands of miles apart.

Fate and destiny are truly magical things.

Inadvertently, two people who have no connection with each other will meet again in a certain place at a certain moment.

“Yu Rou, what’s the situation?”

“You know each other?”

The rich foreign young master with blonde hair and blue eyes next to him was a little confused.

It looked like his goddess, it seemed, was an acquaintance with this strangely dressed guy in front of him.

“You are?” Ye Fan was slightly stunned.

“Mr. Chu, I’m He Yurou, ah.”

“Have you forgotten?”

“We’ve met before.”

“On Dongchang Lake in Yunzhou and by Xizi Lake in Linzhou, we have met before.”

“Before I went abroad to study, I even visited Mr. Chu’s home when he appeared, only unfortunately, Mr. Chu was not at home at that time.”

He Yurou was so excited up to now that she even felt that this was all a dream before her eyes.

How could Mr. Chu be across the ocean in New York City?

How could Mr. Chu and she have met and reunited with her in the midst of the crowds of people in this foreign country?

This must be a lie, it must be a dream.

He Yurou, who was so excited, seemed to be trying to verify all this, and even reached out her hand to pinch her arm to try to see if it was true.

However, to He Yurou’s dismay, no matter how hard she tried, she did not feel any pain.

Could it be that this was really a dream?

Just when He Yurou couldn’t tell the difference between her dream and reality, Ye Fan, who had been silent, said without moving his voice, “What you’re pinching is my arm.”


“I’m sorry sorry, Mr. Chu.” He Yurou’s pretty face instantly turned red.

She was embarra*sed and shy at the same time.

Standing there, she hurriedly apologized, like a child who had done something wrong.

“Mr. Chu, I’m sorry.”

“I was too excited.”

“I really didn’t expect to see you again.”

“I thought that once we parted in Jiangdong back then, it would be hard for us to meet again in the future.”

He Yurou said repeatedly.

Ye Fan looked on, shook his head and smiled “It’s okay.”

“I miss you, I remember, your father, is called He Lanshan, right? The provincial lord of Jiangdong Province back then.”

“That’s right, Mr. Chu. At the beginning, my father, still because he had offended you, was jerked off to the bottom, below to the gra*sroots.” Seeing that Ye Fan actually still recognized himself, He Yurou was instantly happy badly.

Ye Fan let out a bitter smile “At that time, if I had known that Provincial Lord He had such a lovely daughter like you, I would have pleaded for him and let the Yanjing side treat him leniently.”

Ye Fan said with a smile.

But before he could finish his words, he felt someone pinch him hard on the waist, causing Ye Fan to grimace in pain.

Ye Fan turned around and saw Tang Yun’s ice-cold, knife-like eyes.

“Mr. Chu really has a lot of peachy luck.”

“A foreign country and you can still meet your red-headed friend?”

“This is Mr. Chu, the red flag at home is not falling, but the colourful flag outside is fluttering.”

Tang Yun smiled, but her words caused Ye Fan to break out in a cold sweat.

“I… I…”

“I just met an old countryman, do I feel cordial in my heart?”

Ye Fan struggled to explain.

He now suddenly felt that being a man could be really difficult?

When he was in Yanxia, he had Qiu Mu Orange to manage.

Now in a foreign country, Tang Yun was in charge again.

“This sister is?”

He Yurou suddenly looked over and looked at Tang Yun.

At first, He Yurou had thought that the person accompanying Ye Fan was Miss Qiu Mu Orange Qiu.

But when she heard the voice just now, it didn’t seem to be.

He Yurou couldn’t help but be puzzled and asked curiously.

“She is” Ye Fan was just about to introduce him, but Tang Yun interrupted him.

I’m Ye Fan’s cousin, Yu Yun.”

At that time, Ye Fan tried to hold back his laughter as he listened.

Anyway, he didn’t expect that the Chu Sect Sect Master would also talk nonsense.

And he dared to call himself his sister?

Ye Fan was aware that Tang Yun and his old man, Chu Zhenghong, were of the same generation.

If Tang Yun was his sister, then Chu Zhenghong could also call himself a brother to Ye Fan.

Of course, Tang Yun was only senior in age.

There was not much difference between her real age and Ye Fan’s.

Back then, when Tang Yun’s sister and Chu Zhenghong were talking about marriage, Tang Yun was still just a little girl.

In addition, the Sealed Sovereign was already long-lived, and Tang Yun had taken many precious spiritual medicines since childhood, so her own skin appearance was even more moist and lustrous than He Yurou’s.

After getting to know each other, He Yurou also took a seat opposite Ye Fan. The old friends from back then, however, chatted about the sky.

As for leaving the rich young man next to him, he hung out to dry.

“Mr. Chu, you’re here over here, are you here to play?” He Yurou seemed to be curious about all things Ye Fan.

“En-uh.” Ye Fan nodded his head and did not elaborate on his situation.

“By the way, Yurou.”

“Do you know of any better B&B hotels over here?”

“We’ve searched for several, but none of them are satisfactory.” Ye Fan made up nonsense with his eyes open.

When He Yurou heard this, her beautiful eyes lit up.

“Hasn’t Mr. Chu found a place to stay yet?”

“If it’s good that you don’t mind, you can go to my flat.”

“I can’t use that many rooms anyway, as I’m alone.”

“Two rooms can be freed up for Mr. Chu and Miss Yu Yun.”

“That’s great.” Ye Fan instantly responded.