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Worth Deserving Chapter 1784

Chapter 1784

“You’re you’re saying that you’ve slept together?”

“No no way, you’re definitely lying to me.”

“You’re not such a casual person.”

“Yurou, you must be lying to me, right?”

“You just want me to give up on you, that’s why you said that right?”

These words of He Yurou seemed to have really struck a certain heartstring deep inside Jack’s heart.

He instantly became frightened, and his handsome face was filled with anxiety as he pulled He Yurou and kept asking questions.

His eager look showed how much he hoped that his words would be confirmed by He Yurou.

However, the result was undoubtedly cruel.

He Yurou did not hesitate, still with the most certain and affirmative Yuqi, said to Jack “Young Master Jack, do not deceive yourself anymore, okay?”

“I’m alone in the same room with little brother Fan, do you think that if it were you, something wonderful would not happen?”

“Besides, now that we’re out watching a movie together, doesn’t that prove that we’re a couple?”

“Shut up!” Jack suddenly became angry and interrupted He Yurou’s words with force.

“I don’t believe it, I don’t believe it!”

“You are my daughter, the girl I have my eye on, I will never believe that you will sleep with another man.”

“Besides, this b*****d is all poor and sour, he is not much worse than me.”

“You can’t even look at me, so how could you possibly look at this b*****d boy!”

Those words of He Yurou just now had obviously shaken Jack a bit.

Yes, just as He Yurou had said, this Ye Fan was living with her in the same place, or in another country, and it was hard not to have something happen when a lonely man and a widow were in the same room together.

Anyway, if it was Jack, it was bound to be impossible to hold himself together.

However, he still did not want to believe that He Yurou, who was pure and pure, had already let Ye Fan have her.

He Yurou ignored Jack and instead stood on tiptoe and kissed Ye Fan directly on the lips in front of him.

“Little brother Fan, come on, let’s go home and sleep.”

After kissing Ye Fan, He Yurou then took Ye Fan’s arm and left directly.

Here, only Jack, who had a thousand holes in his body, was left stunned in place.

His eyes were red, and his mood was even more unsettled for a long time.

“He Yurou, why?”

“Why did you treat me like this!”

“I’ve been chasing you for so long, and you won’t even let me hold your hand!”

“And that b*****d, you met for less than a day and then you slept together.”


“I liked you so much, and you were so cruel to me!”

Resentment, anger!

All sorts of emotions tore through Jack’s heart, driving him near to madness.

He couldn’t accept the truth before him.

He had spent so much effort to get to where he was now with He Yurou.

But now, it was Ye Fan who had picked up Hu.

You can imagine how angry Jack must have been inside?

A kind of stifled frustration and pusillanimity of being dog-eaten!

In the end, this resentment was all turned into resentment and anger.

“He Yurou, you pair of dogs, you forced me to do this!”

“The woman I can’t have, none of you can get!”

Jack clenched his palms, and his eyes were instantly icy cold. No one knew what was brewing in this man’s heart.

As for Jack’s reaction, Ye Fan and the others naturally did not know anything about it, nor did they care at all.

On the way back, He Yurou’s face was scarlet and embarra*sed, and she couldn’t help but apologise to Ye Fan in the end.

“It’s okay, Yurou.”

“I know that you also had no choice but to do so in order to get rid of that man’s pestering.”

“Besides, you should have had your first kiss just now, so if you do the math, it’s you who is at a disadvantage.”

Ye Fan joked, trying his best to ease the awkwardness here.

“But speaking of which, I didn’t expect that you were quite powerful when you were angry, Yu Rou.”

All along, Ye Fan had always thought that He Yurou was the kind of soft and weak girl who would only silently wipe her tears when she was bullied.

But now, it seemed that Ye Fan had been shallow.

The scene just now where He Yurou disliked Jack and forcibly kissed Ye Fan was quite domineering.

Hearing Ye Fan say that, He Yurou’s pretty face suddenly flushed slightly again and she whispered “Then Mr. Chu, do you like the gentle and lovely type, or do you like a girl who is more domineering?”

Ye Fan thought for a moment, and then said, “I think that the men in the world prefer girls who are submissive to themselves and domineering to others.”

“There are thousands of people in the world, but the only one who can conquer her is himself.”

“That sense of achievement is probably something that any man would find hard to refuse.”

In the car, Ye Fan chatted casually with He Yurou.

However, as the saying goes, those who speak have no intention, but those who listen have an intention.

These few joking words of Ye Fan had undoubtedly made He Yurou take them to heart.

For the next ten minutes, neither of them spoke.

Ye Fan took a nap with his eyes closed, while He Yurou wanted to chat, but could not find a topic.

“By the way, Mr. Chu.”

“Do you know where Second Master Li, from Yunzhou, has gone?”

“And Master Lei San of Fenghai.”

“My father told me earlier that he was looking for them for something, but I found that I couldn’t get in touch with them for days on end.”

He Yurou knew of Ye Fan’s prestige and status in Jiangdong, so she asked Ye Fan.

When Ye Fan heard this, he immediately frowned “You mean that Li Er and Lei Lao San have disappeared?”

“When did that happen?”

“Just these few days.” He Yurou said back.

When Ye Fan heard this, he seemed to have guessed something “Yurou, can I use your phone for a moment?”

He Yurou nodded her head, and although she didn’t know what Ye Fan was up to, she still obediently handed over her phone.

After that, Ye Fan boarded his browser, typed in a web address, and entered the Martial Artist Forum.

Just as Ye Fan had feared, Han Lao had already issued the highest level of the Four Seas Dragon God Order, and had also openly declared war on the martial artist forum against the Chu Sect.

“This is bad.”

Ye Fan’s heart instantly became worried.

It had been several days, and Ye Fan estimated that those under the Dragon God Temple had probably arrived in New York City by now.

Back then, when Ye Fan had implemented the Beacon Fire Plan, he had indeed collected many people.

However, now that he himself was seriously injured, the situation of the four Dragon God powerhouses was also unknown.

Without a top battle force leading the way, these people running to the Chu Sect was undoubtedly a moth to a flame.

“No, it looks like we have to get in touch with them.”

After making up his mind, Ye Fan immediately used his mobile phone to get in touch with Han Lao.

“Who are you?”

“How do you know this number?”

On the phone, Han Lao’s gruff and gloomy words came out.

“It’s me.”

Ye Fan whispered back.

There was dead silence, a long dead silence.

After Ye Fan had said those words, on the other side of the phone, a boundless dead silence fell.

I don’t know how long it took before Han Lao’s trembling and choked voice came out “Little Master, the old old slave finally waited for your call.”

“I thought… I thought you…”

“Elder Han, I’m safe for now. Let’s talk about catching up later, for now, you immediately help me all the people under our Dragon God Temple who have arrived in New York City.”

“Tell them not to head to Truman Mountain.”

“In this way, I will tell you a location in a moment.”

“You tell everyone, to wait for me there.”

“Within an hour, I will show myself and meet up with them!”

“Alright, young master, I’ll go do it now.” Han Lao also knew the urgency of the situation, and did not say any extra words to ask.

After receiving Ye Fan’s order, Han Lao immediately began to operate.

As for Ye Fan, after hanging up the phone, he opened the car window and threw He Yurou’s phone out.

“Yu Rou, I’m sorry, for your safety, that mobile phone of yours can’t be used.”

“I will compensate you for another one when I have the chance later.”

“Also, when we get back, I will leave with Rhyme.”

“Remember, no matter who you talk to in the future, don’t say you’ve seen me and Rhyme.”