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Worth Deserving Chapter 1779

Chu Yuan’s rolling, flooding voice echoed unceasingly beneath this great hall.

Under his majesty, the thousands of disciples of the Chu Sect all knelt in fear and obedience, silent as if they did not dare to say a word at all.

In the end, it was Tang Xian, who was concerned for the safety of the Sect Master, who knelt and begged Chu Yuan, “Old Sect Master, if Sect Master Tang has not returned by this time, he must have been taken away by that traitor Chu Tianfan using tricks and tricks.”

“That b*****d is full of guts, and his cards are endless, so please, Old Sect Master, find a way to save Sect Master Tang as soon as possible.”

“Otherwise, I’m really worried that Sect Master Tang will meet an untimely end in the hands of that Chu Tianfan.”

Tang Xian’s old eyes were red as he pleaded bitterly.

The words were filled with worry and urgency.

After all, what had happened to Chu Zhengliang was a lesson from the past.

Now, that Chu Zhengliang was still screaming on the Chu Sect Mountain?

Tang Xian was obviously afraid that Ye Fan would repeat the same trick again and use the same way he had used against Chu Zhengliang after capturing Tang Yun by despicable means.

Tang Yun was a rare talent that could not be found in a hundred years, and the rise and fall of the entire Tang family rested on Tang Yun.

As the head of the Tang family, Tang Xian naturally didn’t want to see Tang Yun fractured in Ye Fan’s hands like this.

“Yes, it must have been controlled by that sinful beast by despicable means.”

“Otherwise, how could my most favoured disciple do such a confusing thing?”

Chu Yuan could not help but comfort himself.

Anyway, no matter what, Chu Yuan was unwilling to accept the fact that Tang Yun had betrayed him, and even more so, he could not accept that Tang Yun would flee privately with Ye Fan.

But accepting or not accepting was one thing, and the fact that it was not true was another.

In fact, Chu Yuan knew in his heart that the relationship between Ye Fan and his disciple Tang Yun was never just because Ye Fan was Chu Zhenghong’s son.

All this, from the time Tang Yun had laid down her life to protect Ye Fan earlier, from the time Ye Fan was deflected because of Tang Yun’s swordplay, Chu Yuan had already seen the end of the suspicion.

But at that time, Chu Yuan did not think much about it, but now, Chu Yuan had to suspect a possibility.

That was, their Chu Clan Sect Master, had given up her power, the world, her family’s glory and humiliation, and had eloped with an outcast of the Chu Clan.

However, thinking about it, this kind of thing was something that Chu Yuan would never be able to bring to the doorstep.

Otherwise, if word got out, where would his Chu Yuan’s old face be, and where would their Chu Clan’s old face be.

“In short, the most urgent task at hand is to apprehend Chu Tianfan and at the same time retrieve Chu Sect Sect Master Tang Yun.”

“Sixth Elder and Seventh Elder, each of you lead a team of men and horses to seal off all the major belts of Chu Tianfan’s return to the country.”

“A universal ban on land, sea and air!”

“With that b*****d’s seriously injured body, they certainly haven’t escaped from the city in one night.”

“As long as we hold the pa*s, we can catch them in a jar!”

With a plan in mind, Chu Yuan immediately called out to all sides to capture Ye Fan.

However, even after Chu Yuan had shouted for half a day, the Sixth Elder and Seventh Elder did not come forward.


“Are they deaf?”

“Where are the Sixth Elder and Seventh Elder?”

Chu Yuan asked in a stern voice.

However, after hearing this, the hall full of strong men from the Chu Sect lowered their heads.

In the end, it was Tang Xian who said in a low, bitter voice, “In reply to Old Sect Master, the Sixth Elder and Seventh Elder have long since fallen.”



“Who did that?”

“In this world, apart from Chu Tianfan, could it be that there is someone else who dares to disobey the might of my Chu Sect?”

Chu Yuan was undoubtedly furious when he heard this.

Tang Xian’s face turned white “It was Chu Tianfan who killed him.”

“That b*****d!” Chu Yuan clenched his palms right then and there, and the murderous intent in his heart towards Ye Fan intensified.

“Then let the eighth and ninth elders go.”

“No matter what, make sure to catch that beast and save Tang Yun, as well as avenge my Chu Sect elders.” Chu Yuan gave this task to the other two elders again.

However, what dumbfounded Chu Yuan was that with the hall full of so many people, the two elders that he had said the call to, had not come out.


“Where are the Eighth Elder and the Ninth Elder?”

“Are they deaf or scared silly?”

Chu Yuan was simply furious, his tiger eyes sweeping in all directions in a vain attempt to find these two elders among the crowd below.

But, what he found was still Tang Xian’s bitter voice.

“In reply to Old Sect Master, the Eighth Elder and Ninth Elder have also died.”

“Also died at the hands of, Chu Tianfan.”

Even though these words sounded a million times heavier, Tang Xian still held back his mourning and said them.

Several years ago, in the battle of the Rain Forest, the Chu Sect had lost two elders at the hands of Ye Fan.

During this recent period, Ye Fan went up to the Chu Sect twice, killing the Sixth Elder first, and as for the Eighth Elder, he fell at the hands of four of Ye Fan’s men.

It could be said that the current Chu Sect was greatly wounded and its strength had suffered a fatal blow.


It was then that endless fronts exploded from Chu Yuan’s body, and the long table in front of him instantly shattered.

“This D*mned Chu Tianfan!”

“I, Chu Yuan, am his grandson if I don’t bruise him to pieces!”

Chu Yuan was undoubtedly about to explode with anger, he had shouted out to four people, but they were all dead, and all of them had been killed by Ye Fan.

One could imagine how devastated and angry Chu Yuan was in his heart today.

In the end, Chu Yuan didn’t even dare to name and hand out orders, for fear that if he named one and one died, then he wouldn’t need to have this old face.

“Grand Elder, you see to it that people are sent.”

“Remember, make sure to send people to keep an eye on all the ports of entry and exit in the entire city.”

“And after that, then mobilize all of our Chu Sect’s local energy to search for Chu Tianfan throughout the city.”

“In short, as soon as there is a hint of Chu Tianfan and Tang Yun, report to me immediately!”

“In addition, Chu Shen, you take over everything from the Chu Clan for the time being.”

“And immediately summon the two Elders of Xuan Hei to come and see me.”

After giving orders to Tang Xian, Chu Yuan then looked at &bsp&bsp Chu Shen at the side.

Now Chu Zhengliang was already a half dead, but the Chu family still had a bunch of affairs that needed someone to take care of, and this job could only be left to Chu Shen.

Just, no one knows, at this time Chu Yuan, summoned Xuan Hei two old man, what is the deep meaning.

After arranging the next task, Chu Yuan seemed to remember something, and after dismissing everyone, he left Tang Xian alone, “How is the Jones family?”

Tang Xian sighed and shook his head, “There are still emotions.”

“Especially that young master of the Jones family is clamouring for a fight with young master Tianqi.”

Chu Yuan frowned “Ask them what compensation they want.”

“As long as our Chu family can do it, any request they want, they will grant it.”

Tang Xian was silent for a moment before continuing in a low voice “As I said, they have just one request, to pay for their lives by killing and return the pearl for the eyes they owe.”

“That’s impossible!” Chu Yuan flatly refused, “Tell them that the matter has come to an end, the wood has become an ark, since the blue-eyed golden flower pupil has fallen into the hands of my Chu family, there is no way to return it.”

“Moreover, the Jones family’s young princess is dead, so if they were to return it, there would be no one to return it to.”

“Could it be that they still want to transplant this ancestral holy relic onto a dead person?”

“Wouldn’t that be a waste?”

Chu Yuan asked sternly and rhetorically, with a bit of anger in his words.

However, after saying that, Chu Yuan’s emotions lightened up a lot.

“It’s just that, after all, it’s my Chu family who is at fault in this matter.”

“But the person who started it has already been punished, hasn’t my son been nailed to the Chu Sect Mountain to suffer the punishment of life and death?”

“You have to work hard to persuade them to stop in moderation, when the greater good is at stake.”

“My Chu family, in the future, will definitely compensate them, the Jones family.”


Chu Yuan’s tone had softened a lot, and he obviously realized that it was our Chu Family that had wronged the Jones Family in this matter.

Previously, when Ye Fan had not yet left the Chu Clan, he had already heard Ye Fan say that the Chu Clan had taken away the eyes of that little princess of the Jones Clan.

At that time, Chu Yuan only felt shocked, such things must be Ye Fan that brat nonsense, to throw dirty water on their Chu family, so that he for the Chu family’s evil deeds, become righteous. ,

However, when that holy beast appeared under the Chu Sect mountain last night, as well as the Chu Qi Tian standing at the top of that holy beast, many things were already clear without saying anything.

Who among the senior members of the three Chu Sect families did not know that the monstrous beast under the Chu Sect Mountain had been guarded by the Jones Family for generations.

Back then, in order to help the Jones family tame the beast, the ancestor of the Chu family, Yun Yang, had given them the Golden Flower Pupil that could be pa*sed down from generation to generation.

But last night, the blue-eyed golden flower pupil appeared on Chu Qi Tian&bsp&bsp.

This undoubtedly proved that what Ye Fan had said before was true in every sense.

“This Chu Zhengliang, his guts are big enough.”

“How dare he take the Jones Family’s young princess’s blue-eyed golden flower pupils and transplant them onto Qi Tian.”

The more Chu Yuan knew about all this, the more he felt shocked and trembling.

But the matter had come to this, since the Closed-Eyed Golden Flower had already arrived on their Chu family, Chu Yuan naturally had no intention of returning it back.

After all, mastering the blue-eyed golden flower pupil would be tantamount to controlling the monstrous beast under the Chu Sect Mountain, and thus would be able to greatly enhance the power of their Chu Family.

This was something that would benefit the family’s interests.

Naturally, Chu Yuan would not do anything that was detrimental to the family’s interests.

What was more, his own son, Chu Zhengliang, had already been taught a lesson and paid the price as a result.

From this perspective, this blue-eyed golden flower pupil was something they could have more peace of mind about.

However, the only tricky thing for Chu Yuan now was the reaction of the Jones family.

Chu Yuan could only say some good words to try to appease them.

Of course, if the Jones family members were insensitive, Chu Yuan would naturally not be polite either.

Now that the blue-eyed golden flower pupils belonged to the Chu Family, the Jones Family was no longer valuable among the three families of the Chu Sect.

If Chu Yuan wanted to, he could destroy them at any time.

In the martial arts world, power was after all the most important thing.

Like the Jones family, because they were weak and because they did not possess power, then fairness and justice were extravagant hopes for them.

“Well, Old Sect Master, I will try to persuade them.”

Naturally, it was not good for the Tang family to take a stand on this matter.

The only thing they could do was to act as a third person, mediating from there and trying to maintain the peace between the three families of the Chu Sect.

After the conversation was over, the huge machine that was the Chu Sect once again ran wild.

Apart from those who were seriously injured who were recuperating and healing, the rest of the personnel went down the mountain and mobilised all their forces to start searching for Ye Fan’s whereabouts.

On top of that, Chu Yuan also used the Chu Sect’s imperial decree to summon the strongest Chu Sect members from all over the world who were away on training to return to the sect immediately.

In an instant, that city where the Chu Sect was located had undoubtedly woven a net of heaven and earth.

The three ports of departure, by land, sea and air, were all sealed off and controlled.

Of course, to do this, by no means just rely on the Chu Sect’s own &bsp&bsp power, they also got the aid and support of the official institutions of Rice.

Ye Fan is the Yanxia strongman, or a thousand years rare demon.

To exterminate such people here is also in line with the national interests of Rice.

And while the people of that Chu Sect were frantically searching for Ye Fan.

At this moment, somewhere in the streets of New York City, a man and a woman, dressed in robes, slowly walked into a coffee shop.

The woman was covered with a light veil and her long hair was like a waterfall. Even though her delicate body was covered under the long robe, she could still be seen to have an exquisite figure.

The beauty of some women is an innate aura.

Just by looking at her back, one can be mesmerised by it.

“Why do I feel that it was a mistake to bring you along.”

Feeling the gazes of the surrounding diners that looked over from time to time, the man, however, smiled bitterly for a while.

Beautiful women, after all, were rare creatures.

What’s more, it was the Chu Clan’s Sect Master, who had both grace and elegance, who was in front of him?

Yes, the two people in front of him, who were dressed strangely, were Ye Fan and Tang Yun, who had left the Chu Sect Mountain.

After descending from the mountain, the two had wanted to go to the sea, directly to the east, to return to Yanxia.

But in the end, Tang Yun gave up on this idea.

She knew her teacher, and at this time, the strong men of the Chu Sect would have already been on guard at all the departure places.

As soon as she and Ye Fan appeared, word would soon reach her teacher’s ears.

What’s more, Ye Fan was too badly injured to support such a long journey.

Tang Yun’s condition was better than Ye Fan’s, but she was also very depleted and had no energy left.

In this situation, the best option for the two of them was never to risk running away, but to find a place to hide and recover from their injuries first.

At least they would have the ability to defend themselves before thinking about leaving.

“Humph, you regret this?”

“Then I’ll go.”

“Keep going back to be my sect master.”

“And save yourself the fear of being with you all day.”

Tang Yun hummed, got up and was about to leave.

How could Ye Fan let her leave and pulled her into his arms with one hand.

“If you want to leave now, it’s too late.”

“The woman I abducted with my ability, would I let you go?”

Ye Fan laughed shamelessly.

However, it caused Tang Yun’s pretty face to flush scarlet.

“So many people are watching?”

“What are you doing?”

She glared at Ye Fan fiercely in shame and anger, then with a flaming red pretty face, she hurriedly moved away from Ye Fan’s arms.

After laughing, the two of them also got down to business.

“What’s next?”

“Where do we go?”

“My teacher has sent people everywhere, so I’m afraid that we won’t be able to leave the city in a short time.”

“Why don’t we find a cave and hide for a while to repair and heal our wounds.”

Tang Yun suggested.

Ye Fan shook his head “What you have thought of, your teacher must have thought of it long ago too.”

“I can guarantee that those nearby uninhabited mountains and forests are definitely your teacher’s key places for investigation.”

“So, it’s best to choose a downtown area for our hideout.”

“Do you have the money with you?”

“We’ll see later if we can find a bed and breakfast to stay in.”

Ye Fan asked to Tang Yun.

He was from Yanxia, even if he had money on him, he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to use it over here.

What’s more, Ye Fan didn’t usually carry much money with him.

Tang Yun also shook her head “I haven’t brought any money with me.”

They were so highly ranked that they were always treated like guests wherever they went. What’s more, a strong man like them didn’t have much money to spend, and even if they did, their men would take care of it.

Like Tang Yun, she hadn’t touched money in years. Apart from cultivation, the girl was no different from a child when it came to life.


“You say, a woman like you who doesn’t eat the fires of the world, how should you live your life when you have a child and become a mother in the future.”

Ye Fan held his forehead in anguish for a while.

It felt like if he really married this kind of woman, he would be a husband and a father again.

“It’s not the same.”

“The child has his grandmother to watch.”

Tang Yun’s complexion changed slightly before she lowered her head and whispered.

“I told you, I don’t like you.”

“Can you stop pestering me?” Just between the two Ye Fan’s conversation, outside the cafe, a woman’s resentful voice came.

The girl said that as she pushed the door towards the cafe.

“Yurou, like can be cultivated.”

“We can start off as friends.”

“I’m convinced that sooner or later you’ll be won over by my personality.”

Behind the woman, a man dressed in bright clothes who looked like he was dressed as a rich man followed after her.